Going to bed. But first this – about being a mormon


There was a wonderful man in my mormon church when I was about 12 or 13. His name was Bruce Cameron. He was our Bishop and lived a few houses down from us. His wife was Sandy. They were very kind people. I have not seen them in decades. He was our dentist. He was a great dentist. This was a big deal, because I was highly dental phobic. He took enormous care with me when I came to see him, after our family had left the church. I still went to him because I didn’t trust anyone else to work on my teeth. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I really liked him. They were good people.

One of the things I truly loved about the mormon church was the sense of family. They do take good care of each other. The general population of the church, as I have said, are good and kind people. There always seemed to be someone around to help you when you needed it.  Lots of smiling sunday faces for a little girl.

I loved the road shows we did in our ward. These were my favorites. I loved to dance, and we put on quite a show. Then, there were great dinners afterwards, as I recall, and fun times. And, too, the Daddy-Daughter dances I shall never forget.

I was often called upon in my church to give talks. This is one of the best things about being a mormon. They let the kids have a say. They can come up before the congregation and give short talks about lots of different subjects. It was in church – with the talks, that I fell in love with acting, and performing.

I didn’t like Sacrament meeting at all. Way too long. But, sunday school was fun and there were often treats. 

I remember the grass outside the church was always feshly mowed and lush. Smelled so good, and we would all go out and run and play.

I have plenty of good memories about the mormon church, and the people I grew up with. I have other memories too, that are not so feel good, but that’s not for this.

I wanted to offer this up before I go to bed. There were people in my life, in the church, who don’t deserve my anger and sadness. It is not about them, but it impacts them.

My time here on WordPress, and my postings are not directed at the people of the church I grew up in. It’s directed at the people who are mormon, in our government who do bad things, as they pretend they are Christians.

I can’t answer the question why the church supports their actions. That’s not something I can explain. I simply want whoever reads this, that there is place in my heart for a well tended childhood, and the church was a part of that, for the most part.

I may sound Bipolar right about now. I am desiring a little more balance before I tuck in.  I am aware of the energy of such anger as I sometimes express. It’s not healthy for me, nor the people reading along. I am aware.  I think I can do better to continue my work in the world without as much angst. I am going to be working on it.

 Have a good sleep all.