Evidence that the HPV vaccine may increase pre-cancerous cervical lesions by 44% ?


……this story reveals evidence that the vaccine currently being administered for HPV — Gardasil — may increase the risk of precancerous cervical lesions by an alarming 44.6 percent in some women. The vaccine, it turns out, may be far more dangerous to the health of women than doing nothing at all.

If true, this information reveals details of an enormous public health fraud being perpetrated on the American people, involving FDA officials, Big Pharma promoters, and even the governors of states like Texas. The health and safety of tens of millions of young girls is at stake here, and what this NaturalNews investigative report reveals is that HPV vaccinations may not only be medically useless; they may also be harmful to the health of the young girls receiving them.



 As little as 10 minutes on a cell phone can trigger changes in brain cells linked to cell division and cancer, suggests a new study conducted by researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and published in the Biochemical Journal.

Previously, advocates of cell-phone safety have maintained that the phones cannot cause brain damage because the microwave radiation that they emit is at a level too low to heat the body’s cells. But in the new study, changes in biological processes began at an energy level even lower than that used by a typical phone, even without heating occurring.

“Safety guidelines assume [that] health effects from mobiles can only occur when significant heating of body tissue occurs. [But] this study shows biological changes in response to low-level mobile phone radiation — something that could potentially have implications for health,” said Graham Philips of the British nonprofit Powerwatch.

Researchers exposed both human and rat cells to low-level radiation at a frequency of 875 megahertz, a similar frequency to that used by most cellular phones. The intensity of the radiation was far lower than that used by most phones, however.

Even so, within 10 minutes the scientists observed changes within the cells. A chemical switch regulating cell division was switched on — a switch that has been linked to a variety of cancers.

There was no direct evidence of cancer inducement in the current study. However, the researchers point out that the changes occurring at the low radiation level were non-thermal in nature, something previously said to be impossible. Thus, the study challenges the entire basis on which cell phones’ presumption of safety has been based.

“The significance lies in showing cells do react to cell-phone radiation in a non-thermal way,” said co-author Rony Seger. “We used radiation power levels that were around one tenth of those produced by a normal mobile. The changes we observed were clearly not caused by heating.”

“This helps explain why mobile phone radiation has been linked to increases in cancer tumors,” said consumer health advocate Mike Adams. “Until now, skeptics have said the radiation wasn’t intense enough to cause cells to overheat, but now we’re learning there can be significant cellular changes taking place at far lower levels of exposure.”


929 soccer moms jailed in Maryland?

That’s where it’s headed. Trust me. THIS issue is the one THEY want. That’s because….vaccinations are the easiest way to control the population. I wonder if that microchip thingy fits inside a needle?

The Top Dogs will fight this one all the way down to Mom’s Apple Pie. They don’t care. There is no soul.

 There is money—-then there is CONTROL and then a little something about FEMALES and maybe a little ditty for the Poor.

Why do you think there is A NEAR BLACKOUT ON THE NEWS ?

Nothing they have discussed tonight is as BIG OF A STORY as 929 S


But, I’ve been watching, and it’s a lonely night for Maryland Parents.

Stunning. At least we know now. We know what’s coming.

Don’t get mad. Don’t feed their appetites.

Hold steady with peace in your heart and don’t be afraid.

It’s going to get ugly, and you will remember to breathe.

Where there is no fear of death, there is no power.

It is the only way to undo this.  Hold no ill will.

Speak your truth, but don’t delay your homecoming.

They are prepared to kill to win. They know not what they do.