THE HPV VACCINE and our daughters….

In case you missed my posting about the HPV VACCINE….I am including a link to it.

See for yourself: Which number represents Jesus Christ = 666



Using the english alphabet  A = 1   B= 2    etc.

Write out the phrase and assign the numbers under them.

Now, add it vertically as you normally would. Then, add it horizontally, ONE DIGIT at a time.

NOW ADD THEM TOGETHER.  This is the cross #.

WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS JESUS CHRIST = 666   is found in the backwards alphabet.

z=1   y = 2   etc.

Who is using the backwards alphabet? The same bloodline of the Poor Knights For Christ, who rolled the stone away and took the skull and bones of Jesus.

Jesus Christ Numerology

(easily verified by you)


Oh and this:

REGULAR ALPHABET:   JESUS =  29   74   103

BACKWARD ALPHABET:  MORMON =  29   74    103

No, this is not a coincidence. But, deeply troubling given the 666 of Jesus Christ in the backward alphabet.

….and the TRIBE OF EHRAIM in the regular alphabet at 666.  Who is the Aryan Brotherhood?  Hmmm. See any black people at the FLDS compound?



Your vote is a covenant and you don’t REALLY know what it means.

Flag wavers may sit this one out.  Your vote is a covenant that keeps you locked into this 3D movie. You and I have no idea who these people are. You have been brainwashed to believe a bunch of hogwash. There is a much larger reason they want you to vote, than you have been sold. A vote means YEAH, YOU, I want to align with you. There isn’t room on the ballot to vote for all the different things the candidate has every done, or said. Just their name appears. Vote for that person, and you are immediately connected. And connected forever, until you dis-connect. CONSCIOUSLY.

My advise?  Give your vote to LOVE (call it God, or whatever). Let that higher intelligent power have your vote and then rest knowing that you have finally broken the circle of insanity for yourself. While you are at it, consider breaking all covenants you have made with evil in your life. This might include your jobs, your churches, your schools – etc. Choose what you are- and do it now. Clear your covenants with groups who threw water on you to make you theirs. Do it now. There was a Jesus Christ. His TRUE STORY has never been told, and neither was Magdalene’s story. You have been duped.

Your soul is owned. Until you awaken (without fear) and become your own Soul. No one is coming to save you. It might look like it, but be on notice that the sound and light show on the way is not of the truth. Religion has kept you prisoner.

Begin now. Break free. Get going. Don’t come back here. It is not your home.

All is forgiven. Nothing you have ever done can keep you in hell. This is GENE ISIS, not Geneisis. Nearly every choice you have ever made was based on a lie you were unaware of. There is a Puppet Master in charge of the ceiling, and the four walls of this script.  Love is present, and helps us, but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO WAKE UP.

Or, go vote for any of the three and learn what happens when you ignore your gut.


The POPE, Prime Minister and WTF is going on here…

Something is up. Way up. What are all these fine peeps doing here, only a few months before Bush leaves office? Why not wait for the new President to take office? Why NOW? Additionally, what took the Vatican sooooo long to fess up with some responsibility for what has taken place under their soiled wings. And, at the same time, the Mormon FLDS compound is finally raided after years of CLEAR AND PRESENT abuse and law breaking. IN TEXAS. Seems like something is coming to a head….wouldn’t ya say? But what is it.  Why all this NOW ?

It’s about to get real interesting folks.