FBI wants eye and palm scans to identify people. Awarding $1 billion, 10 yr contact to create database for biometric info.

(CNN) — The FBI is gearing up to create a massive computer database of people’s physical characteristics, all part of an effort the bureau says to better identify criminals and terrorists. The FBI wants to use eye scans, combined with other data, to help identify suspects. But it’s an issue that raises major privacy concerns — what one civil liberties expert says should concern all Americans. The bureau is expected to announce in coming days the awarding of a $1 billion, 10-year contract to help create the database that will compile an array of biometric information — from palm prints to eye scans.

FBI takes page from Mormons’ data book

By Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — The FBI is consulting Mormon Church computer experts who oversee the institution’s vast genealogy data bank to help rebuild the bureau’s outdated information system. Officials say repeated failures by the FBI system have hindered some of the bureau’s most important investigations in recent years, including the probe into the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.



“The FBI, in the midst of a massive reorganization in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks, yesterday (10 Jul 2002) hired the top information and communications official of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as its new chief information officer.  FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III said Darwin A. John, managing director of information and communications systems worldwide for the Mormons in Salt Lake City, will replace Bob E. Dies, a former IBM official who served two years as the FBI’s chief information officer.”


and then this: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/america_subversion13.htm

FBI & CIA Masonic-Mormon Spiritualism Expose, Mormonism ExposedAMERICA’S SUBVERSIONThe Enemy Within author: Sonny René StermoleChapter 13Secret ServicesThe depth of subversion of the U.S. Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights by Mazzini’s Masonic Machine, the “outer machine” and the “inner machinery,” has been the subject of much of this book. Why have not the FBI and the CIA investigated and exposed the national and international Masonic/Bilderberger plot, encompassing America’s Media Machine, for a one-world government in which the sovereignty of the United States and it’s Constitution are slotted for dismantling ? Brace yourself. The intrigue deepens.

Mormon writer John J. Stewart has said:

The Prophet {Joseph Smith} established a confidential Council of Fifty, or “Ytfif,” (Fifty spelled backwards), comprised of both Mormons and non-Mormons, to help attend to temporal matters, including the eventual development of a one-world government, in harmony with preparatory plans for the second advent of the Saviour.” {footnote}

The close relationship between Masonry, the Mormon Priesthood, and Joseph Smith’s growing ambition to rule the world … has been pointed out by a number of Mormon writers.

p. 235 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really Believes,

Ed Decker, 1984

The development of a plan for a one-world government attended to by a “confidential Council” became embodied in the Mormon organization. Mormonism’s Founding Father, Joseph Smith, originally contemplated establishing a religious control over the U.S. government, a theocracy, which means a ruler-ship by God. Although Jesus Christ will establish his kingdom ruler-ship over the earth from heaven (Rev 21), it is known that Lucifer is also intent on establishing an overt theocracy over the entire world. The close relationship between Masonry and the Mormon Priesthood will be briefly considered in essential and revealing aspects. A preponderant issue for Americans is whether Constitutional protections of the Bill of Rights will be guaranteed until Jesus Christ returns to restore mankind to the paradise garden conditions which existed before the Luciferian rebellion which included the first human couple, or whether an overt occult oligarchy will proceed to entrench itself in America and elsewhere, extensively assaulting human rights physically and psychically. What is the original “secular” goal of Mormonism’s Founding Father and “Prophet” ? Former Mormon elder Ed Decker testifies.

The original aim of founding Prophet Joseph Smith and other early Mormon leaders was to establish a theocracy that would eventually control the entire United States. …

… Mormon leaders were then, and still are, biding their time until that prophesied day when their original goal will at last be accomplished.

That goal of establishing a theocratic rule over the United States and planet Earth is still an integral part of the Mormon faith and the underlying motivating factor in their desire to convert the world.

p. 10 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really Believes,

Ed Decker, 1984

The Masonic agenda “to remain in readiness until “the day be with us” has involved an “inner machinery” of a diabolical spiritualistic/psychic program operating behind the scenes with the objective of establishing an overt occult ruler-ship in America and throughout the world.

and this:   http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0410/S00296.htm


Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney’s Connections to Utah and World Control

StopZion Bridsingtruth Citiesofpeace

Dear Republicans, Independents and Regan Democrats who believe in God: Why is President George W. Bush Jr so anxious to connect all of the US Christian/Judeo Churches through his campaign for re-election with a marriage amendment campaign? He found out how corrupt and blindly obedient former employees of his father are to Salt Lake City during the 1980s for taking over the world economies. Bush Sr lost his re-election campaign because of his exclusive secret deals with the Mormon Church Gordon Hinckley. Bush Sr was caught several times through CIA communications being examined and exposed by the US Military and other federal whistle-blowers. The Christian Coalition still calls the LDS Church a cult because of their belief in many Gods and not Jesus being God.

How it happened: In 1990 President George Bush Sr cut a deal with the Mormon Church leaders to centralize their weekly revenue into globalizing the world economies into the US System. This had never been done before in the history of the Mormon Church (since 1830). From this date forward, all defaulted World Bank & IMF notes were purchased by Mormon Member tithes and corporate revenues. These foreign notes (mostly of Catholic/Moslem dominated countries) would then be presented to the foreign nation which owed the debt, and through a “Corporate America business plan”, be required to print some new Money to pay back one hundred percent of the debt owed and work with the American companies who would be fronting CIA business ventures through commercial operations. It was so successful, that for the past several years, the investments have been in the black for the first time in the history of 3rd world investments. Double books are kept because of the minimal costs these defaulted notes cost the Mormon Church investments. Most of the other American church organizations are now participating in this program.