I’m certain the tanking of the economy wasn’t intentional. Why would someone manipulate financial markets?

Hmmm, Foreclosures soared 75% in 2007 – the year the elections begin. 75%. Would that create a economic downturn just in time for – hmmm, lets see…..who is the Economic Guy ??? McCain? Huck? Fred? Obama? Clintoness? What if it gets really really worse? Then, we stop talking about EVERYTHING else. And look how very fast we are bailing people out. Wow, Country Wide lucked out with that buyout by Bank of A. I doubt that was planned in advance. They aren’t that evil. Why do I smell sulfer?  Maybe someone is cooking something.
Posted: 02:52 PM ET
LONDON (CNN) — European leaders have agreed that there is a pressing need for more transparency and a better early warning system for the global economy, Prime Minister Gordon Brown told reporters Tuesday after meeting with the leaders of France, Italy and the European Community.


January 29th, 2008
Posted: 05:03 AM ET
(CNN) — The number of foreclosures soared in 2007, with 405,000
households losing their home, according to a report released Tuesday.