BE WARY OF AOL: They have now made it very cumbersome to share info.

There are some way strange things happening at AOL, and I have lots of friends with the same story.

Just ty to use AOL to get info on Polls + Obama. Good luck to ya. You have to go to and search.

AOL has made some way funky changes recently. Biggest among them is the fact that you can no longer

cut and paste as you did. You have to SELECT ALL and PASTE ALL if you are going to use this feature. It NEVER use to be that way. It is so impractical to do that, that you don’t cut and paste anymore. Otherwise, you have to spend an hour deleting all the stuff.


My own, and several of my friends recently had complete puter crashes from uploading the new AOL 9.1.

A huge nightmare for all of us- and interestingly, the ones of us blogging and speaking out.

If you are going to choose a search engine – or email service, DON’T USE AOL.

I am in the process of getting all of my files out, and leaving- after 10 years. Should have done it long ago.

Too bad it had to end this way.