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This is a very interesting article (snippet) I found today:

 Read the article. Now, that we know a little more about who is running our government, it will pay to educate yourself. Don’t count Mitt out. He’ll be back.

Did Mitt’s buddies arrange to place Wall Street Romney in charge of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games?


“The ultimate decision will be made, not by Olympic officials, but by corporate America. A dozen major corporations which are the principal sponsors of the Winter Games, including Coca-Cola, Xerox, Visa, John Hancock Financial Services, Lucent Technologies, Delta Airlines and US West, were reviewing their commitments. US West announced it was withholding the first $5 million of its planned $50 million contribution until the bribery allegations were investigated.”    READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE

Whatever happened to the two men who were under investigation?  For a yeeeeaaaaarrrr. By the FBI  (lol)

The men taken out to make room for Romney were mormon. I wonder if their case was assigned to Mormon FBI agents, or friends of.  We already know about the FBI and it disproportionate amount of mormon agents.


wake up

Another layer of the Mitt Romney mask is removed? . Whew !

From something I found.


1. It has bid to buy a big chunk of Clear Channel stations
… the takeover is scheduled for July this year
2. Bain Capital has pushed the Chinese computer company Huawei
(connected to the Chinese army) for a Pentagon security contract
3. Romney as head of Bain Capital fired untold employees in downsizing
many companies
4 Romney himself has offshore accounts
5. Bain Capital is a front for Mormon money
6. Bain Capital is heavily invested in war profiteering,
slaughterhouse agony, environmentally destructive, dirty energy
and other projects
7. the primary source of Romneys riches, the private equity company Bain Capital, used junk bonds from disgraced Drexel Burnham Lambert
In bankruptcy filing Drexel became the largest securities house in history to seek bankruptcy protection stiffing
investors and sending unethically derived assets elsewhere

*Clear Channel is an illegal monopoly created with the
help of the signature of Bill Clinton to the telecommunications
act of the mid 90’s



Mitt Romney wants 100,000 more sacrificial lambs on
the altar of Iraq, but not his own 5 sons.

In this and many ways he is a good Mormon, since
the LDS Church has the highest percentage of Iraq war supporters of any American sect. Mormons are socialized
into sheepish obedience to earthly authority no matter how corrupt. Mormons, make up much
higher percentages of the CIA than their percentage in
the population.

Romney said he would consult lawyers about whether or not
to invade Iran.

He has waffled about waterboarding.

What is Romney’s own military service?
Romney classifies as a chickenhawk, since
the Mormon church obtained for him a deferral
from the draft on the basis that he was
a missionary.


When Mitt Romney was a Mormon missionary, blacks
were not allowed to be elders in the church. The LDS
Church is no longer actively involved in murdering blacks
who made the mistake of stepping into Utah though this
was widely practiced in
the late 19th Century. So evil was this
campaign of terror that A Conan Doyle wrote a Sherlock
Holmes story about it.


Women in the LDS Church are more oppressed than
in any other religion but Islam.

Polygamy was ended when the US Army threatened
to invade Utah in the last century. But polygamy is still
on the books and Mormons do not prosecute the
many pedophile polygamous Mormons who exist.

While men may be sealed, in Mormon doctrine, for
eternity to several women, women can be sealed only
to one man.

Women are supposed to be obey implicity their husbands
and the male hierarchy of the church, from which they
are excluded.


Mitt Romney in his fraudulent election to the governor’s
chair in Massachusetts sought in his brief term (he was
not voted in again) to bring state murder, governmental
execution, back to Massachusetts. He failed.

If he had had his way, the US would edge closer to
the mass executions of China, Iran, (and Texas).

Like Mormon Orrin Hatch who as illegitimate head of the Judiciary
Committee moved CIA employees directly onto the
DC appellate court, Romney is a loyal cog of the
war machine.

(Is it not ironic that ‘prolife’ Catholics have lobbied
to have 5 serially killing unelected Catholic judges on the ‘Supreme’ Court,
2 of whom were nominated by an unelected
White House resident and approved by a Senate with
at least 6 Diebold unelected? These
judges have ratified torture, state murders,
Guantamo (Kidnap Central), slaughterhouses in which
animals are skinned alive? The Book of Life has become
a Book of Death.)

Romney is proud, he says, that he gave no pardons
no commutations in his fraudulent term as unelected
governor of Massachusetts


Mitt Romney supports the torture which violates the Geneva
convention. Such torture was again in the news in late
2007, as the CIA was found to have waterboarded
prisoners in secret places and to have video taped these
sessions for the purpose of instructing Blackwater and
other profiteers in torture technique. Now the CIA has
destroyed the tapes.


Like all venture capitalists, Romney has little respect for
the labor movement and has violated American labor
by hiring illegal workers.

Mormons pressure nonMormons in Utah, Arizona
and elsewhere to become Mormon. Those who resist
have their businesses boycotted.


Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital besides investing in
many environmentally destructive businesses has lobbied
for a Chinese company affiliated with the Chinese Army
(known as Hua Wei) to have a Pentagon security contract.

Mitt Romney supports agribusiness subsides, the rape
of the American treasury by slaughterhouse cartels such
as Cargill, ConAgra, Tyson’s and Perdue.

The Mormon church owns the biggest cattle ranch in the
US with its consequent animal agony, correlation to
heart disease, cancer, food poisoning, global heating,
energy waste.

Utah is a haven for concentration camps for captive
animals.. called factory farms.

The virtually compulsory tithing of Mormons has caused
the Mormon church to be one of the biggest investors
in corporate terrorism.

Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital has heavily invested in
the animal genocide and global devastation of
the cattle industry. His quarter billion dollar fortune
is made from the blood of innocent animals and
the the oppression of sweatshops as well as the
felling of earth’s trees.


Steve LeBlanc, AP writer, said that cuts for the blind
and the retarded were made in Romney’s 1 term.

“In all, then-Gov. Romney proposed creating 33 new fees
and increasing 57 others – enough, he said, to pull in an
extra $59 million for the cash-strapped state. ”


Romney said he would lock up those
who use medical marijuana.


The Mormon Church and Romney like to hide the fact
that there are 5 Mormon senators (Hatch, Crapo, Bennett,
Harry Reid, and Jon Tester) and 12 Mormon legislators
all of whom are secretly promoting the funding of the
war in Iraq.


Mitt Romney’s flipflops on prochoice and prolife,
gay unions etc. are known to most.

Whatever your views on gay legislation, no one dumped
Senator Craig faster than Mitt Romney, within 24 hours
of the news of the arrest.


GE’s MSNBC, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox, Time Warner’s
CNN instructed their assignment editors to give prime
time to Romney’s religion speech and told their
obedient talking heads Chris Matthews, Pat Buchanan
and others, to support the speech.

Mitt Romney was interested to the College Station Texas
audience by George H W Bush, the man who with James
Wolsey in March 1980 arranged Iran Contra, the man
who ran the drug distribution of the CIA, the man who
bombed 250,000 in the Highway of Death in Iran,
the man who as pilot bailed out of a plane in WW2 and left everyone of his
planemates to die, a war profiteer who has made billions
in armsmongering through the Carlyle Group, along with
other fraudulent leaders of countries dominated by
shark capitalism. Bush because of Reagan’s
2nd term Alzheimer’s, about which he was criminally silent, was
the defacto president and
continued the bloating of the military budget and the
privatization of the people’s property.

Romney like Dewey is the man on the wedding cake.
His pretty looks are considered marketable to
the American electorate.


Romney has a very low percentage of contributions
from outside his own fortune or that of the LDS Church
members. His saturation ads in Iowa and NH are coming
from his own private equity firm derived capital.

Registered Republicans are 6% of Americans. 55% of the US
are unregistered. Of the remaining 45%, 3/5 or 60%
are independents, Libertarians, Greens, Socialists, Communists,
etc. Of the remaining 18% over 2/3 are Democrats.

Yet this 6%, because it represents shark capitalists and
war profiteers who are raping the planet and control
the media, receives much more media attention than other


Is the dark side of Mormonism the Bush’s secret?


Bush And The Mormons

Suzan Mazur
Mormons have historically played a significant behind-the-scenes money and power role in America. Sally Denton and Roger Morris have written about Mormon banker Parry Thomas’s financing of Las Vegas, for example, in their book, The Money and the Power: The Making of Las Vegas and Its Hold on America.

So when I read Dan Briody’s comment about Bill Marriott possibly knowing something the rest of the world didn’t regarding the sale of its airline catering service to Carlyle, I paused and began to wonder about the volatile mix of Mormons, Carlyle connections and the timing of George W. Bush’s meteoric political rise.

Carlyle “founding fathers” Dan Altobello, Steve Norris, Fred Malek and Dan D’Aniello, who participated in the catering service buyout by Carlyle, all came from the Marriott Mormon culture before joining Carlyle. Malek was number two man at Marriott and a former Director of the Republican Party; it was Malek who brought George W. Bush into the Carlyle fold.

Looking closer at the workings of the Mormon Church and its wealth – it is not particularly choosy about the source of its tithes. It accepts money, for example, from a circle of LDS lawyers, bankers and businessmen who represent the polygamist Mormons living out West.

Former Utah-based child advocate Jay Beswick sees these tithes as “blood money” because the lawyers, bankers and businessmen help to support a 10,000 member polygamist/pedophile colony – the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS) – on the Utah-Arizona border, which has branches in Texas, Idaho, Colorado, British Columbia and parts in between. Beswick says that if the main Mormon Church really opposed polygamy, it would reject the tithes and excommunicate the lot.

Rodney R. Parker, who legally represents the FLDS, is with the law firm of Snow, Christensen and Martineau which also represents the State of Utah. Parker served in 1988-89 during Bush I’s administration as Associate Deputy Attorney General “on the immediate staff” of the Deputy Attorney General of the United States in Washington, D.C. Harold G. Christensen, Of Counsel, at Snow, Christensen served as Deputy Attorney General of the United States in both Bush I’s and Ronald Reagan’s administrations. Reed L. Martineau was President of the Utah Bar Association from 1987-88.

But getting back to the Briody comment. What could Bill Marriott have known that prompted him to sell his “gold plated” airline catering service to Carlyle, which Carlyle Managing Director David Rubenstein at the time called “the greatest deal since sliced bread”?

Did Marriott have an ear to the ground through Mormon missionary/intelligence connections about a brewing Gulf War which could kill his business? After all, it is widely known that Mormons have had a disproportionate representation in the CIA and FBI through the years, and that J. Edgar Hoover started the FBI with Mormon agents. They also have a disproportionate representation in the US Congress – five Mormon senators and 12 representatives – partly because of the concentration of Mormons in the Western US.

Or maybe Marriott sensed something from Bush I’s National Security Adviser, General Brent Scowcroft – another LDS notable. Scowcroft now heads Bush II’s President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. And he has his own firm, Scowcroft Group, which sells intelligence to corporations worldwide.

Within reach is the possibility that the buyout of Marriott In-Flite Services by Carlyle was in part a quid pro quo for Mormon support of George W. Bush’s political future.

Carlyle co-founder and Managing Director David Rubenstein was close to the Bush family and its cronies as he made apparent to Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association investors in the speech I first exposed in Progressive Review (Click here: HOW BUSH GOT BOUNCED FROM CARLYLE BOARD – Suzan Mazur, Progressive Review):”We’ll put him [George W. Bush] on the board [Caterair] because – you know – we’ll do a favor for this guy; he’s done a favor for us.”

The deal went down. Marriott In-Flite was taken private and renamed Caterair. Carlyle took a 50% stake, committing $93.8 million. George W. Bush was made a Managing Director in 1990. George H.W. Bush was US President at the time and would join Carlyle as an adviser after the Gulf War, and after being voted out of office.

Caterair would go into default in August 1994 with Carlyle’s recovery 10 cents on the dollar. Rubenstein nudged George W. Bush into resigning from the board. Six months after leaving Carlyle, Bush ran for Governor of Texas. And then for US President in 2000.

The Mormons have been crucial to George W. Bush’s political campaigns. A major supporter has been former Utah governor Mike Leavitt, now Bush II’s EPA director. Leavitt is part of a 2,000 member clan.

I met his father Dixie during the Tom Green polygamy trial in 2001 in Provo, Utah. He told me in the courtroom that I’d find no cooperation if I attempted to research a book on polygamy there and sided with the polygamists saying, “At least they produce something”.

Another LDS star who’s been cheerleading for Bush is Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, mentioned as a possible 2008 Presidential candidate.

Then there’s Karl Rove — “Bush’s Brain”. Although Rove is not Mormon, he was nurtured in the Salt Lake City Mormon culture and educated at the University of Utah.

LDS church member Timothy E. Flanigan, Bush’s former Deputy White House Counsel and a father of 14 children (opposes abortion), organized the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court legal argument and was later tasked with making the Homeland Security department come to life.

Harvard Business publications is Mormon-run. And the editor of Harvard Business Review as well as the Dean of Harvard Business School are Mormon.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is perhaps the best known LDS celebrity aside from Donny and Marie Osmond. Hatch chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee that oversees the Department of Justice and the FBI.

It is unlikely that any breakup of US government-subsidized polygamist sects will occur on his watch. Hatch announced last year at a town meeting in southern Utah, “I’m not here to justify polygamy. All I can say is I know people in Hildale [the FLDS colony on the Utah-Arizona border] who are polygamists who are very fine people. . . . I personally don’t believe in polygamy. But I’m not going to judge others who feel differently.”

So with no hearings scheduled on these cults anytime soon in the Senate Judiciary Committee, law enforcement is not pressed to do its job. Historically, FBI field offices nationwide have been “manned” by Mormons. The Mormon community thus continues to successfully contain the polygamy issue as it has for the last 100 years.

With the shortcomings of the FBI exposed in recent years, Dawin A. John was tapped by Director Rober Mueller to reorganize the FBI’s computer files. What qualified Darwin A. John as bureau Chief Information Officer was his prior job as managing director of information and communication systems for the Mormon Church, where he’d served for 12 years.

So what does all the Mormon influence amount to? A reach for power like every other interest group, except that Mormons are loyal first to the church.

They see the polygamy issue as still smoldering. Tens of thousands of polygamist Mormons live out West from the Canadian to Mexican borders. Despite a federal law outlawing polygamy and a Supreme court ruling – Tom Green, the only convicted polygamist in 50 years in America, is currently appealing the US Supreme Court. If his case is accepted, it could lead to overturning the anti-polygamy law that Abe Lincoln championed. It would also clear the conscience of the Mormon community whose roots are in polgamy.

Moreover, Mormons opposed the Equal Rights Amendent and would like to see the abortion ruling on Roe v.Wade reversed. George W. Bush’s promise to further empower faith-based institutions is something for American women especially to consider when voting November 2.


[Suzan Mazur’s has written about polygamy in the Mormon culture for the Financial Times, Newsday, Philadelphia Inquirer and Maclean’s. She has been a guest on Fox television’s “The Edge” with Paula Zahn discussing the issue, as well as Bill O’Reilly’s “The Factor” – which O’Reilly pulled from broadcast.]

I have seen this story before. But, can only find it now on this blog. It use to be in many places.

Bush’s secret connections to mormons and Gordon Hinckley


Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney’s Connections to Utah and World Control

 StopZion Bridsingtruth Citiesofpeace

Dear Republicans, Independents and Regan Democrats who believe in God: Why is President George W. Bush Jr so anxious to connect all of the US Christian/Judeo Churches through his campaign for re-election with a marriage amendment campaign? He found out how corrupt and blindly obedient former employees of his father are to Salt Lake City during the 1980s for taking over the world economies. Bush Sr lost his re-election campaign because of his exclusive secret deals with the Mormon Church Gordon Hinckley. Bush Sr was caught several times through CIA communications being examined and exposed by the US Military and other federal whistle-blowers.

How it happened: In 1990 President George Bush Sr cut a deal with the Mormon Church leaders to centralize their weekly revenue into globalizing the world economies into the US System. This had never been done before in the history of the Mormon Church (since 1830). From this date forward, all defaulted World Bank & IMF notes were purchased by Mormon Member tithes and corporate revenues. These foreign notes (mostly of Catholic/Moslem dominated countries) would then be presented to the foreign nation which owed the debt, and through a “Corporate America business plan”, be required to print some new Money to pay back one hundred percent of the debt owed and work with the American companies who would be fronting CIA business ventures through commercial operations. It was so successful, that for the past several years, the investments have been in the black for the first time in the history of 3rd world investments. Double books are kept because of the minimal costs these defaulted notes cost the Mormon Church investments. Most of the other American church organizations are now participating in this program.

Based on this secret agreement, the War in the Gulf was created to decoy the international news media into a “war” without a victory over a dictator (Iraq). This is exactly when the Mormon Church stopped local Ward Budget requirements and centralized the church purchasing power. How corrupt is it with the automated signature machine operation being used since the political behind-the-scene take over of Ezra Taft Benson, former US Secretary of Agriculture?

In 1996 when the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2002 Winter Olympics to Salt Lake City, Utah, all other US Christian/Judea organizations were invited to participate, using their membership donation funds in this successful and very secret international monetary program. This was during the same time that the Internet System was abandoned by US Government entities because they no longer could control it. The Mormon Church had been successfully teaching members from all over the world how to use the internet in every day life for several years through their stake center facilities until they could no longer control the communication. In 1996, the world governments agreed to the April 6, 2000 Blue Beam Project (Day-Night-Day Re-creation of the birth of Christ, found in the Old Testament, Zechariah 14:6-7,9, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the light shall not be clear, nor dark: But it shall be one day which shall be known to the Lord, not day, nor night; but it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light….And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one“). An announcement of building a temple in Palmyra New York and holding the Mormon Church General Conference in New York commenced the project. This project was postponed by vote of the Russian government because too many people knew about it through the internet– free communications. They would still want this controlling event to happen with a projected “85% of the world” believing it!

Since 1990, how many Mormon returned missionaries are over-looked by high paying Federal Government jobs just because they served a mission in the Western United States? Of the 60,000 Mormon Missionaries serving throughout the world in 2004, how many are serving in non-western USA? How many missionaries who serve in Southern/Central/Northeast US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Caribbean Islands, Hong Kong, and other English speaking missions naturally return and live there because there is no harmony back home? How many Mormon attorneys are graduating each year? How many are specifically recruited by local, state, national and foreign governments? What was a key reason why the Soviet bloc allowed a Mormon Temple to be built in Eastern Germany back in the 1980s (12th Article of Faith: We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.”) The next Article is Faith is deliberately used on Mormon recruits to control them in blind obedience to their employer (government/Corporate America): “We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul—We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.” There are many layers of employees in this corrupt system. Only a few at the top know the complete structure of the money laundering operation to turn the world into an American Judicial/Economic Society. When this “secret society” has to confess of their deals, the world will be a better world for all the people to enjoy modernization and freedom of religion through separation of church and state.


It is time to wake the hell up.

Utah Republican Mormons go 84 % Romney.

Predictable.  94% of Nevada republicans went for Romney.  Imagine what that would mean… that translates if this man becomes President with that nearly unanimous support from his church? THINK. You may not know what this really means. That’s because you don’t know the church, and you aren’t paying attention to whose actually in top leadership positions through-out this country. Harry Reid is the Primary Gate Keeper for George Bush, and he’s no democrat. I can assure you. Just another giant Ruse.  Why do you think we are where we are. Nothing will touch Bush. Nothing. Not while Dirty Harry is in charge.


Deseret Morning News/KSL-TV

January 31 — February 1

Likely Republican primary voters’ choice for nominee

Romney 84%

McCain 4%

Unsure 12%

Sampling error: +/-6.5% pts


This is a very thoughtful pdf document from a LDS church member.