THE BELL RINGS: Boycott the MSNBC Democratic Debate Tonight

You might have 2 or 3 FINAL opportunities to save our democracy. This is one of them. Tonight. I fully support the BOYCOTT OF MSNBC, and particularly Brian Williams, and now – Conan O’Brien, for shamefully perpetuating our failing Liberties. I will n0t watch the debates on MSNBC tonight. I won’t read the transcript. What new thing will they say? That our Democratic candidates don’t stand up for Dennis and Mike, is OUTRAGEOUS. Have they totally forgotten what this election is about? They simply want more time for themselves, and they don’t want to talk about Iraq, New Hampshire, or anything else THE PEOPLE WANT TO TALK ABOUT. This is not acceptable. As of this second, I am now undecided. I was voting for Obama. But, this will not do. Not at all. The entire nation must rise up on Corporate censorship, or lose OUR power and voice as of tonight.  If you were voting for Obama or Edwards, go to their website and give em hell. Clinton- well, forget it, she is way far gone.  Please let others know.

AND STOP BUYING SHIT !!!  If you buy their stuff, it will not end. Believe it.

Boycott the MSNBC Democratic Debate On Tuesday + Protesting exclusion (videos) « Dandelion Salad

Associated Press says Blackwater destroyed evidence? Obama only one asking questions.

 Why is Obama the only candidate asking questions? Why hasn’t this been all over the news?

If you answer this correctly, you will vote for Obama and no one else.

Support The New York Times – NOW

Last thing for today.  People like me (and maybe you) have one last major newspaper that hasn’t been 100% bought and sold by the Evil Elite of this country, as far as I can tell. I STRONGLY advise you SUPPORT them. They are a loud voice and needed. If you don’t support FINANCIALLY, the ones doing the honest job, they will fade away. Believe it. No matter how hard it may be today to reach into your wallet, DO IT. There are young men and women paying with their lives and leaving their children to wonder what the.

I don’t mean for this to be a plug for the New York Times, but it is.

This is the link for HOME DELIVERY, It’s one of the ways they make money.

Or run an ad for gawds sake. But contribute in some way that is meaningful.

They don’t need any more applause.  They need your cash. They are not immune to what is going on the world. Wake up and financially support the few people left with a mega phone, or lose it.

click the link.