The Real Barak Obama ?

WHO IS BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA – 117 H  –  234 V  –  351 HV……….
This matches The Great Pyramid of Giza precisely.
BARA K    THIS IS ARAB 11  (look at it bkwrds)
K = 11
The bkwrds alphabet includes the C that is omitted in the fwa.
I have already posted some of those findings. Barak Obama aligns deeply with the Mormon church numerically, and the Illuminati, which includes The Scottish Rite. I am not seeing in the numbers someone who is truly aligned with light for the Jewish community. I am seeing Egypt and Arab. And Mormons. Which sheds some light on Mormons (again).  There is no other church Barak aligns with. The first Mormon church was called THE CHURCH OF CHRIST. Barak’s church is United Church of Christ and they recently honored Louis Farakan.
One of Barak’s biggest successes in the Senate he co-sponsored with Orin Hatch, of Utah,  for the protection of church tithings in the Banckruptcy bill. At the same time, he accidently voted against children’s health care in Illinois. He was called on it and asked that the record be corrected.  This happened on other occassions.  His zip code is 666 and is the same zip code for BOEING’S INTL HEADQRTS.  Think planes. It’s all about the planes my friend.  The new Boeing Dreamliner is called 777.  The PYRAMID # FOR LATTER DAY SAINTS IS 777. Think Vegas with it’s slot machines. Think Area 51 and money laundering.
You need to knowthat Barak Obama could be a TROJAN HORSE.
That is the last time I am saying it.
When you vote for someone you are actually making a covenant with them.
It matters.
B is for Blessing
This has been at the heart of every Jewish Sabbath meal since Abraham. It was a vital part of the early church composed of Jewish converts. The Hebrew for ‘blessing’ (barak) means to ‘empower to strength’. When we gather we should seek God’s blessing and then to pass that blessing on to members of our community.

Blog article by flazna


Date Thursday, February 7th 2008, 3:45 AM Icon 12 Date 0I would like to remind all who call themselves Christian that
it is your first and foremost responsibility to seek God as to
who He wants as President. He has to listen to the same crap
lies. He does however say to pray for those who are in
leadership, not against them, so here is what God told the
Prophet Joe.

He said since I have you writing things about the Hebrew
language and you know nothing about the Hebrew language, then
look up the names of the runners in Hebrew. The only one who
comes close to a Hebrew name I could trust is the one whose
name matches the one blessing.
Barak atai adonai elohenu or Blessed are you oh Lord.

Bamah means to be high or elevated.
Barak O Bamah means Blessed is the most high God.
~Prophet Joe Dooly, Miami, AZ~


I had to check this so I looked it up in my Hebrew dictionary.
Here are the full Hebrew dictionary meanings.

1288. barak, baw-rak’; a prim. root; to kneel; by impl. to
bless God (as an act of adoration), and (vice-versa) man (as a
benefit); also (by euphemism) to curse (God or the king, as
treason):– X abundantly, X altogether, X at all, blaspheme,
bless, congratulate, curse, X greatly, X indeed, kneel (down),
praise, salute, X still, thank.

1116. bamah, baw-maw’; from an unused root (mean. to be high);
an elevation:–height, high place, wave.

NOTE FROM SHEREE :  111 X 6 = 666
 BARAK O BAMAH  means Blessed is the most high God (hebrew)
BARAK O BAMAH =  37 H —-  73 V —-   110 HV
The word Barak means BLESSED
Backwards alphabet BLESSED =  556 hv
The difference is 110
110 = President  (using reg alphabet)
Backwards alphabet  GOD =  10 h    55 v   65 hv
They use the forward number added to the bakcward number:
10 + 01 = 11
55 + 55 + 110   (another 11)
11 + 11 = 22
65 + 56  = 121  = ANTICHRIST v  – THIS IS  6-556
You already know what 22 is.
bama   mabus
the ending us is  U.S.
M A  is  131 expression when assigning numbers under letters.
  ….which is 13 going backwards and forward.
It’s all about 13.

Barak Hussein Obama: Hussein is Arabic in origin.

Hussein \hu(s)-sein\ is pronounced hoo-SAYN. It is of Arabic origin. The name of a prominent person in Shiite Islam and a royal name in Jordan.

BARA  K      look at it backwards.    The K stands for 11.   Then you read ARAB

Using the backwards Alphabet – the full signature of God is 11 h and 11 v –  22  hv

If you see 11:11 on clocks and other things, this is why. It’s about God (backwards).

This is how Jesus Christ numerology works. Sometimes it seems silly. That’s intentional.

IS THIS CODE FOR   ARAB 11  ?  Who is 12th?

I have a feeling the real name is Barak. Not Barack.

I smell a Trojan Horse. Just my opinion, based on what I am seeing in the numbers

and from his alignments in the Senate and his ooopsie votes that stripped health care for kids.

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Barack Hussein Obama (pronounced /bəˈrɑːk huːˈseɪn oʊˈbɑːmə/[1]) (born August 4, 1961) is the junior United States Senator from Illinois and a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 2008 presidential election.