Media dutifully crowns Romney winner in Nevada

Well, not surprised. Nevada is big time Mormon country. It’s my birth state. But, you do have to know about Area 51 and the agenda of Bush/Romney, to understand why Romney will win Nevada AT ALL COST. If he gets even a little help from voting fraud, then – bam – done deal.

Once you get to an open field, where you can consider a bigger reality, let me know. Of course, if you are following the news, you know that UFO’s are becoming more and more visible. This is no accident. It’s always about timing. Again, this is not an anti mormon posting. It’s an anti deception posting. CNN always comes through (for them).

 By the way……It’s snowing in the deep south today. Hell is freezing over my friend.

I don’t mean that in a bad way. Really.

ISIS is getting dressed for the big day.   Election day 2008

Wear your best winter white.