Huckabee will be the republican nominee

Go get your hankies. I’ll wait. I’m not voting for him, but I like the guy. No, he’s not perfect, but he feels honest, and even  *get this*  KIND…. and yet, still tough for a country that is taking it’s last few gasps of constitutional air.

And…. I don’t trust or believe Judicial watch as far as I can spit- and that’s a long way on a good day.

 Lou Dobbs just asked how it can be that our President acts against the best interests of the middle class.

Bush was the second coming of JC Lou. You remember 2000 BC right? Think I’m wack? Give it time. You will see.  He is *the annointed one*,  and he isn’t a Jesus freak, if you catch my bent.  You have seen evidence enough of what hell is.

 Lastly, if CLINTON is the nominee for my pathetic spineless party, I am voting for Huck.

I would never vote for another repub running. Don’t make me vote for her. Please don’t make me.

Huckabee’s Orb Angels


–What’s an Orb ? Google it. I have been looking for them in the Pres Candidates. Only Huckabee has an Angel Orb showing. Notice it isn’t red or blue. Orbs like these are a good sign.

I won’t be voting for Huck, cuzz I like Obama, but at least it’s good to know he’s got Orb. A measure of comfort.

as you were




….and I think two of the six are mormon. One is the insider of ALL INSIDERS, Gergen, plus Cambell Brown, who is a softball from way back, and then there is Anderson Cooper, who I have read recently is mormon. I will be happy to apologise and retract my suspicions if I am wrong, but I don’t think so. And some sixth man they called a Democrat who I have never seen before.

So…..this is their Big League Repub Debate Line-Up? These clearly BIAS ….panel? At least Toobin, Gergen and Bennet. C’mon.

CNN IS OWNED and can no longer be considered a legitimate news organization.



Why Would Wolf Blitzer Want Hillary to Win?


By Manila Ryce, The Largest Minority
Posted on November 19, 2007, Printed on November 20, 2007

This post, written by Manila Ryce, originally appeared on The Largest Minority

In honor of the terrific job Wolf Blitzer and CNN did in moderating the most recent “debate” in Las Vegas, I thought I’d dig out this blast from the past.

In a recent episode of Hardball, Ed Schultz was asked why he thought Wolf would want Hillary to be elected president. One reason could be that she’s the most pro-war candidate who supports Israel’s ongoing occupation, ethnic cleansing, and oppression of the Palestinian people. Of course, “Hardball” is anything but, so you’re not allowed to say those sorts of things. As Clinton stated in the last debate, she favors security over freedom, just as the Zionists and Neocons do. Here’s one disgusting speech in which she declares her unconditional support for the inhumane practices of the Israeli government.

Blitzer himself is a former editor of AIPACs monthly publication, the “Near East Report”. It doesn’t look good when a network which claims to be “the most trusted name in news” hires a propagandist within such a powerful pro-Israeli organization to disseminate “objective journalism” to the American people. Hopefully, the following debate can offer some context to the abomination we saw just a few nights ago. Corporations such as Time Warner are pure tyrannies. It is in their best interest to crush democracy by limiting legitimate debate within our society. They too believe as Hillary does, that the importance of their security trumps the freedoms of the many.

The video to your right is from a forum in 1989 that was titled “The Intifada within the American, Israeli, Islamic Triangle”. Professor Norman Finkelstein (one of those heretical “self-hating Jews” like Chomsky and Zinn) consistently destroys Blitzer in a cool and concise way. Also, pay attention to the way Wolf speaks along with the false arguments he puts forth. You can just as easily picture his tired talking points coming out of the mouth of any mainstream American politician.

Manila Ryce is a regular blooger for The Largest Minority

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REMINDER: The Definition of Jesus and other good folk

A few reminders about Love, Jesus, Buddha, and nice people.  We could use the reminder. But, if this offends Christians and other church goers, simply set it aside and forget it.


Love never arms itself

Love never tortures

Love never pounds a pulpit

Love never limits people

Love never chooses for people

Love never punishes – but teaches

Love is always recognizable to those who know love

Love is confusing to those who do not know love

Love feeds the hungry

Love does not abandon

Love NEVER demands tithing

Love encourages honest service for others

Love illuminates

Love does not hold secrets

Love never seeks to control

Love is the definition of freedom

Love does not fix elections in the name of god

Love is always the truth at all cost

Love is confident that truth prevail – at all cost

Love is boundaryless

Love does not divide people

Love does not have it’s own news channel

Love is perfect allowance for all ideas

Love is trust that real loving ideas DO NO HARM

Love is not a white house or white horse

Love is community built on peace

Love is present in every second of every breath

Love is not hidden by a falsified veil

Nothing is hidden in truth

Baptists want law declaring WILL OF CHRIST supreme






Southern Baptists Seek Laws Making

‘Will Of Christ’ Supreme


By , Church and State
Posted on October 13, 2007, Printed on October 13, 2007


The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the nation’s largest Protestant denomination whose leadership is a bulwark of far-right fundamentalism, is ratcheting up its political operations.

The Christian Index, Georgia’s state Baptist newspaper, recently carried an interesting and unusually frank report on the SBC’s lobbying outpost in Washington, D.C., just four blocks from the Capitol.

“It is in this environment,” says the newspaper, “that Southern Baptists have a significant presence through the ministry of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). Richard Land, president of the ERLC, visits Washington often from his primary office in Nashville and is wielding an ever-increasing influence in his efforts to make the will of Christ supreme in public affairs.”

Apparently the “will of Christ” just happens to dovetail with the policy goals of the far right. According to the ERLC Web site, the unit takes stands on legislation and pushes for the confirmation of Bush court appointees. The issues tackled run the usual Religious Right gamut — opposing legal abortion, gay rights, hate-crimes laws and stem-cell research and supporting “court-stripping” legislation and other efforts to make it harder to pursue church-state separation claims in federal court.

ERLC’s goal, the story notes, is to turn the 16-million-member religious group into a disciplined political machine.

“The primary point I want to stress,” ERLC’s Barrett Duke told The Index, “is the need to build a grassroots base of support for these issues that are important to the foundation and fabric of our nation. There are 16,000,000 Southern Baptists and we should be able to shut down the congressional switchboard all by ourselves when there is a need to voice our convictions on a certain issue.”

ERLC’s Land, who has been one of the most faithful cheerleaders for the Bush administration and who is now pushing former senator Fred Thompson for president, is blunt about the group’s religious-political agenda.

In an essay on ERLC’s Web site, he insists, “We must convince Christians to run for elected offices at every level, then encourage them to act on their faith-based convictions while they are in office. We must walk, talk, and vote our values.” (Religious Right activists like Land use the word “Christian” in a narrow sense, referring to those who share their religious-political agenda.)

Land denies that Southern Baptists want a government that gets involved in religion, but his own words seem to belie that claim.

“When we preach that Gospel,” he writes, “and God has blessed it and people’s hearts and minds have been changed, then they have the right as citizens to come forth in the public arena and say, ‘This is wrong, and we want it stopped.'”

“For example,” he continued, “abortion is the murder of babies, and we want laws to change it. When we convince a majority of Americans that we are right, that’s not called a theocracy, that’s called the democratic process.”

Land then insists that all he seeks is “a level playing field.”

“Does that mean,” asks Land, “that false religions have the same rights to express their opinions and their beliefs as we do? Sure. Let them come. I never saw Elijah backing away from a confrontation with the prophets of Baal. He just showed them the power of the One True God!”

Joseph L. Conn, director of communications for Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, notes that Land’s example might not be the best one.

“According to the scriptures, after Elijah won the contest over whose God was the true one, he had all the false priests of Baal slain. (I Kings 18:40),” wrote Conn. “Somehow, I’m not feeling the ecumenical love.”

Added Conn, “Southern Baptists, historically, were ardent supporters of church-state separation. Many still are. We will count on those dissenters to help us see that Land and company do not achieve their megalomaniacal goals.”

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Support The New York Times – NOW

Last thing for today.  People like me (and maybe you) have one last major newspaper that hasn’t been 100% bought and sold by the Evil Elite of this country, as far as I can tell. I STRONGLY advise you SUPPORT them. They are a loud voice and needed. If you don’t support FINANCIALLY, the ones doing the honest job, they will fade away. Believe it. No matter how hard it may be today to reach into your wallet, DO IT. There are young men and women paying with their lives and leaving their children to wonder what the.

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