George Bush refers to Obama as THE POPE. Very telling.


But, does it mean what you think it means, or it’s opposite. 🙂


Wrote Lindsey: “The prophecy concerning the 111th pope says of him, ‘Gloria Olivae,’ which means ‘the Glory of the Olive.’ Could it be that he will be from the Order of Saint Benedict, also known as the Olivetans? Could he be an African, a continent symbolized by the olive tree?


“The olive tree is also frequently a symbol for the Israelites in the Bible. Could this mean that this pope will be an Israelite who will be seen as the glory of his people? It bears watching as to who will be this pope.”


Joseph Ratzinger, 78, who was elected pope today by the College of Cardinals, chose as his name Benedict XVI. The name Benedict comes from the Latin word for “blessing.”
“St. Malachy predicts, ‘In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign “Petrus Romanus” (Peter the Roman), who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people,'” wrote Lindsey.


“If any of this is true, then I suspect that the 111th pope will not live very long. We are just too close to the final events before Christ’s return for him to reign for a long period.”
Revelation chapter seventeen details the final judgment of the Mystical woman symbolically named Babylon the great. John the Apostle identifies the woman, “Here is the mind which has wisdom: The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits …” and “And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.” (Revelation 17:9, 18 NKJ) When John wrote this, there was only one city that reigned over the kings of the earth – ROME, which sits on seven hills.

The coming Popes will seize upon the popularity created by John Paul II with the secular world. With the help of the media, it is easy to foresee how “Peter the Roman” will be able to mesmerize the world to follow his counterfeit of Christ.

It is time to make sure where you stand with God.

I underlined, bolded and italicized what applies to Pope Benedict XVI. If this prophecy is true (and so far it has yet to be proven false), we now only have one more pope to go after this one before the 1000 Kingdom is set up.


Please remember that Barak backwards is K ARAB
The K = 11
As you were. Who do you think will win American Idol?
I forgot the link to this.

The Real Barak Obama ?

WHO IS BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA – 117 H  –  234 V  –  351 HV……….
This matches The Great Pyramid of Giza precisely.
BARA K    THIS IS ARAB 11  (look at it bkwrds)
K = 11
The bkwrds alphabet includes the C that is omitted in the fwa.
I have already posted some of those findings. Barak Obama aligns deeply with the Mormon church numerically, and the Illuminati, which includes The Scottish Rite. I am not seeing in the numbers someone who is truly aligned with light for the Jewish community. I am seeing Egypt and Arab. And Mormons. Which sheds some light on Mormons (again).  There is no other church Barak aligns with. The first Mormon church was called THE CHURCH OF CHRIST. Barak’s church is United Church of Christ and they recently honored Louis Farakan.
One of Barak’s biggest successes in the Senate he co-sponsored with Orin Hatch, of Utah,  for the protection of church tithings in the Banckruptcy bill. At the same time, he accidently voted against children’s health care in Illinois. He was called on it and asked that the record be corrected.  This happened on other occassions.  His zip code is 666 and is the same zip code for BOEING’S INTL HEADQRTS.  Think planes. It’s all about the planes my friend.  The new Boeing Dreamliner is called 777.  The PYRAMID # FOR LATTER DAY SAINTS IS 777. Think Vegas with it’s slot machines. Think Area 51 and money laundering.
You need to knowthat Barak Obama could be a TROJAN HORSE.
That is the last time I am saying it.
When you vote for someone you are actually making a covenant with them.
It matters.
B is for Blessing
This has been at the heart of every Jewish Sabbath meal since Abraham. It was a vital part of the early church composed of Jewish converts. The Hebrew for ‘blessing’ (barak) means to ‘empower to strength’. When we gather we should seek God’s blessing and then to pass that blessing on to members of our community.

Blog article by flazna


Date Thursday, February 7th 2008, 3:45 AM Icon 12 Date 0I would like to remind all who call themselves Christian that
it is your first and foremost responsibility to seek God as to
who He wants as President. He has to listen to the same crap
lies. He does however say to pray for those who are in
leadership, not against them, so here is what God told the
Prophet Joe.

He said since I have you writing things about the Hebrew
language and you know nothing about the Hebrew language, then
look up the names of the runners in Hebrew. The only one who
comes close to a Hebrew name I could trust is the one whose
name matches the one blessing.
Barak atai adonai elohenu or Blessed are you oh Lord.

Bamah means to be high or elevated.
Barak O Bamah means Blessed is the most high God.
~Prophet Joe Dooly, Miami, AZ~


I had to check this so I looked it up in my Hebrew dictionary.
Here are the full Hebrew dictionary meanings.

1288. barak, baw-rak’; a prim. root; to kneel; by impl. to
bless God (as an act of adoration), and (vice-versa) man (as a
benefit); also (by euphemism) to curse (God or the king, as
treason):– X abundantly, X altogether, X at all, blaspheme,
bless, congratulate, curse, X greatly, X indeed, kneel (down),
praise, salute, X still, thank.

1116. bamah, baw-maw’; from an unused root (mean. to be high);
an elevation:–height, high place, wave.

NOTE FROM SHEREE :  111 X 6 = 666
 BARAK O BAMAH  means Blessed is the most high God (hebrew)
BARAK O BAMAH =  37 H —-  73 V —-   110 HV
The word Barak means BLESSED
Backwards alphabet BLESSED =  556 hv
The difference is 110
110 = President  (using reg alphabet)
Backwards alphabet  GOD =  10 h    55 v   65 hv
They use the forward number added to the bakcward number:
10 + 01 = 11
55 + 55 + 110   (another 11)
11 + 11 = 22
65 + 56  = 121  = ANTICHRIST v  – THIS IS  6-556
You already know what 22 is.
bama   mabus
the ending us is  U.S.
M A  is  131 expression when assigning numbers under letters.
  ….which is 13 going backwards and forward.
It’s all about 13.

Why doesn’t Russert ask them about Blackwater, and Spying On Our Citzens, and Oil Profits, and Impeachment and ….

We have had a gazillion debates with the same old tired questions, but none relating to EXACTLY what will impact this country more than anything else. THE LOSS OF OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES. Oh, and our ignorance.

 We just keep going along like good little sheep. They don’t ask, because they are WARNED not to ask.

Wake the hell up. Is anyone begging to talk to the people about these things. Asking for some air time on these things. Hell no. We are idiots that’s why.

John McCain’s about face on torture.



McCain Torture Endorsement Lost Amid Media Sex Scandal Frenzy


By Liliana Segura, AlterNet
Posted on February 22, 2008, Printed on February 22, 2008

Upon being confronted with The New York Times’ “bombshell” report of his too-cozy relationship with a “lady lobbyist” during his last presidential campaign, GOP contender John McCain took a page from the Bush playbook and blamed the media.

His spokesperson, Jill Hazelbacker, called it “a hit-and-run smear campaign.” McCain invoked his service to his country and issued a blunt denial: “Obviously I am very disappointed in The New York Times article,” he said. “It’s not true.” And in what might be her second public utterance since she piped up to say that she is very proud of her country, would-be First Lady Cindy McCain — who bears an eerie resemblance to the lobbyist in question — joined her husband at a press conference to say that she, too, was “very disappointed in The New York Times.”

“Americans are sick and tired of this kind of gutter politics,” Hazelbacker declared in an official statement.

Maybe so — but you can’t say the same for the media. Just when it looked like McCain was comfortably, boringly, settling into his role as GOP nominee, a sexy front-pager broke that would not only spice things up, it would give the press a chance to drop everything and indulge in a little journalistic naval-gazing.

Hours after the Times posted its story Wednesday night, The Washington Post followed with its own version of a politician-meets-lobbyist tale told amid fundraising venues and inside private jets. AlterNet’s Joshua Holland provides the sordid summary:

“The heart of the Times (and Washington Post) story is that staffers became concerned that McCain, the Patron Saint of Straight-Shooterdom, was overly cozy with a lobbying hottie — a lobbyist whose clients had business before a committee McCain chaired — and warned her off of the Senator’s campaign. That comes from a named source, John Weaver, who says he was personally present at a meeting with (Vicki) Iseman, and personally warned her off.”

The blogosphere lit up overnight, and following McCain’s 9 a.m. press conference, every talking head on television was weighing in on the McCain “sex scandal” — a scandal that ultimately has precious little to do with sex, given that the Times fell short of proving anything actually happened between McCain and Iseman.

In some ways, McCain is right: The media should be blamed — but not just for shoddy reporting of a rather sexless scandal. They should be castigated for ignoring a much more important and damning story about the so-called principled maverick — one that has actual implications for American democracy.

Mere hours before The New York Times broke its story on Wednesday, McCain made a totally unrelated — and apparently un-newsworthy — statement to reporters, in which he called for President Bush to veto the Senate’s anti-torture bill. He talked in support of “additional techniques” for interrogation, sounding ever more in line with the White House’s official stance. McCain, the “war hero” who has been an outspoken opponent of torture, voted against the bill, which would restrict the CIA to some 19 interrogation techniques listed in the Army field manual.

Now, having passed the Senate, the bill is headed for a veto at the hands of President Bush. For a man who would be president — and who is practically giddy at the prospect of being Commander in Chief — McCain’s push for a veto is ominous.

His evolving position on torture should be deeply troubling — much moreso than the current scandal. Yet it has received a fraction of the media attention that has already been devoted to whatever he did or did not do with a blonde lobbyist eight years ago.

Meanwhile, right-wing McCain supporters and critics alike are making so much noise chattering about family values and attacking the Times, McCain’s about-face on torture is likely to stay buried.

In fact, “the Times story may have succeeded in accomplishing what politics itself could not,” observed The Atlantic‘s Marc Ambiner, “unifying the conservative base around McCain by way of their visceral disgust with The New York Times and its lib-ber-ral politics.”

So how did this mess get started?

According to an article published Thursday afternoon in The New Republic, word got out about the Times‘ months-long investigation of McCain, so the publishing giant may have rushed to press to keep from getting scooped by another publication.

But that theory — ripped from the mouths of none other than McCain’s own advisers — is about as flimsy as the sex scandal itself.

Between right-wing howling against the Times and nerdy journalism gossip, the McCain fracas has largely become a story about a story. “We’re going to war with The New York Times,” the McCain camp announced the night the article broke. Robert Bennet, McCain’s lawyer, complained to Wolf Blitzer that he had sat down with reporters and shown them “10 to 12 instances” where McCain had refused to do her bidding — but those examples had remained conspicuously absent from the piece.

At least some in the media have acknowledged that, distilled to its base, there’s very little that’s news in this story — unless you actually bought into the myth that McCain is the straight-shooting, ethical politician he claims to be.

Yet the coverage continues. “I think we’re going to have a feeding frenzy for a day, maybe a day and a half, then it will go away because it’s a nothing story,” one McCain adviser said.

In contrast, no media feeding frenzy followed McCain’s vote against the anti-torture bill last week. It was forgotten faster than you could say “waterboarding.”

Of course, this is a “sex scandal.” Torture, by comparison, is old news.

© 2008 Independent Media Institute. All rights reserved.
View this story online at: http://www.alternet.org/story/77505/

Obama could be a Trojan Horse

Just wanted to remind you to get your head out of the clouds. He is NOT THE ONE. Sorry. Neither is Clinton. Neither is McCain. Neither is Huck (though he cracks me up). I don’t believe it’s Ron Paul either. I believe he was a placement to keep a good measure of Independents from switching to Dems and sending them their cash.

So, what does it all mean.

You already know.

 Don’t get angry and don’t get sad. It’s time for it to end. And, it will.

In the meantime, hugs your kids and take that vacation you always wanted to take.

Don’t feed the beast with even an ounce of fear or remorse.

Be glad it is coming to a close.

But, here’s the news you need.

When you cross over …….that’s also a hologram. If you are invited to return here again-

don’t be a fool. Now would be a good time to open your mind. If you are actually asked to

return here, for any reason, you are in the hands of Satan- period.  Here is going to look

and feel a lot different by  the way.

Hopefully, you will have amped your vibe for love a little more before that day comes.

That means you would need to leave the evil behind. You know what is evil.

The Gods of this earth are Supernatural beings. They are crownwhores.

There is no wise man in a white robe in heaven watching over you.

YOU are watching over you.

heaven is a state of mind. Not a place. heaven is zero point.

THAT WOULD BE CENTER.  That’s why you have free will.

Nothing north or south, east or west of it. Just the center.

From there, you get to define your God.

God is a wave function.


….Fred Alan Wolfe.

You can thank me later. Unless you go to *heaven*, then I will send condolences.

CIA is wrong too often. Time for a CLEAN SWEEP change.

 CIA Director Michael Hayden acknowledged Thursday that two rendition flights carrying terror suspects refueled on British territory, despite repeated U.S. assurances that none of the secret flights since the Sept. 11 attacks had used British airspace or soil. Hayden told agency employees that information previously provided to the British “turned out to be wrong.”see the story  www.yahoo.news.com

Will the Clinton’s lie and cheat to win?

How Far Are the Clintons Willing to Go?

By Robert Parry, Consortium News
Posted on February 18, 2008, Printed on February 18, 2008

Hillary Clinton, who has built her case for the presidency on her superior “ready on Day One” management skills, burned through almost $130 million of campaign money, had to kick in $5 million from her own murky family funds, and is now pressing her chief financial backers to find creative ways to raise more money.

Some of those financial schemes appear to skirt the law — as some backers consider putting money into “independent” entities that can spend unlimited sums but aren’t supposed to coordinate with the campaign — while other ideas are more traditional, like appealing to wealthy donors involved with the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby.

Sen. Clinton’s new scramble for money — as well as her campaign’s declaration that it is prepared to override the will of the elected Democratic delegates if necessary to secure the nomination — raise the question of just how far Bill and Hillary Clinton are willing to go to achieve their presidential restoration.