Your New Churchy Reality Is Unfolding.

Jesus was the gift of a female Supernatural called HATHOR. Not the so called GOD you have been taught. It’s about WOMEN and the extinction thereof.  If it weren’t for the gift of Jesus, women would have become sex slaves and imprisoned in the worst kind of living hell at the hands of men of those times.  As it stands, many did not escape this picture. But, Jesus helped to shift the consciousness for 2000 years. There won’t be a true second coming my friend. There is nothing more the true Jesus can do. He already did it. Now it’s up to you.  YOU AND I HAVE SUSTAINED THIS NIGHTMARE WITH OUR CRAVING FOR COMFORT (on all levels)

The SECOND CHRIST came in 2000. It’s not ONE person really. It’s a group. It’s an agenda. It’s the BUSH STARS and the Mormon church, and Icy female half breeds who have come to be in control here. There will be the APPEARANCE of a Second Coming. You can bank on it. be prepared. It’s going to be one heck of a sound and light show. If you don’t believe in Supernaturals- you are going to be in for a real shocker very soon. Who do you think created Hurricane Katrina? .

It’s actually pretty complicated, and there is a lot we will never know, but you CAN know a few things.

If you want knowledge, you will need to get off main stream news. You will need to get off the paved roads that wind and bend in pre-determined routes. Get off the main road. Take the back roads.  You cannot possibly move on from THIS, without knowledge of what THIS is.

SARAH WAS RAPED BY LUCIFER. You need to understand that. At least that.

Baptisms and Votes serve the same God. They are both covenants. Here’s how it works. You get to check a box. You get to CHOOSE what you believe. The very second you check that box, you become electrically aligned with that four sqaure box of programs. You have NO IDEA what it contains in truth. You hear only what you want to hear, and what they want you to hear. You don’t know who they are. What they will do, but you checked the box, which means you have been baptised part of that person’s ID. How do you undo it? By becoming aware and willing to UNDO IT.  How you undo it is claim you are undoing it. Then, spend your days being a light in the world. Look at where you are attached to physical reality. Detach from excess attachments. Do it now.

Please recall that Obama is related to Cheney. Oh, looky there, what we found….isn’t THAT interesting. what an odd coincidence !

HILLARY CLINTON is destined (numerically) to be President. Much more so than anyone else, except Mitt Romney, who is currently out- but not down. Keep your eye on him and his company, NASA/CIA

Do you remember all the cozy plane trips with Bill Clinton and George Bush? do you honestly believe that was just a humanitarian mission? Wake up. They spent A LOT OF TIME TOGETHER in the name of Tsunami’s and Famine. Pleeeease.

 This ancient war is between Lilith and Adam. Period. And Eve. But, the true story has not been told. You have only received what the Alpha wanted you to receive. Jesus was not God’s son. Jesus is a being sent from THE VILLAGE OF MOTHERS.  Mother Mary was handpicked by a FEMALE GOD. For a reason.

Your Earth God is Lucifer. Jesus didn’t have an Alpha bone in his body. In truth, there is no such thing as gender. Stop being silly. There is only the Dominating and the Dominated and the outgrowth that supports that *IDEA*.

As you were.

At least I have planeted the seeds of truth.

By the way, this isn’t about Hillary for me. It is hard to say what Hillary really is. You can only judge by actions my friend. Hillary is an interesting breed. Perhaps the right person to pull off the greatest hoax on women.  GOOGLE ISIS. If you think for one second, these ruling men didn’t see 2008/12 coming, then you are truly not paying attention. They are not stupid. They are as cunning as they come. No need to get angry about it, but please…..KNOW THYSELF for God’s sakes.

I am not voting. I am detaching entirely from the movie.

A vote is a covenant. No one running right now- and I mean NO ONE running right now, has love in their heart for you and I. They have been hand selected. You have been spoon fed your own demise.

My best advice to you is to detach from systems, slowly and methodically, and ask the TRUE JESUS to help you do so. Understand that your vote is a REAL COVENANT.  There is HUGE power in this. They know it.

I will be over here, hugging my kids and knowing that in truth, all is well.

Lastly, the day will come soon where you will told there is no God. Yes, your true parents will be introducing themselves, as soon as the world population reaches critical mass on the truth. They will try to convince you that there is no escape from THIS. They are wrong.  But, don’t turn to the Bible to identify paradise. The true nature of the Multidimensional Universe has never been disclosed, but there are *locations of loving kindess and consciousness* far removed from 4 D.  Believe it. Be courageous. Be firm. At all cost, BE what you are. You are Mind. Not body. The body is a creation of Lucifer. But, once you wake the hell up, you can use this body as a tool for good. There isn’t much time left though. Help others.

The Hidden Jesus

The Lost Years of Jesus:

The Life of Saint Issa

Translation by Notovitch

The Best of the Sons of Men

  • Ancient scrolls reveal that Jesus spent seventeen years in India and Tibet
  • From age thirteen to age twenty-nine, he was both a student and teacher of Buddhist and Hindu holy men
  • The story of his journey from Jerusalem to Benares was recorded by Brahman historians
  • Today they still know him and love him as St. Issa. Their ‘buddha’ In 1894 Nicolas Notovitch published a book called The Unknown Life of Christ. He was a Russian doctor who journeyed extensively throughout Afghanistan, India, and Tibet. Notovitch journeyed through the lovely passes of Bolan, over the Punjab, down into the arid rocky land of Ladak, and into the majestic Vale of Kashmir of the Himalayas. During one of his jouneys he was visiting Leh, the capital of Ladak, near where the buddhist convent Himis is. He had an accident that resulted in his leg being broken. This gave him the unscheduled opportunity to stay awhile at the Himis convent. Notovitch learned, while he was there, that there existed ancient records of the life of Jesus Christ. In the course of his visit at the great convent, he located a Tibetan translation of the legend and carefully noted in his carnet de voyage over two hundred verses from the curious document known as “The Life of St. Issa.”

    He was shown two large yellowed volumes containing the biography of St. Issa. Notovitch enlisted a member of his party to translate the Tibetan volumes while he carefully noted each verse in the back pages of his journal.

    When he returned to the western world there was much controversy as to the authenticity of the document. He was accused of creating a hoax and was ridiculed as an imposter. In his defense he encouraged a scientific expedition to prove the original tibetan documents existed.

    One of his skeptics was Swami Abhedananda. Abhedananda journeyed into the arctic region of the Himalayas, determined to find a copy of the Himis manuscript or to expose the fraud. His book of travels, entitled Kashmir O Tibetti, tells of a visit to the Himis gonpa and includes a Bengali translation of two hundred twenty-four verses essentially the same as the Notovitch text. Abhedananda was thereby convinced of the authenticity of the Issa legend.

    Map of Jesus’s eastern travels
    Source: Summit University Press
    In 1925, another Russian named Nicholas Roerich arrived at Himis. Roerich, was a philosopher and a distinguished scientist. He apparently saw the same documents as Notovitch and Abhedananda. And he recorded in his own travel diary the same legend of St. Issa. Speaking of Issa, Roerich quotes legends which have the estimated antiquity of many centuries.

    … He passed his time in several ancient cities of India such as Benares. All loved him because Issa dwelt in peace with Vaishas and Shudras whom he instructed and helped. But the Brahmins and Kshatriyas told him that Brahma forbade those to approach who were created out of his womb and feet. The Vaishas were allowed to listen to the Vedas only on holidays and the Shudras were forbidden not only to be present at the reading of the Vedas, but could not even look at them.Issa said that man had filled the temples with his abominations. In order to pay homage to metals and stones, man sacrificed his fellows in whom dwells a spark of the Supreme Spirit. Man demeans those who labor by the sweat of their brows, in order to gain the good will of the sluggard who sits at the lavishly set board. But they who deprive their brothers of the common blessing shall be themselves stripped of it.Vaishas and Shudras were struck with astonishment and asked what they could perform. Issa bade them “Worship not the idols. Do not consider yourself first. Do not humiliate your neighbor. Help the poor. Sustain the feeble. Do evil to no one. Do not covet that which you do not possess and which is possessed by others.”

    Many, learning of such words, decided to kill Issa. But Issa, forewarned, departed from this place by night.

    Afterward, Issa went into Nepal and into the Himalayan mountains ….

    “Well, perform for us a miracle,” demanded the servitors of the Temple. Then Issa replied to them: “Miracles made their appearance from the very day when the world was created. He who cannot behold them is deprived of the greatest gift of life. But woe to you, enemies of men, woe unto you, if you await that He should attest his power by miracle.”

    Issa taught that men should not strive to behold the Eternal Spirit with one’s own eyes but to feel it with the heart, and to become a pure and worthy soul….

    “Not only shall you not make human offerings, but you must not slaughter animals, because all is given for the use of man. Do not steal the goods of others, because that would be usurpation from your near one. Do not cheat, that you may in turn not be cheated ….

    “Beware, ye, who divert men from the true path and who fill the people with superstitions and prejudices, who blind the vision of the seeing ones, and who preach subservience to material things. “…

    Then Pilate, ruler of Jerusalem, gave orders to lay hands upon the preacher Issa and to deliver him to the judges, without however, arousing the displeasure of the people.

    But Issa taught: “Do not seek straight paths in darkness, possessed by fear. But gather force and support each other. He who supports his neighbor strengthens himself

    “I tried to revive the laws of Moses in the hearts of the people. And I say unto you that you do not understand their true meaning because they do not teach revenge but forgiveness. But the meaning of these laws is distorted.”

    Then the ruler sent to Issa his disguised servants that they should watch his actions and report to him about his words to the people.

    “Thou just man, “said the disguised servant of the ruler of Jerusalem approaching Issa, “Teach us, should we fulfill the will of Caesar or await the approaching deliverance?”

    But Issa, recognizing the disguised servants, said, “I did not foretell unto you that you would be delivered from Caesar; but I said that the soul which was immersed in sin would be delivered from sin.”

    At this time, an old woman approached the crowd, but was pushed back. Then Issa said, “Reverence Woman, mother of the universe,’ in her lies the truth of creation. She is the foundation of all that is good and beautiful. She is the source of life and death. Upon her depends the existence of man, because she is the sustenance of his labors. She gives birth to you in travail, she watches over your growth. Bless her. Honor her. Defend her. Love your wives and honor them, because tomorrow they shall be mothers, and later-progenitors of a whole race. Their love ennobles man, soothes the embittered heart and tames the beast. Wife and mother-they are the adornments of the universe.”

    “As light divides itself from darkness, so does woman possess the gift to divide in man good intent from the thought of evil. Your best thoughts must belong to woman. Gather from them your moral strength, which you must possess to sustain your near ones. Do not humiliate her, for therein you will humiliate yourselves. And all which you will do to mother, to wife, to widow or to another woman in sorrow-that shall you also do for the Spirit.”

    So taught Issa; but the ruler Pilate ordered one of his servants to make accusation against him.

    Said Issa: “Not far hence is the time when by the Highest Will the people will become purified and united into one family.”

    And then turning to the ruler, he said, “Why demean thy dignity and teach thy subordinates to live in deceit when even without this thou couldst also have had the means of accusing an innocent one?”

    From another version of the legend, Roerich quotes fragments of thought and evidence of the miraculous.

    Near Lhasa was a temple of teaching with a wealth of manuscripts. Jesus was to acquaint himself with them. Meng-ste, a great sage of all the East, was in this temple. Finally Jesus reached a mountain pass and in the chief city of Ladak, Leh, he was joyously accepted by monks and people of the lower class …. And Jesus taught in the monasteries and in the bazaars (the market places); wherever the simple people gathered–there he taught.Not far from this place lived a woman whose son had died and she brought him to Jesus. And in the presence of a multitude, Jesus laid his hand on the child, and the child rose healed. And many brought their children and Jesus laid his hands upon them, healing them.

    Among the Ladakis, Jesus passed many days, teaching them. And they loved him and when the time of his departure came they sorrowed as children.

    Click here to read ‘The Life of Saint Issa’ Translation by Notovitch

    Introduction | I-V | VI-VIII | IX-XI | XII-XIV

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    Really wild stuff

  • The Talmud of Jmmanuel
  • The Ressurection of John McCain touches a raw nerve on the right.

     You should see the hate mail genertated by this post. The only hate mail I get is from the very people this post is meant to address. But, the deep hatred and rage of this faction of our populace is so frightening, that it really does invite me to continue writing. Since I have no fear of these *people*  – all is well.

    Here’s the posting I refer to:

    Notice the word Cain, in JOHN’s name. That’s no accident. Everything is backwards my friend, and guess who Cain really is ! It’s not John. But, don’t think for one second that John is not the one. HE IS NOT McCain by accident at this point in time. Everything in this world, this alphabet, is twisted and upside down TO CONFUSE YOU. The resurrection of McCain was something no one would have bet on. The neocons left him in the middle of BF skid to nowhere, without so much as a plane ticket home. It is destiny for Clinton and Romney, and Obama is the safety net Trojan Horse for Romney’s peeps. WAKE UP. And, I wonder what mighty force of sheer WILL,  intervened and picked him up, gave him a drink, and put wind beneath his wings.

    Not Rush Limbaugh

    Not  Christ Matthews

    Not Wolf Blitzer

    Not Pat Buchannen

    Not Bill Bennet

    Not Ann Coulter

    Not Hannity

    Here’s who put the wind under his wings:  TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE TRUE AMERICAN WAY.

    You Knights Templar (Free Masons)  may have thought you built this for yourself, but a funny thing happened on the way to 2012. TRUTH, and a nation full of natural LIE DETECTORS, along with a intervention of true Power. Not magical power. There is a big difference.

    You left your finest patriot for dead. But, it’s not about patriotism is it. It’s about war and death, and Patriotism is the way you get there.  You have done your homework on the American Psyche. You know what motivates this free people. You use the media to show them how incredibly horrid it is all over the world, then you scare people here in hopes they will do ANYTHING to save themselves. But, who actually creates much of this HORRID all over the world. Trickle down death.

    That is your biggest tool. PATRIOTISM.

    You parade it through the collective consciousness, trolling for wafflers. Hoping, with all your magical mind that there will be critical mass, so you can bomb, kill and mame innocents. The more blood the better, because you live for skulls and bones.

    I am an anti war liberal democrat, but I see who YOU are and what you are doing.  No, I don’t agree with John AT ALL on the war, but somehow I understand he IS THE ONLY ONE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT who I believe to my core, will not lie to us. I believe he honestly wants to fight terroism. Not to take over countries and their resources, and to settle ancient scores, but because it will keep our country safe. No, I don’t agree with the method, but I know John McCain would never INTENTIONALLY hurt the American People. I can’t say that about Clinton, and I can’t say that about Obama. Sadly.  And, if there is one thing I know for sure, it is this:  If this country remains in the Satonic strangle hold of the far right (who despises Jesus), we are in for a nightmare of a proportion you cannot even imagine.

    The real CAIN, is BAIN, and it’s founder. The real Able is the one WHO IS.

    The people have spoken, over and over, and they will speak again on Tuesday.

    THE ANTICHRIST WILL NOT RULE THIS EARTH.  We got your number. It’s 666, just like you promised. But, hidden in the backwards English alphabet, where you thought no would ever find it. I found it. That’s not all I found. As you well know by now. Your mask fell off, and your Jesus Hating, Child Murdering, Blackwatering Selves have been revealed.

    Please pray for John. His mission is blessed by truth. You don’t have to believe in a God to understand what I am asking. To each their own. My definition of God is wide open these days.

    Be well, and please, if you are reading this, and it makes you mad, then I would begin now to wake up. You have four years.  After that, you will be lost a very long time.

    JESUS CHRIST NUMEROLOGY : Learn it for free on Mp3 (link)

    3 Free MP3’s now available to learn how to do the JESUS CHRIST NUMEROLOGY system. It’s easy. Learn who Jesus is going to be – coming right up. 🙂 You can also join some of my groups in order to get daily info on my findings. Prepare to be shocked and awed. Listen to all three MP3’s before making up your mind. Come with paper and pencil, and an open mind. Or stay in the box and suck your thumb. It’s about to get real interesting.

    This one is urgent

    I have tried posting this now three times. Hopefully, it will go through. Chances are good it will….eventually. Then, there will be at least three to pick from.

    Lucifer and Jesus in a nutshell.

    Here’s how it works. In order to make someone evil, you first have to make them mad. You have to make them angry. So angry that they finally break. When they break, something takes place in the mind that dissallows self blame. They project it outward onto the world and the people in it. Once critical mass in the mind has been reached on this projection, the program can kick in, and it happens automatically. A bell goes off in Lucifer’s House everytime a convert is solid. Once they become solid, they are owned. Until they wake up.

    Now, Lucifer can use them as tools for this agenda. How do you make them angry? You make thier lives hell. Day to day hell. Eventually, hell wins, for many. Once hell wins, Lucifer rewards them with FRUITS. Big Fruits. Otherwise known as Money. Money is Lucifer’s real name.  You will know them by thei fruits means you will know them by their wealth. Any true follower of Love shares their blessings. They don’t hoard thier blessings when childen are starving. THE MOVIE “THE SECRET” IS A CREATION OF LUCIFER. To trick people.

    Few are able to stop the projections of pain and pull it in for real help from True Love (some call that Jesus).  The very second one stops projecting their hell onto others, they have tapped the electric signature of Love. This act severs the connection to Lucifer in one single moment of Grace. If one can stay connected – no matter how much hell you are given, then you are in a state of self forgiveness, and forgiveness of others, who know not what they do. When you are in a state of fogiveness, you are free.

    This is what Jesus taught, and how he transcended this false realm. He taught that they know not what they do, because they are so busy projecting their pain and anger onto others, and aligning with the projections of others, they cannot possibly see. It’s all about forgiveness. You can see what needs to be seen, and be angry and sad for a while, but at some point, you have to get THROUGH it to the other side where love is. This does beg enormous courage and stamina. You are tested, not because you invited it. You are tested because the darkness wants your soul. Bad. The more light you are capable of, the more hell you will face. Believe it. The madder you get, the chances improve that you will break and blame the world for it. It is a mad game of insanity. You are being worked over. And over.

    The only way out, as was taught, is through forgiveness of self, and others. That does not mean you lie down and become nothing. It means you speak your truth because you love the world, but you do so knowing – truly knowing – that they know not what they do.

    Align with darkness and you will have pain. Align with true light and you have a chance for freedom, but it doesn’t promise you will live out your days perfectly.  The real fight begins when you get it. When you wake up. Then, all shit is going to hit the fan. But, if you can get past that, you are home free.

    There is a book I suggest you read.  A COURSE IN MIRACLES. If you are a Christian. It is life changing. I would have died were it not for this book. Lucifer had me in his grips. But, over time (about 2 years) I broke free. That was 7 years ago. I don’t consider myself a Christian. I don’t do labels. But, I do love the true teachings of Jesus, and some from the Dali Lama, and some from the Hindu teachings, and on and on. There is beauty everywhere. But, first, you find it within. Release the world that Satan wants to show you. Forgive it. Do no harm. Then teach others what is going on here please. You will never be a perfect human being. You will make mistakes. And that’s fine. and you will make them again. And that’s fine. It’s your day to day, true desire to align with Love that will get you home.

    WIDOW (W I do W ) and Jesus (numbers exact match)

    JESUS CHRIST = 29 H  74 V  103 HV…….WIDOW = 29 H  74 V  103  HV………THE SON OF MARY MAGDALENE = 221 V——– who is the widow of Jesus Christ ?   23 = BUSH  (aka – W)  There is alot more to the name Bush than you are prepared to swallow right now.

    JESUS CHRIST = 221  HV. 

    I have learned that the numbers and the English Alphabet are rife with intentional manipulation as old as the heiroglyphs.

    Did you add that thingy yet?  Using the backwards alphabet ?  Z=1  Y = 2  X = 3    etc.

    Use that to add up this phrase:  WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS JESUS CHRIST

    The hv = 666   –   that’s probably just a pesky coincidence.

    H means adding the name horizontal:

    J  E  S  U  S


    Add one single digit at a time for 29 h

    Add vertical the same way you normally would.   74 v

    Now add them together for  103  hv

    As well – using the backwards alphabet, MORMON = 29 h   74  v   103  hv.

    Hmmm- that’s kinda hard to ignore!  Why put this in the backwards alphabet?

    Are you hiding something?

    That would be the string of the word  JESUS.  (hmm – two coinicidences)

    Using the backwards alphabet….

    G   O   D

    20 12  23     (looky here- a 23 (Bush h) follows 2012.

    You should see how vaccines line up, and Freemasonary, and Order of the

    Eastern Star (female masons).

    But, neverind….go back to sleep.

    What my numbers have shown me as that the USA was set up by

    and ancient agenda.


    222 is huge- but more importantly, 222 x 8 = 1776.

    Yeah, I know what I’m doing.

    222 = which number represents hillary clinton – (using the backwards alphabet)


    Who is the Lady In the New York Harbor?

    Who was Mary Magdalene reeeeaaaallly ?

    Happy Thanksgiving

    URGENT VACCINATION INFO (time is running out)

    The numbers I do show me that vaccinations have been used for FAR MORE than just to immunize people. Most people won’t believe that- but that is costing you and me our liberty.

    If you have yet to phone your state reps on this issue of MANDATORY VACCNINATIONS then you are part of the problem, and we need SOLUTIONS. Your voice is needed TODAY.

    There may be more going on here than you know. What are they putting our bodies? Do you trust what they tell you? I don’t. I have very strong PHILOSOPHICAL OBJECTIONS to vaccination. As do more and more people.  God gave us everything we need in nature to protect and heal us.

    And nature isn’t expensive. Nature loves you and is honest with you.

    We, as a collective nation are being challenged today in the state of Maryland ! There are parents facing Jail TODAY because they feel as I do.

    Please, this is so serious. If these parents in Maryland don’t have some support from other parents around the country, we are sunk.

    Call you state rep today and DEMAND these parents be allowed to take the expemptions they are legally entitled to.

    Lastly, you better find out where your presidential candidate stands on VACCINATIONS befor you vote for them. This is a MUCH BIGGER issue than most people are willing to concede.

    If you are forced to take a vaccination for your child, then here is my humble advice. Before you take that child to the doctor, for days and days, fill them with as much water as they can possibly drink. Before they drink it, pray over it wit your hands. In the name of Jesus. Ask that the water act as a nuetrilizer of the vaccine, so that all effects are voided and negated. If you are a Reiki Master, then please consider delivering a full Reiki treatment to your child before hand. And AFTER the shots. Continue to give water and more water for at least one full month.

    But, hopefully, it won’t come to that.

    Get informed.