Earth Gods and the 2008 election

You may still be in the Religion Box. Which is really nothing more than the Political Box with a robe thrown over.  This post is not for everyone. It’s for those who are climbing out and onto some new info. It’s mostly Reiki based, but there is enough here to inform you of your True Creator, thatI wanted to post it. Perhaps, for others, a seed will be planted. Let’s hope you throw some water on it, cuz it’s getting late pal.  
There is no one running who is not blessed.  If you vote for any of them, you are voting
for…..well, I won’t say it. I don’t want to hurt their feelings.
There’s that.  Open your mind. Read this all please. You may not understand right now – but give it time.

Knowledge In Writing

This document may be shared freely, unedited.

This document is an addition to the REIKI SYMBOLS document I wrote in late 2007. In time, I will work to combine them.

The Usui Reiki symbols did not originate with Usui or Reiki. They did not truly originate with Tibetan Buddhism. The Source of these four symbols is far more ancient. The electric – geometric ID of the Usui Reiki symbols is a *response* ID. They are a living numeric answer to the origin of the Universe. That is a very big idea and an old one at that. For every action there is a reaction. This is a good thing. If there were only action, and no reaction, you could not have free will and balance would be impossible. Creation itself would be impossible. As it is, you get to respond. Everything gets to respond. Why? Because of what you are. You are Truth and Truth IS.
I will call the four Reiki symbols, *Usui Symbols* because it was Dr. Mikao Usui who brought their meaning into mass awareness for these modern times, with regard to Reiki.
What matters in this push and pull of the physical U is reaction. Reaction is what keeps everything alive. Reaction is any thought above or below zero point. The Reiki symbols are reaction manifestations that are meant to bring you to zero point, which is the awareness of your perfection, which is the Truth of your being. The Reiki symbols, as we know them today, address the current signatures of our modern times. Like everything else, they have evolved. What the humans who scripted these specific Reiki symbols opened to was the response needed for the next phase of our evolution. This next phase is THE GREAT AWAKENING.
The Source of true Knowledge (Love) is non-physical and non local. Love is an unidentifiable wave function. The pure boundary-less center signature that weaves through Creation and cannot be severed or destroyed. The *idea* of Love, and all other ideas, pops into existence when something gains perception; when we exert the force of consciousness upon it. Love is irrelevant without the means with which to perceive it. From that single point of consciousness, everything that has ever existed defines love for itself, thereby becoming an integral and living part of the Multi-U Dictionary.

It is wise to keep in mind that perception is often held within the framework of those in power to control perception. There is a ceiling on all levels. Anything in physical form (and some aspects of the non-physical) is not truly free. The Astral plane may also be a false construct designed to keep every living thing imprisoned. Anyone can make angel wings if they have the instructions. More on that some other time.
You and I belong to an Intentional Order. We chose to sign up because we allowed our perceptions to be falsely shaped. We are not bad because of it. We are, while out on this branch, innately loving, trusting and hopeful beings. We do not assume people are trying to hurt us or control us. But, fact is, for ions we have been told what is true and what is false. We have been given scripts that have falsely taught us what we are, how we got here, who is in charge, and what will happen if we don’t tow a line. We believed it. A belief is a covenant. A covenant with anything is binding enough to restrict your access to more information, and thus, wiser choices. We, as humans, in some cases, have been no less abusive to lower entities on the food chain, and even to our children and our planet.
With the inception of Order, or governments, wars, television media, and especially the intentional creation and influence of enormous electro-magnetic fields, our once virgin perceptions became manipulated by a brand of consciousness that seeks to create outside zero point. How or why that happened is unanswerable at this stage.
As human consciousness is slowly brought into balance, again and again, through experience, then awareness and knowledge, the sound and light signatures of true Love, built from a kind of intelligence far beyond this dimension of time and space, will transcend all creation, of any kind, and bring the awareness of Love’s presence. It does require enough collective Soul to build the bridge. It takes no more than a small percentage of dedicated minds to help awaken the whole. Once there is critical mass, that civilization, which holds a collective ID, is no longer of use. It will either ascend on its own, or it is destroyed. Both situations have occurred. We are at this stage presently.


The purpose of the creation of Love inspired symbols was to bring balance, truth and knowledge to civilizations that are not yet free. There was no so called God who gave Usui the symbols, though the evolved essence we are helped by will answer us in our own language. These beings did not create alphabets. There isn’t a single word that was created by true Love. The word God was created by the Makers of the Scripts. Language was created to be a controlling mechanism. Fortunately, Love is present and Love is kind.
Source Love does not create to tip the balance. Love creates to bring things to zero point (equal balance). From there, it is up to you to define truth for yourself. This is what Free Will is: Zero Point.
These symbols were first intuited in the form of spiritual insights. Then, once the insights were processed in a way that the limited human mind could put into some kind of meaningful mental order, these signatures became simple geometric lines, representing ideas, later evolving into recognizable forms. First, as a creative and soulful urge to create and understand themselves and their world. As I said up top, this began long ago with civilizations that were destroyed or collectively ascended with their awakened Mind. When enough people (or any living species) become awakened to Truth, critical mass may be such that the reincarnation of that species or civilizations ceases. They are no longer available to the program. Having said that, keep in mind that these evolved beings are with us now, on all levels of our mind, helping us. They are the ones who inspire us to create symbols. They do not need to dumb down, or reduce their frequency current in order to be here with us. They have transcended all law. They are likely of the belief that all parts of the Mind must come home to center, before all can fade peacefully back to true Origin.
There were variations of these symbols used in Atlantis and Lemuria and more. They may have evolved accordingly. It is my deep feeling that these four Usui symbols are the most important part of Usui’s Natural System for Healing. After all of the research I have done on these matters, and especially with the symbols, it is clear to me that the symbols are KNOWLEDGE in writing.
When enough beings awaken to the truth, it endangers an Agenda put in place at the very beginning of time and space. The source of the human body is not what you have been taught. The Source of the human body is the Earth Gods. They are not human. They are Supernatural and older than our own Galaxy (at least). These are the same Gods who were worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, and way further back than that. The people of the lost continents awakened to the truth of this realm.
Once you awaken to the truth, you are free. Until you are free, you stand a very good chance of reincarnating here over and over again. This doesn’t mean your soul is owned by the Earth Gods. It means you have not laid claim to it. When you do not lay claim to your own soul, it is up for grabs by those with more magic than you. Magic runs planet earth. But, miracles are available and they are far more powerful.
The Veil is not what you think. As I said, the Bible is a script delivered by the Earth Gods to the people of earth as a control mechanism. Religion and the media are the primary tools used by the Earth Gods to keep the mind of love away from itself, distracted, lost and anxious. But, the wonderful news is this: you will never be off radar. Your spark can never be extinguished. You are being helped with every breath you take. You might not know that.
I blog a lot. On day, I searching for a blog post I had written a year earlier. I googled the name of the piece – as far as I could recall it. That blog was locked down, and I could no longer get those posts. Once all the results pulled up, I noticed a site called Technorati. It was an interesting word, especially given the research I have done. So, I went to Technorati and looked at my post that was listed there. I pulled up the first page and under my post were the words: Claim this blog. I was a more than curious that my posts were all over Technorati without my permission or knowledge. I even sent them a note to remove all of my writings. I received NO response. I didn’t claim *my* blog. I moved on. At least I found my post. Then, later, it dawned on me. As I began to blog more and more, I realized that I could make Technorati work for me, instead of just surrending me to them. So now, instead of Technorati deciding which of my postings to host, I decide. I ping everything myself. I write it, then I ping it right then and there.
Yes, they are still posting my stuff all over the internet, but at least now, I have better control over what they are posting. I claimed my blog. I am working within a construct, but I am aware of that now. I am doing the best I can, within this construct to live a life I want to live.
Claim your blog. Claim your Soul.

Now, about the Reiki symbols:

The four Reiki symbols used by Sensei Usui are the most important aspect of Reiki. Use them please. They are gifts of the heart. They will help you. Usui knew this.

After Usui’s death, interesting things took place. I call them into question based on what I have seen in JCN and some of the teachings that clearly came from Hayashi and Takata. I could be wrong, and I would like to make that well understood before you attach to this. I have run many ID strings for Hayashi using JCN. There is not grey area. These are numbers that line straight up with dark vibes. But, my own numbers also line up this way. So, as I have said many times, it is going to be very difficult to know who is wearing a mask and who isn’t. The reason that is important, relating to Reiki, is obvious.
The symbols are built on the concept of the number 7. Please read my first doc on the Reiki symbols as I don’t want to rehash it here. But, I am more and more sure of these things.
I am going to make a few suggestions here based on my work, and my intuition.
When using the Reiki symbols, order is important, for some people; though not all. It will depend on your own signature and residence. The order of the symbols is suppose to be the following:


If you are using the HSZSN symbol third, before the DKM, you are not effectively sending/receiving the energy intention of that fourth and Master symbol. Much of this will depend on your own intention as well. We don’t always need words to define our intent, but they can help some people. So, this is a general statement, but it is not for everyone, obviously. It is taught that the HSZSN symbol is the third symbol. I believe this is incorrect, and is so intentionally. The final Reiki symbol, DKM, is the one needed most.
Please consider the order of your attunement process as well. The DKM should come third, not fourth, after the HSZSN. What you want is to send all three energy icons, not just two. Not everyone does attunements the same way, so this is applicable to those of you who know what I mean.
Now, does this mean that you have been doing it wrong and lots of people do not truly have the DKM gift? No. Again, it will depend on the process as a whole, to include your own intention and vibration. We all have help. But, you only hear and access what you have opened to.
The first initials of anything are the most important in any name. I have done performed lots of research on this idea. You can access it in my group files online.
CSDH are the initials of the four symbols.
Those initials = 34 v ( + 43 reverse = 77)
Earth = 52 v and 25 h = 77 hv (primary sig)
There are many more than this of course.
GOD = 43 hv (+ 34 reverse = 77 )
It’s all about the 7’s. If you read my first doc, you know why I say this. If you know JCN you also know why.
The Reiki symbols are an answer to 77. And 17-17

The numbers 17 17 came into serious physical manifestation with the Knights Templar of the same year, AD. I have written about this before. Read the book THE SECOND MESSIAH. Or google 1717.
I am advocating new Reiki students consider using Usui’s Reiki system as a foundational healing system. I am suggesting you use the four symbols in the correct order. That doesn’t mean that other systems are not useful. It’s just that they are extensions – some helpful, some not so much. I love Dolphin Reiki and resonate with it. I also love Karuna Ki, and sometimes use it. I have also enjoyed Violet Flame Reiki and have had some good success with certain kinds of things. I am speaking about an overall foundation for a healing system you can always rely on, that was intuited for a very specific reason. It’s not just about self healing. It’s about the answer to the illusion. That is a picture of a size and scope unimaginable.
I am suggesting that you keep the symbols, drawn on paper, in your home. I am suggesting you draw them in your palm daily, or dowse them in, or pray them in with intention. I am suggesting that you pay attention to process and procedure with attunements, and if you feel led, make adjustments. I am suggesting you take them seriously.
That’s all for now.

Patient Creation: Guide for Joy


Patient Creation

Sheree Rainbolt-Kren
© 2006

Warning: As third dimensional consciousness, expressing temporarily through human form, your creations may take longer than 7 days to manifest.

Impatience is the greatest obstacle to self realization. Impatience equals lack of faith in yourself. Without faith in yourself, there can be no true unfolding. Old thought patterns often come to interrupt our potential and reel us back in. Fear, worry and doubt create blockages in the creative consciousness that cannot be manipulated with any human tool, or overcome by Divine Intervention. There is nothing you can offer hopelessness, but faith. In yourself. Your faith in yourself is paramount to the next thing that will occur. If you have no faith in yourself, you have no love for yourself. You cannot have one without the other. Faith in oneself, IS faith in Love. Without faith in Love, Love is hidden from you.

Faith, expressed, equals the absolute recognition of Love‘s Existence. Faith that all the North Stars, planets, moons, oceans and galaxies are waiting for you to gracefully align with your Grandest Vision.  Misplaced hope that wishes dreams to materialize instantly, or the sooner the better, holds within them the ancient recipe for diversion and dissappointment. Our wishes are like needy children, always demanding our milk, and soon to thirst again, move from one bottle to the next, wondering which one will offer the most lasting fulfillment. Define fulfillment. Look deeply to see if your assessment is truly based on inner peace and joy.

We insist on proof that our well planned Vision is unfolding quite nicely. If we don’t see and feel the proof of our Creative Power, we lose energy, and we lose faith. At the very first thought of doubt and worry, our Vision fades. It is always unintentional, we think. Or, do we, on some level, purposely sabotage our Creative Vision, knowing we couldn’t possibly be as Love created us to be? All thoughts become record. Unchallenged records are funny things. The breathe for us anyway.

You are a Co-Creator, yes, but, what you wish to create at noon, is often the opposite of what you create a day, a week, a month, or a year later, until your original creation is muddied and dissolves into the black void of self-defeat and self-hatred. True vision, based on true thought begs your consistent attention. It is always up to you; these thoughts.

The only meaningful thought/creation that can be extended and made manifest are thoughts of Love. All other creations are false images with no foundation in truth, thus are doomed to ruin. You will not find refuge in illusion. Nor, is it in your best interest to attach to that which slips through fingers. Your belongings are of the Mind. The only thing you really own is your creativity and imaginination. It is Co- Cause. What comes from that is material form, but material form is tricky. It is multi faceted. We often look past and around the miracles of our lives. We have the idea that this idea will manifest that, and that focus, will create this….and it is not so. Remember there is no Co- Creation with Love’s input. We need to walk to the edge of our grandest visions, open our third eye, and invite a bigger horizon to envelope us. As we do this, things you would never have expected, begin to appear. If you are awake, and interested, you will remember the horizon. If you are stuck in a box of expectation, the horizon will be out of reach.

Faith comes naturally from certainty in your Vision of Love. How do we know our Grandest Vision will materialize if we put all this *work* into it?

There are no promises in this world, except that you are never alone. You are loved. You are the light of the world. If that is not what you had in mind, then you will need far wiser eyes than mine.

You are welcome to all the gifts of the Universe, but your intentions will determine what is available. If you have set limitations of any kind on your Vision, you will be limited, and the Universe finds that constricting. How would you know if your current Vision, challenging as it is, is simply a necessary precursor to a magnificent relationship, that will activate a brand new Vision beyond anything you can imagine right now, based on your level of consciousness? And then, from there, a new level of profound Vision you couldn’t possibly understand in this one human lifetime.

Before you employ all the manifesting tools at your disposal, get clear on where you are right now, where you are going, and why. If Love and joy is not the answer, then you will likely grow impatient and lose faith. Love has no conditions. Love has no timeline, or demands. Love has only certainty that Love prevails. Unless and until you believe this, you will be working very hard to materialize nothing that could please you.

When you choose to create something, ask yourself this one question: Does my craving for this creation come from Love, or fear? If the answer is Love, then your pathway will be clear of impatience, for only Love can create more Love, therefore, you must be Love, and Love knows not time, or space. If the answer is fear, you can change your mind to create from Love, therefore, you must be Love, for fear cannot decide for Love, for fear is an illusion. Which are you? If your thoughts/creations are illusions, you will be impatient, for nothing comes from nothing, and you will find this unsatisfactory.

If your creation is rooted in fear of something, you will likely lose faith when that SOMETHING calls on you, in your dreams, and in your doubtful perceptions of the world, waking to you each morning.

Are you creating from:

Will this make money?Will this be recognized?Will this make me happy?Will this prove my worth?Will this fix the problems I perceive?Will this expose evil?Will this keep me sane?Is this be the answer to my loneliness?

If you create from loving thought, without allowing fear, doubt and worry to parade through your Vision on a daily basis, you will have patience to burn. Each day you will awake, knowing what the next step is, without care for time and space. Love transcends both. You will know in your heart that everything you are thinking is creating, and your creation is tended by Divine Beings.

You will never fail to create more and more of what you are in truth. Love naturally bursts forth. Love naturally extends. You won’t have to sacrifice yourself, your money, your energy, your time, for Love. All you need do is get clear on who you are. Know that your willingness to be Love IS shaping the Universe for your Divine Potential, the likes of which could blow your mind if you are patient. Have faith in this.

Sheree Rainbolt-Kren


 Based on THE MATRIX

 A great video series for kids to learn about how important it is to protect animals from farming abuses.

hope for two minutes

For every parent and pet owner. A must see. Please pass along. This movie is far more gentle than most I have seen on these topics. It may even be suitable for someone over 14 or 15. You decide. But, please take a moment to view it. You will want to pass it on.

This moving presentation is about 2 minutes. It is also available to view in other languages. See the site menu once you get there please.





See the link below. Go to it 🙂

Print out the sample letter for your Grocer and favorite restaurants. Sign your name. Deliver it. 🙂

Simple Simon and sooooo important. Ya know, so many of us let other people do the stinky work, because we are too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed with our own *stuff*. But, if we don’t all get together in our local communities to chip in, then that’s way sucky. Cut and paste this link now please.

 This link will take you to some sample letters you can give to your local GROCERY STORES. You can also mail it if you like, but hand delivery would be better. I plan to print out a few and take them around town. Keep them in your glove compartment so that when you drive by a store you can quickly run in with a letter for the Manager. 🙂 Isn’t this a great idea?

 Here’s a video to help you along:

 Bring a bucket with you. Sheree



Market For Downer Cow Beef Is Dying

People STILL sell this meat.
For Human Consumption.
You just don’t know about it.

More and More supermarkets are refusing to purchase any meat made from what’s commonly called a “downer cow”.

Our KIRO team 7 investigation uncovers that customers are starting to ask tough questions about where their beef comes from.

Downers are cattle that can’t walk on their own into a slaughterhouse, and are banned for sale in many Washington sale barns.

However, with proper inspection, it is legal to slaughter them for food.
When Federal meat inspectors do their jobs, they’re suppose to ask themselves this question.

“Does it meet the consumers expectations?”

In the case of most downer dairy cows, USDA inspectors have been saying yes.

Consumers however don’t usually agree.

Some of the biggest beef buyers in the country, such as Safeway, Albertsons, and the federal school lunch program, all refuse to buy any beef derived from dairy cows that arrive at slaughterhouses in “downer” condition.

For example, Safeway tells KIRO Team 7 Investigators:

“We have very high quality specifications for our ground beef. Our Suppliers sign agreements so they do not sell products to us from downer cattle.”

Safeway’s response comes after KIRO Team 7 Investigators videotaped downer transactions at Midway Meats in Chehalis.

Last fall, we aired a series of reports raising questions about inspection and humane treatment of dying, sick or crippled dairy cattle.

University of Washington marketing guru Richard Yalch says big meat buyers have started taking a tough-and-very-public stand against downer meat, or risk alienating customers.

“Most supermarkets want to talk about ‘We have the best meat’, best this, best that. Taking meat from a sick or hurt animal would certainly counter that kind of claim.”

The majority of consumers we talked with say even if these crippled or sick cows were properly inspected, they’d prefer to eat beef from a healthier source.

“It shouldn’t go in at all, it should be destroyed.”

“I think it’s pretty sad. There need to be more investigation into this kind of thing if the product is eventually coming to consumers.”

And if downer meat continues to be mixed into our food, many beef eaters who watched our investigation support “labeling”.

“I think all of our food should be labeled. Whether it be genetically engineered or of substandard quality, or something different that what we expect as average consumers. We deserve to be protected with that kind of disclosure.

Adam Karp agrees. He’s an attorney for Pasado’s Safe Haven, the animal rights organization credited with helping pass Washington’s Cruelty to Animals law. They should know that downer cows are being included in the product. They should also be aware that the animal in the product may not be humanely slaughtered.

He says there is a national movement to outlaw the use of downers for human consumption. However, a dwindling marketplace for the product might end the sale of the meat long before we see any new regulation.
We asked Midway Meats, the Washington State Beef Commission and the Dairy Products Commission to talk to us regarding this story and they refused. That entire group has been complaining to KIRO-TV about unfair coverage of this topic.


Failed Prosecutions

Please donate so they can continue to push.

Indiana: A downed cow was left for hours in distress in a stockyard parking lot. When the stockyard owner failed to take responsibility for the animal, law enforcement called a veterinarian who examined and then euthanized the cow. State’s action: Charges were filed, but the matter was not prosecuted. Although the humane society continues to receive complaints, the stockyard continues to operate with impunity.

New York: Two downed cows were left for hours in a stockyard parking lot. One died from her ailments, while the second was dragged onto a truck at the end of the day. State’s action: Charges were filed and the District Attorney’s office prosecuted the case. Approximately two and a half years after the incident, after numerous discussions with the defendants and their attorneys, the District Attorney’s office concluded that “the current situation as it relates to the subject problem is filled with competing interest [and] uncertainty as to rights and responsibility… At present, many of the people involved are uncertain as to what they can or should do as to animals in this situation”. The matter was referred to mediation, and no penalties were assessed.

Texas: One end of a chain was attached to a stationary post, while the other was fastened around the neck of a disabled cow in a transportation trailer. As the truck drove out from under the animal, the cow was dragged across the floor of the trailer, up a cleated ramp, and dropped approximately four feet to the ground. The cow remained alive and conscious for approximately 2 days before being destroyed. State’s action: None.
Downed Animal . . .

Just the words produce an image of a suffering, sick animal. Sadly, this nightmarish vision is all too real every year for untold numbers of animals at stockyards, slaughterhouses, and production farms. The meat and dairy industries call them “downers”- animals so diseased or badly injured that they cannot even walk.

Many segments of the meat industry deal in “downers” because they can still sell them for human consumption. Profit, not humane considerations, guides industry practice and downed animals suffer gross negligence and abuse at livestock facilities across the country.

Fortunately, reforms stipulated by the USDA have, for now, stopped the worst abuses of downed cattle at stockyards and farms, following the discovery of a BSE-infected dairy cow in Washington state in December 2003.
The resultant, USDA-mandated ban on the slaughter of downed cattle for human consumption has prevented countless thousands of downed cattle from being dragged, bulldozed or otherwise abused to move them alive to the slaughterhouse.

However, the current USDA ban does nothing for animals other than cattle, and for countless sheep, pigs, and other farm animals who become downed every year, the misery continues. These downed animals may lie in alleyways, without food, water or veterinary care, until it’s convenient to take them to slaughter.

In some cases, downed animals die of neglect. If they are still alive to meet the slaughterhouse truck, they are typically moved by the easiest, but least humane ways, which can include being dragged with chains and being pushed with tractors or forklifts. These practices cause injuries ranging from bruises and abrasions to torn ligaments, broken bones, and dislocated joints.

Fortunately, the incidence of downed cattle abuse appears to be declining since the USDA ban on their slaughter for human consumption.
For those cattle who do become downed on the farm or at the stockyard, on-site euthanasia no longer presents an economic loss.

However, as fears over “mad cow” disease begin to fade in the public’s mind, cattle industry lobbyists are continually maneuvering to weaken the USDA’s ban. In recent legislative sessions, they have managed to introduce legislation that will allow downed cattle to be slaughtered for human consumption. Although the bill died in the last session of Congress, we must continually guard against industry efforts to undermine downed animal protection.

In the meantime, the meat industry will continue to use and abuse livestock who are “downers” until we pass laws to ban downed animal cruelties for all farm animals. The Downed Animal Protection Act, a federal bill which applies to all farm animals, has been introduced repeatedly (and defeated) in past legislative sessions, and we expect it to be reintroduced during the 109th Congress as well.

organic farmers by state LINKS

Directory of Pasture-Based Farmers


United States, Canada and Republic of Panama

The Directory of Pasture-Based Farmers lists more than 800 farms, making it the most comprehensive source for grass-fed meat and dairy products in the United States and Canada.

To be listed on Eatwild, producers must certify that they meet our exacting criteria. These standards insure that the animals and the land are well-treated and that the products are exceptionally high in nutrition and are free of antibiotics and added hormones. Many of the farms are organically certified; others lack certification, but follow many of the organic standards. We recommend that you visit your supplier and make sure that the farm satisfies your own criteria.

Farm products include pastured beef, lamb, bison (buffalo), rabbits, chevon (goat meat), deer, chicken and turkey. You will also find eggs from pastured hens and milk, butter and cheese from grass-fed cows or goats.

State-by-State Farm List: To find a grass-based farm close to you, click on your state in the map below or use the alphabetical list at the bottom of this page.

Direct Shipping: If you can’t find what you want locally, or want products shipped directly to you, go to our Multi-State Listing.

Beyond the Farm: Looking for grass-fed products in smaller quantities, or at a restaurant? Eatwild is adding a Beyond the Farm page to each state that lists farmers markets, stores, restaurants or buying clubs that feature grass-fed meat and dairy products. To find these listings, first click on your state in the map below, then look for Beyond the Farm in the upper right corner of the state page.

Click on a state, country, or region below to find suppliers…


Click here to read “How to make sure you’re getting healthy, tender meat.” 
For advice on purchasing meat in bulk, read Buying Meat for Your Freezer.


Or choose by name…

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