Hmm. Lemme get this straight. It’s an election year and the economy is tanking, gas is up, jobs are down, and Bush has no power?

Sounds to me like they want Obama to win. They sure as hell don’t want McCain. What does that tell you about who OBAMA REALLY IS?

think people

I have done the numbers on Obama. HOLY CRAP ! Same with Clinton…..

They left McCain for dead. What kind of *wind* picked McCain up and carried him to the nomination? It wasn’t party leadership, that’s for sure. They want him gone. That means, I can support only McCain. I am a liberal dem, in no way in support of Clinton or Obama. But, the man the repubs hate is your only choice. I have seen tons of conservative discussion boards and lists touting a vote for Obama. Gee Wiz, that’s odd since he *appears* to be very anti Bush and war, and greed, and yadda yadda.

Bet on it.