Harry Reid, the other pretender, and the cowardice of our Senate

I cannot bare to look at this man, knowing that he is Bush’s Barrier, disguised, like someone else we know, as a Democrat. He had a decent prototype in Mitt RomNEY, the best actor in a bad movie.

But, that’s one thing. The other thing is how did this happen. Our US congress allowed this pretender and his counter part in the House, Nancy Pelosi, to act in the best interest of King George. Only.

They have done well, these worthy gatekeepers.

May they be at peace with themselves.

Harry Reid: Wins Golden Globe for Best Actor (credits Mormon church w/success)

Go listen to this. This is tuly remarkable. From our Senate Leader. His true colors bleeding through. Someone get him a $100 bill to wipe up with.  He has no integrity . I don’t believe for one second that he is a Democrat. Not one second. His support of *some* of the Dem candidates is easy, as it appears the top tier is all hand selected by the True Kings. Since Dodd and Biden and Richardson are the *no hopes*, it’s easy to say nice things about them. That would change if they were about to win the nomination.

Harry Reid, I know who you are and what you are doing.  You are the line in the sand for George Bush. Nothing gets past you that would hurt the cause of George Bush. Are you proud of youself and your mission? How do you look yourself in the mirror.

Harry Reid Attacks Dennis Kucinich on Radio Show « Dandelion Salad


(the ones who just endorsed Romney)

…….The church paid for his transmission. Reid graduated, went on to become a millionaire lawyer and eventually, the majority whip of the United States Senate.

“I’m sorry to admit now I would have quit,” Reid said. “I think I was looking for a way out.”

Without the church, he said, “I don’t think I would have made it out of law school or been able to do as well with my family.”

It is widely known that Reid, 62, is the first Nevadan to ever ascend to a position in congressional leadership.

As a Democrat, Reid is unusual among Mormon politicians. For example, there are five Latter-day Saints in the Senate. All are Republicans except Reid.  (there are far more mormons in congress now)

The first time Reid’s son Leif attended a Latter-day Saint church in Washington, D.C., a member asked him to attend a Young Republicans rally.

When Leif declined, and explained he was a Democrat, the church member replied, “I didn’t know a Mormon could be a Democrat.”