Remember when I told you that Yahoo was the last remaining hope for a *real* internet?

Just breaking on “the wires” right now is SHOCK news for the online world. Microsoft might just be about to get much bigger – it has just proposed a deal to buy long-time internet nearly-company Yahoo! for a vast total fee of $44.6bn – that’s $31 a share.To give you an idea of how much money $44.6bn actually is, that’s enough money to buy approximately 55.75 billion Mars bars.

The deal between the two mega-corporations was first rumoured a year ago but is now official. Well, sort of official – Microsoft has put the buyout deal to Yahoo!, and is now anxiously hitting Send/Receive to see what Yahoo!’s response will be to its terms of surrender.

All this is pending, of course, the usual whinges about anti-trust, competition, money and who gets to sit in the nicest office with the window once the deal is done.

(Via CNN)

This was a lead story on Technorati. I forgot to get the link. I’ll go back for it shortly.