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Have you seen  ?  Go see who has entered your computer. Check out the client list.

Gosh Darnit, Golly Wiz

WHICH SEARCH ENGINE TO USE ? choose wisely – they’re on to you.

NEWS FLASH:  *They* have been working hard behind the scenes of the internets. As for my own IP, I can’t get a cup of coffee at most search engines anymore. AOL CONSTANTLY returns a error message, or SO SORRY, YOU ROMNEY HATER, PAGE NOT FOUND. Then they play one of those scary halloween soundtracks. So, then I try Google. It’s working less and less. Less and less. PAY ATTENTION. There is only one search engine that actually returns results for me. That’s YAHOO.  . Unfortunately, they seem to be having a tough time ight now – financially. I wonder why ???? News of lay offs. But AOL and Google are doing just fine thank you.

YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS, MEANS YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR MONEY. They help their own, and destroy not their own. This is the MEANING of the mark of the beast. The mark is the money. If you don’t have riches, then you are not of them. If you have money, you have a seat at the Satan’s table. You will have money – and lots of it, if you get on our side. The killing, murdering, greedy, corrupt, faking side.

Lastly, just because it looks like you are pulling up some results, doesn’t mean you are getting the important stuff.

Boy, if you’re not awake by now…..

I highly suggest to you, that use Yahoo to search. Until they are gone. It’s only a matter of time. Very soon; like January 08, you won’t be able to pull up jack. Jack is gone. All you will be able to search is favorite DOG names.

It’s Magic! WordPress picks and chooses what they post.

There has been 11 posts on Romney and Obama that have not seen the light of day on the Tag pages. But, they fix the bug long enough to get through my post on censorship. It’s magic ! You gotta be kidding me !

Now I know for sure that wordpress is censoring me.  Can’t wait to read this on the Tag pages. But, the other posts I sent on Romney STILL are missing.

Is Word Press censoring me ???

It sure looks like it to me. Who benefits when they shut me up?


 What does that say about Word Press and my message.

Nice Blogs about Gardening, Jesus Camp and Americanizing Iran are welcome

All others will be deleted or quietly manipulated. Your tagged IP is your passport to the happy world of acceptable blogging. Break the rules and we break your blog. Do not bother calling your Blogging Admin. Simply go right to Blog Jail and spend the summer reading  Ann Coulter’s new book about her admiration for The Chosen One, Mitt Romney.

Free speech rights are protected under the first amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights, which says Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.  

Have you seen  yet ? The client list? The About Me ? Wanna know who really owns this place? Look around. Educate yourself.


See this article at Scholars and Rouges: 

Two seemingly coincidental bits of news crossed my desk yesterday morning. First, the Wall Street Journal contains excerpts of an interview with Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell in which he outlines a vast new initiative to police Internet traffic “for abuse.”

Meanwhile, AT&T announced that it plans to extend its initiative to examine packets of information on its network for illegally traded content, becoming, in effect, the Internet’s traffic cop.

Let’s see…the world’s largest telecom company states it’s in negotiations with major entertainment conglomerate to police the Internet on their behalf, on the same day the DNI announces the government wants more eyes on Internet traffic?

Posting again, because it has vanished off the net. How and Why the economy tanked (humor)

When the repubs stormed Bush’s Oval, and said, “W, we got worries. This Iraq thing is chappin our ass dude! You gotta do something. We can’t win the White House with Iraq on our heads. “Bush: heeheeheeheee heee hhhheee Don’t worry about it. We gotz ourselves a plan. See, we know what idiots the people are. For craps sakes, we stole 2000, we stole 2004, and we STILL have Deibold. Heeeheeeh eehehehhhehhheeeee. Renquist was brilliant. I ain’t gonna let him down. Gore gonna get his prize….so everybody’s happy.
So here’s the deal. By the time 2008 rolls around, you don’t gotta worry about it because we’ll surge right before that and fix it some. Lipstick on a pig. They’ll buy it. Specially my churchy folk. I just keep tellin em God is in my corner, and it’s all good. McCain will go along with that, and he’ll get out in front on that, cuz he wants to win the big un in 2008. He aint’ gonna though, cuz the cape don’t fit him. Heeeheeehhh heehehhheheeee.

Also, we got people all set up and there gonna start givin those broke ass MF’s some high interest loans they won’t be able to pay back. These guys over at Countrywide gonna hand those loans out like candy. Those poor smellin folk will come running for some of Daddy’s pork and they’ll suck on that for about 2 years, maybe 3, and then BAM, they can’t pay it back cuz we raise the interest on those fools and they get stuck like a rattler in a sticky bush. We got some good advice from the Katrina people. We know what we’re doin.


Then, our friends at Bank of America gonna swoop in and buy it up from Countrywide. Otherwise, countrywide wouldn’t a done the deal. So, that’s covered. So, buy the time 2008 comes, those guys in Iraq will be happy just to see some help coming. We’ll tell the insurgents to cool it, just until November 11, then they can go back to what thay’s doin before that. Heeeheeehhheeeeeh heeehehehe.

Anyways, so you got nothing to worry about. We got all those Dems phones and offices tapped. They ain’t gonna say anything, and so, that’s it. We got it locked up like a chastity belt. No one’s gettin in fellas. Don’t worry. Just play along. And by about August, or September, will do something really good like catch Osama, then it’s done. We win. Osama says he’s cleared his schedule. He just needs the last details when we’re ready. And if he changes his mind, we’ll just nuke somethin around here, and call it a war. We;ll call it ARMAGEDDON. People love that shit. CNN can do some planning on that if I asks em.


So, you ain’t gonna half ta talk about Iraq. The stock market’s gonna tank. Ya better get your lists before that happens, and then it’s 24/7 RECESSION BABY – yahoooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh shit, I gotta go. I gotta go over and book the Libary for the speech Mitt is gonna be makin. Make yourself at home guys. Sniff the sofas. Pour yerself some Remy. Relax, CNN’s on board. They story boardin some big news on how bad the economy is gettin, and they’re gonna scare the tabacco crap outta everybody. We got the Networks ready for the Writers Strike, so that damn Jay Leno don’t piss me off. MSNBC too. We got lots of help. Our big corp friends are gonna help us out to. We got it handled. Oh, and ….Fox calls me everyday laughin their ass off. We just gotta do somethin about that Oldermann fella on MSNBC. He’s a big ol texas thorn in my backside and I aim to tell him, if ya know what I mean.


Ya gotta admit, it is funny ain’t it…..heeeeheheehheeee heeeheeeehheee

(this was only done for humor – this is not a true story – as far as I know of – for sure. )