Romney would surround himself with HIS OWN – regardless of experience.

Mitt Romney appoints a new Mass Pike Authority board member due to a mistake in his prior appointment (political balance of the board). This new member is a friend of Romney’s rather than someone with road/highway experience. How? The person chosen is Judy Pagliuca, her husband is the managing director of Bain Capital, the company Romney founded.

Objectively, though, she does have a mechanical engineering degree. [ that’s better ]

Is the Zogby poll questions slanted to help Romney? McCain still ahead.

California Republican Primary

Tuesday, February 5

Polling Data
Poll Date Sample McCain Romney Huckabee Paul Spread
RCP Average 01/30 – 02/03 37.6 35.4 10.4 5.0 McCain +2.2
SurveyUSA 02/02 – 02/03 517 LV 39 36 9 7 McCain +3.0
Reuters/CSpan/Zogby 02/01 – 02/03 915 LV 32 40 12 5 Romney +8.0
Rasmussen 02/02 – 02/02 693 LV 38 38 10 6 Tie
Suffolk 01/31 – 02/01 500 LV 39 32 8 4 McCain +7.0
Mason-Dixon 01/30 – 02/01 400 LV 40 31 13 3 McCain +9.0
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CNN POLL: Just now – McCain ahead of Romney 44% to 29%

The two polls also both show a widening of Sen. John McCain’s lead nationally in the Republican field. CNN’s fresh results: McCain 44%; Mitt Romney, 29%; Mike Huckabee, 18%; and Rep. Ron Paul, 6%. Margin of error: +/- 5 percentage points.

Many other polls show the spread even wider.

POLL PICKING: Only two polls out of 35 don’t show McCain way ahead. That would be Zogby and Rasmussen.

So, pay attention- because you will see these two polls quoted over and over. A few days ago,  the LA Times had John McCain way ahead of Romney. All other 35 polls show McCain ahead of Romney. Some by 9 and 10 point margins.   Check the national newspapers too. You will see that the Zogby and Rasmussen polls are bogus. But, Romney needs them to make the case for why he won more delgates in Calif. Don’t be at all surprised if he steals it.