John McCain will be the republican nominee. Here’s why.

CBS/New York Times GOP National Primary

  • John McCain 46% (33%)
  • Mitt Romney 23% (8%)
  • Mike Huckabee 12% (18%)

Most Electable: McCain 65, Romney 17, Paul 3, Huckabee 2

Best on Immigration: McCain 38, Romney 22, Paul 10, Huckabee 9

Best on the Economy: McCain 39, Romney 30%, Huckabee 9, Paul 8

Most likely to lower taxes: McCain 25, Romney 20, Paul 15, Huckabee 13

Says What He Believes: McCain 56, Romney 35, Huckabee 42

Says Just What People Want to Hear: Romney 43, McCain 31, Huckabee 28

This poll was conducted among a random sample of 432 Republican likely voters nationwide, interviewed by telephone January 30-Feb 2, 2008. Error for Republican Primary voters could be plus or minus six points.

Is the Rasmussen Poll a fix for Romney, to help them steal Calif?

I don’t know how you could argue otherwise. I have seen the Rasmussen poll quoted on at least 20 blogs today.

Even though it is the only poll showing such ridiculous numbers.

Pay attention. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

Even Right Wing Nation points out that McCain is way ahead !

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When Polls Collide

Rasmussen’s latest has McCain and Romney tied at 30%, but Gallup reports McCain at 44 and Romney at 24. That’s quite a difference, so let’s look at the polls:Rasmussen, n=800, ±4
Gallup, n=1080, ±3

Gallup has a larger sample space and therefore, a smaller margin of error. Gallup is also indicative of other poll reports. I wouldn’t put much stock in this latest Rasmussen poll.