Why doesn’t Russert ask them about Blackwater, and Spying On Our Citzens, and Oil Profits, and Impeachment and ….

We have had a gazillion debates with the same old tired questions, but none relating to EXACTLY what will impact this country more than anything else. THE LOSS OF OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES. Oh, and our ignorance.

 We just keep going along like good little sheep. They don’t ask, because they are WARNED not to ask.

Wake the hell up. Is anyone begging to talk to the people about these things. Asking for some air time on these things. Hell no. We are idiots that’s why.

CIA is wrong too often. Time for a CLEAN SWEEP change.

 CIA Director Michael Hayden acknowledged Thursday that two rendition flights carrying terror suspects refueled on British territory, despite repeated U.S. assurances that none of the secret flights since the Sept. 11 attacks had used British airspace or soil. Hayden told agency employees that information previously provided to the British “turned out to be wrong.”see the story  www.yahoo.news.com

Ahhh Such Sweet Relief That Bush Sr Endorses McCain

How many ways to say OMG!!!!  How many nails to secure to a coffin? Apparently, one more. Bush Sr. endorses Romney – I mean McCain. Yes, as  someone who just couldn’t bare voting for Clinton under ANY circumstances, and has deep suspicions about Obama, and Ron Paul just can’t catch up (sorry guys) – and even though I am TOTALLY ANTI WAR, I was actually considering a vote for the only man I felt was honest and trustoworthy. A straight shooter. Someone I believed would watch out for the people of this great nation.

 Anf then there were none.

 First of all, Romney’s last second deal with McCain for his endorsement (torture)- reeks and reeks of ROTTEN, EVIL , GENETICALLY ALTERED APPLES !! What a laugh. The good news, is NOW WE KNOW WHO MCCAIN IS. He’s a Traitor too. Plain and simple. Don’t try to BS yourself. He’s no different than the rest of them. How sad.

First, he says torture is bad. Very bad. Now — not so much.

John: lost my confidence, lost any hope of a vote from me, and in fact, I guess now I have to get back on WordPress 24/7 to make sure you do not EVER bring Romney in the White Horse House back door to run this country. CUZ YOU WILL. You made a deal with the devil and your eyes are suddenly sunken. Cindy- run. Save your soul baby. And take your 22 pets with you.

I did John’s numbers recently. I didn’t post them, because- well, I don’t know. Maybe it was too much for me to take on. I wanted to believe in him. Numbers are funny things. They hold the signature of both light and dark. So, you will need to judge them by their actions. Until now, I thought the 666 in John McCain’s signature was of the light. Yes, it happens. That’s because everything is numbered NOT BY THE LIGHT. But the light is still present. I’m not talking about Lucifer’s light. I am talking about Authentic Light- of True Source – not the Earth Gods, of which you are soon to meet my friends. They walk among you now. They only look human. Wake up.

So, it is clear to me this 666. It is not of light. It came into focus just in time.  There is literally no one running that I trust. Not one. Time for some wine and a shovel.

there’s that

Mitt Romney drops out and Mormons have their say. Worth reading.

I just happened across these 130 comments as I was looking for something else. I thought,”Hey, I wonder what Mormons are thinking about Mitt’s dropping out?” I decided to stay and read through the comments. If you have an extra 15 minutes, I suggest this read.  A bit startling I must say. It appears that mormons (in general) are blaming anti-mormonism for the entire problem, rather than looking at Mitt, the Man, see this flaws, and go from there. Plus, there is not the willingness to really look at their own secrecy, their ownership of an entire state, and their quite takeover of America. Why don’t they want to see what we see?


RUSH LIMBAUGH: Suddenly and finally irrelevant


There’s a lot to be thankful for this morning, the day after Super Tuesday 2008. But, nothing rings my bell more than the JUMBO TRON DEFEAT of Rush Limbaugh. He has been neutered neatly. OUCH. Has anyone checked on him this morning? Is he still with us? The poor man with his cigar in the air. It must be so humiliating to learn you have not enough pull to stop McCain from sweeping the country, leaving Romney to suck his thumb over West Virginia’s “back room deals”.

How embarrassing it must be to wake up this morning to a STUNNING NEON SIGN that reads:

RUSH: You’re are 4 day old fish.

I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Did McCain just mock the value of Independent voters?


What? Listening to MSNBC right now, he just giggled over the idea that he has to be cautious about moving backwards to the far right, in order to unite his party. THAT freaks me out. Uh, Mr. McCain. I am a democrat and I just spent days and weeks blowing your horn. I can’t imagine how Independents must feel.


You were left for dead by the far right.

Don’t EVEN piss me off.  You start courting the far right, and you will lose.  I promise you. Who lost Super Tuesday ?  THE FAR RIGHT WING OF THE PARTY. You know that right ? Watch yourself.

I sense that you could easily blow this.



Maryland and New Jersey recently set the Bar. Vaccines WILL be mandated and if you don’t like it, you can take your kids out of school. We’ll get to you later. Vaccines will be the delivery system for the worst kind of genetic manipulation this world has ever known. Mothers everywhere know it, and it’s solid in the numbers I ran. HPV being the worst of them. DO NOT GIVE YOUR DAUGHTERS THIS VACCINE. Did you know that there are men on this planet who not only hate women, but view them only as wombs? Nothing like a Tailor Made Womb for thier future warriors, progammed with hate (in advance) and worse. I’m sorry, but you will have to wake up. Do it now.

More and more families are choosing to homeschool for THIS REASON ALONE.  They are saying NO to vaccines, and they are saying it with their wallets/jobs and their political clout. ENTER MIKE HUCKABEE.

Mike Huckabee is the ONLY candidate talking about protecting the right of parents to homeschool their kids. Make no mistake, the powers that be, WANT TO INJECT BS into your daughters ! The intention is not just about greed, sadly. It’s way worse than that. This is an educated opinion, based on research I have done for two years, and on the numbers I have run. Even Bipolar disorder is a product of genetic manipulation, through food, water and air, and more. Whether they intended to drive our youth insane, I don’t know, but they are messing with our biology and the freak results are not being discussed. Let’s save the FLOURIDE conversation for another day.

Mike Huckabee understands the desire for homeschooling, and he will uphold parents rights. There is NO MORE IMPORTANT ISSUE TO ME PERSONALLY. I don’t hear anyone else talking about it, or this insane MANDATE FOR VACCINES. When push comes to shove, I have to seriously consider what is most important to me. IT’S THE CHILDREN. 

I am not alone. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, learned the hard way. PARENTS WILL FIGHT. Unfortuanatley, the nation was fast asleep to the vaccine debacle in Maryland, and those childen and families lost the fight. It’s now precedent. You will soon learn what I am talking about. If you have kids under 15, be prepared to surrender their arms and bottoms to the state !

Mike Huckabee is a compassionate conservative. More conservative than I like, but THIS is an important issue to our family. Big Time. So, I am looking at him more closely, despite the other issues we part on.  Mitt Romney has already shown he has no respect for the lives of little people, of any age. He remains silent on the BLACKWATER killings of women and children.  John McCain had better start speaking to MANDATED VACCINES AND THE RIGHTS OF HOMESCHOOLERS AND PARENTS, or I have a brand new topic to rant on.

Go here and bookmark this site: get their newsletter and donate to their cause /our cause:


Please understand who is in control of the FDA, the CDC, the National Institutes of Health and more. It’s not good.

Huck and John: The far right will come calling now and they wanna deal.

Enjoy your big wins. HUGE VICTORY. But, as you lay your head on your pillow, Dr. Dobson, and all the other myraid of different self interested factions are plotting their deals they want from you, in exchange for their blessings. DON’T SELL OUT THE MIDDLE for the people who left you to rot and die a lonely, painful death.

They’ll come with the their BS and their demands, and their tails between their legs. Relish that part. But don’t you dare give an inch. YOU DON’T HAVE TO. The two of you have it sewn up without them. They knew that way before now, but they didn’t want to think about it. They saw it coming. They knew Romney wasn’t going to fly in the south. They didn’t know that he wasn’t going to fly anywhere, except in the wilderness, where no one lives, or in places where he has lived. He’s done. But, look for him to begin immediately to position himself for 2012.

Don’t you find the SOUTHERN Tornados interesting today ?  Don’t forget to watch THE PHEONIX LIGHTS on Discovery Channel on 2/22 . Anyhoo. All is well, the weather in Utah was quite right.

So, McCain and Huckabee, just wanted to get to you first: DON’T LET THEM STEAL YOUR SOULS. They will try, as they have lost their own. An entire nation said NO to Mitt Romney, except Utah, a home state of sorts, Nevada, another home state of sorts,  the top 2%, unemployed car makers who bought his song, and his home state of MA. Even the future Garden of Eden said Nope. How sad is that?

Stay on track. I think you two make a great team. Huckabee, you rocked the house tonight !!!!

You won’t get my vote because I don’t believe war is the answer. I believe in evolution. I don’t believe in the Holy Bible as the word of unconditional love – except the sweet Jesus parts, and I don’t believe in guns- or hatred of gays. I don’t believe Hispanics should be slaves either. I believe in the strong evolution of women. So, that sounds like a Hillary peep. I’m not that either. Nor can I vote for the Trojan Horse Obama. I am not sure what to do. Dennis Kucinich is out, Dodd is out. I’m out.  But, I am rooting for you guys. Why? Because you could not have risen from the deadest of the dead without a shore light. Use it to guide your way. Be careful not to walk backwards.

If you dedicate to govern from the CENTER, (the true meaning of God), then you will be thee most successful Pres and Vice Pres in history. I know Joe Leiberman had a lot to do with this win. I want to thank him. He knows why.

Did Mitt’s buddies arrange to place Wall Street Romney in charge of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games?


“The ultimate decision will be made, not by Olympic officials, but by corporate America. A dozen major corporations which are the principal sponsors of the Winter Games, including Coca-Cola, Xerox, Visa, John Hancock Financial Services, Lucent Technologies, Delta Airlines and US West, were reviewing their commitments. US West announced it was withholding the first $5 million of its planned $50 million contribution until the bribery allegations were investigated.”

http://www.wsws.org/articles/1999/jan1999/olym-j13.shtml    READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE

Whatever happened to the two men who were under investigation?  For a yeeeeaaaaarrrr. By the FBI  (lol)

The men taken out to make room for Romney were mormon. I wonder if their case was assigned to Mormon FBI agents, or friends of.  We already know about the FBI and it disproportionate amount of mormon agents.


wake up

Congratulations to Mike Huckabee

I can’t vote for the man, but I like him. He’s way too conservative for my blood, and the bible stuff is fine for some folk, but I’m not there anymore. In any case, he has hung in there very tough. It’s actually quite amazing. His dis in the debates were almost criminal. CNN totally ignored him, clearly. MSNBC was right behind. This is a guy that could win. It’s a long shot, but I think he deserves a hat tip.