Dear John….and Eddie

Saw you are endorsing Obama.

Thanks so much for the hard work.  Anderson Cooper just called you “One of the most powerful voices in Washington”.

When I go to dinner, and I pay over $150,000 for that dinner, I don’t want to have to get in the kitchen and watch you cook. I don’t want to know how much diced garlic you used for the mussels. I don’t need to know the food costs, and I don’t really have to know what long hours you work, or whether you are nice to your co-workers. Don’t need to know you found a couple of new vendors and saved the company $100.  Don’t much care really that you look real nice every day. Happy for you, if you have some nice changes by moving around the plants. I have trusted that when you are voted into office, you are making the meal, we asked you to make.  Not one you wanted to make and thought would be good for me.  I trust that when I pay the chef to make the dinner, he is making it.

When you so called Democratic Kings bring my plate to the table and it looks like you threw up on it, it matters. Where do we go for a refund please? Pull my car around.