Did McCain just mock the value of Independent voters?


What? Listening to MSNBC right now, he just giggled over the idea that he has to be cautious about moving backwards to the far right, in order to unite his party. THAT freaks me out. Uh, Mr. McCain. I am a democrat and I just spent days and weeks blowing your horn. I can’t imagine how Independents must feel.


You were left for dead by the far right.

Don’t EVEN piss me off.  You start courting the far right, and you will lose.  I promise you. Who lost Super Tuesday ?  THE FAR RIGHT WING OF THE PARTY. You know that right ? Watch yourself.

I sense that you could easily blow this.

The Wicked Old Witches of the far right are finally dead !

The right wing radio broadcasters have gone hog wild trying to bury McCain ! So angry was Bob Dole, that he wrote  rush a letter to knock it off. According to CNN, Dole straightened Rush out about McCain’s conservatism. The good news: the more these radio DJ’s prove what they are, the more they scare the independents. It’s backfiring. McCain keeps climbing. He is right now at 45 % and Romney is trailing badly at 29%.

The wicked old witches of the far right are dead.  (for now- this will be a fight to last at least 100 years.)

NeoCons frothing at mouth over McCain. I’m giddy about it.

There is an evil side to me. The side that is absolutely giddy over the rage of the far right. The more they freak, the giddier I get. I am almost high over it. I am tickled in 5 shades pink. Glowing from head to toe. How is it possible that so much anger in them can create so much joy in me? Kinda weird like that.

When I am feeling down, I only have to turn on Fox News and within 5 minutes of McCain Hating Diatribes, I am all new again. Like chocolate on sunday. To know that John McCain has essentially told them to go *F* themselves, is actually working to refresh my DNA.  I can feel my organs healing, and my hair becoming shinier.

John McCain – your candidacy, and the the extreme Satan’s who wanted to see you gasping for your last INDEPENDENT air on the shoulder of some sleazy South Carolina highway, have done more for my sex life than I ever imagined possible. I don’t even need a partner. All I need is Ann Coulter and Fox News. Throw in Bay Buchannan and RUSH, and it’s double orgasm.

Thank you God.