Bush Supreme Court Lawyer – Ted Olsen – Backs McCain

Ted Olson To Back McCain

(CNN) – Former Solicitor General Ted Olson will endorse John McCain Friday, a source close to the Arizona senator tells CNN.

Olson, who had supported Rudy Giuliani’s White House bid, is a well respected conservative, particularly with respect to judicial appointments. He’s a member of the highly regarded Federalist Society — an organization that promotes the teaching of state’s rights and a limited federal government in the nation’s best law schools.

Olson also helped steer the 2000 Florida recount effort on behalf of President Bush, and served as member of the Reagan Justice Department.

The endorsement will be a welcome one for McCain, who continues to face distrust from many of his Party’s most conservative quarters. Olson has connections to many of the Arizona Republican’s harshest critics, and is likely able to make inroads with some of them.

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