Jews find Romney’s anti-semite selection offensive.

Why so Few Jews Vote Republican

Jennifer Rubin, a freelancer for, has a piece out about why so few Jews vote Republican.Rubin highlights Mitt Romney’s choice of a museum named after Henry Ford – the premier anti-Semite in American history – as the location for Romeny’s presidential annoucement as one example of how Republicans fail to understand the Jewish community.  NJDC was the first in the country to raise these concerns.


“I believe Mitt Romney owes the Jewish community, indeed all Americans who hate the sort of bigotry represented by Henry Ford, an explanation and an apology.”   …Alan Dershowitz


Then this in Florida:

Romney woos Jews in Boca





Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made a stop in Boca today to court the

 Jewish vote in his bid to win the Florida GOP primary.

He made a speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition of Florida on Tuesday, emphasizing one of the main themes of his campaign – the need to combat what he calls “violent global jihad.”

Key points: Harsh economic and diplomatic sanctions against Iran, the need for success in Afghanistan and Iraq to prevent terrorist groups from seeking safe haven, and “maintain the integrity of Israel as a Jewish state.”

No one keeps track of how many Jewish GOPers there are in the state; the RJC says it has 7,000 members in Florida, which has a statewide population of 783,00 Jews.


Given the Ford goof, it seems to me, the Jews should be far more concerned about Romney than other terrorists.

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