Ooopsie Daisy – Technorati can’t find anything about Romney. Out of millions of blogs.

Posts about MITT ROMNEY

Sorry, there was an error when running your search.   [I’M SURE THERE WAS]Try running your search again, it might have just been a hiccup.  [I’M SURE IT WASN’T]

If that doesn’t work, we might be experiencing some temporary problems.  [I’M SURE YOU ARE]

We’ve been notified that a search didn’t go through and we’re in the process of fixing it.

[Alrighty then, I will be over here waiting for you to fix that nasty little bug]


Have you seen  ?  Go see who has entered your computer. Check out the client list.

Gosh Darnit, Golly Wiz

Who really owns and operates TECHNORATI ?

 A very important question. I have seen too many *issues* with this so called BLOG CENTRAL. Aside from it’s obvious play of word – ILLUMINATI, it feels a little rigged to me.

First, the main page of the largest BLOG CENTRAL site on the net has five stories on it, when I checked – just now.

Two are anti – Clinton.  One is about Posh Spice. One is about Brittany Spears, and the other is on the tanking economy.  Which is the construct set in place to help Mitt Romney have a platform to win. It may still work.

I’m talking about the main page of a site that host MILLIONS OF BLOGS.

But, I am watching Technorati much more closely now. Nothing on Iraq, nothing on McCain, nothing postive on Clinton-. Just another tool it seems to me.

Bloggers: Don’t use the same passwords on your online activities.

Are you sure what you are signing up for? Because you might be putting in passwords at places you shouldn’t- ESPECIALLY if those passwords are the same as your other passwords on other blogs, etc. – This is one way they have of shutting down your blog. Once they learn the password to one, they might have the password to everything you do online. Keep different passwords for everything.