Mitt Romney- a blip on the screen in Tennessee. McCain surging.

A New Tennessee Republican Primary Poll: Undecided Wins

Another poll has been released for the February 5th Tennessee Primary:

The big story for the GOP in Tennessee is McCain’s gain from the last poll that was conducted. McCain received only 12 percent in last week’s poll, but that has increased to 23 percent — a statistical tie with Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee visited Nashville this week, while McCain comes to town on Saturday.

In last week’s poll, the leading Republican in Channel 4’s poll was “Undecided,” and that still is the case. Current poll numbers have “Undecided” at 26 percent in the Republican race. Mitt Romney and Ron Paul were far behind in the poll.

Hillary Clinton led Barack Obama on the Democratic side. See the full results. Two other polls has been released in this race each showing a different result on the Republican side.