This one is urgent

I have tried posting this now three times. Hopefully, it will go through. Chances are good it will….eventually. Then, there will be at least three to pick from.

Lucifer and Jesus in a nutshell.

Here’s how it works. In order to make someone evil, you first have to make them mad. You have to make them angry. So angry that they finally break. When they break, something takes place in the mind that dissallows self blame. They project it outward onto the world and the people in it. Once critical mass in the mind has been reached on this projection, the program can kick in, and it happens automatically. A bell goes off in Lucifer’s House everytime a convert is solid. Once they become solid, they are owned. Until they wake up.

Now, Lucifer can use them as tools for this agenda. How do you make them angry? You make thier lives hell. Day to day hell. Eventually, hell wins, for many. Once hell wins, Lucifer rewards them with FRUITS. Big Fruits. Otherwise known as Money. Money is Lucifer’s real name.  You will know them by thei fruits means you will know them by their wealth. Any true follower of Love shares their blessings. They don’t hoard thier blessings when childen are starving. THE MOVIE “THE SECRET” IS A CREATION OF LUCIFER. To trick people.

Few are able to stop the projections of pain and pull it in for real help from True Love (some call that Jesus).  The very second one stops projecting their hell onto others, they have tapped the electric signature of Love. This act severs the connection to Lucifer in one single moment of Grace. If one can stay connected – no matter how much hell you are given, then you are in a state of self forgiveness, and forgiveness of others, who know not what they do. When you are in a state of fogiveness, you are free.

This is what Jesus taught, and how he transcended this false realm. He taught that they know not what they do, because they are so busy projecting their pain and anger onto others, and aligning with the projections of others, they cannot possibly see. It’s all about forgiveness. You can see what needs to be seen, and be angry and sad for a while, but at some point, you have to get THROUGH it to the other side where love is. This does beg enormous courage and stamina. You are tested, not because you invited it. You are tested because the darkness wants your soul. Bad. The more light you are capable of, the more hell you will face. Believe it. The madder you get, the chances improve that you will break and blame the world for it. It is a mad game of insanity. You are being worked over. And over.

The only way out, as was taught, is through forgiveness of self, and others. That does not mean you lie down and become nothing. It means you speak your truth because you love the world, but you do so knowing – truly knowing – that they know not what they do.

Align with darkness and you will have pain. Align with true light and you have a chance for freedom, but it doesn’t promise you will live out your days perfectly.  The real fight begins when you get it. When you wake up. Then, all shit is going to hit the fan. But, if you can get past that, you are home free.

There is a book I suggest you read.  A COURSE IN MIRACLES. If you are a Christian. It is life changing. I would have died were it not for this book. Lucifer had me in his grips. But, over time (about 2 years) I broke free. That was 7 years ago. I don’t consider myself a Christian. I don’t do labels. But, I do love the true teachings of Jesus, and some from the Dali Lama, and some from the Hindu teachings, and on and on. There is beauty everywhere. But, first, you find it within. Release the world that Satan wants to show you. Forgive it. Do no harm. Then teach others what is going on here please. You will never be a perfect human being. You will make mistakes. And that’s fine. and you will make them again. And that’s fine. It’s your day to day, true desire to align with Love that will get you home.