The Ressurection of John McCain touches a raw nerve on the right.

 You should see the hate mail genertated by this post. The only hate mail I get is from the very people this post is meant to address. But, the deep hatred and rage of this faction of our populace is so frightening, that it really does invite me to continue writing. Since I have no fear of these *people*  – all is well.

Here’s the posting I refer to:

Notice the word Cain, in JOHN’s name. That’s no accident. Everything is backwards my friend, and guess who Cain really is ! It’s not John. But, don’t think for one second that John is not the one. HE IS NOT McCain by accident at this point in time. Everything in this world, this alphabet, is twisted and upside down TO CONFUSE YOU. The resurrection of McCain was something no one would have bet on. The neocons left him in the middle of BF skid to nowhere, without so much as a plane ticket home. It is destiny for Clinton and Romney, and Obama is the safety net Trojan Horse for Romney’s peeps. WAKE UP. And, I wonder what mighty force of sheer WILL,  intervened and picked him up, gave him a drink, and put wind beneath his wings.

Not Rush Limbaugh

Not  Christ Matthews

Not Wolf Blitzer

Not Pat Buchannen

Not Bill Bennet

Not Ann Coulter

Not Hannity

Here’s who put the wind under his wings:  TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE TRUE AMERICAN WAY.

You Knights Templar (Free Masons)  may have thought you built this for yourself, but a funny thing happened on the way to 2012. TRUTH, and a nation full of natural LIE DETECTORS, along with a intervention of true Power. Not magical power. There is a big difference.

You left your finest patriot for dead. But, it’s not about patriotism is it. It’s about war and death, and Patriotism is the way you get there.  You have done your homework on the American Psyche. You know what motivates this free people. You use the media to show them how incredibly horrid it is all over the world, then you scare people here in hopes they will do ANYTHING to save themselves. But, who actually creates much of this HORRID all over the world. Trickle down death.

That is your biggest tool. PATRIOTISM.

You parade it through the collective consciousness, trolling for wafflers. Hoping, with all your magical mind that there will be critical mass, so you can bomb, kill and mame innocents. The more blood the better, because you live for skulls and bones.

I am an anti war liberal democrat, but I see who YOU are and what you are doing.  No, I don’t agree with John AT ALL on the war, but somehow I understand he IS THE ONLY ONE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT who I believe to my core, will not lie to us. I believe he honestly wants to fight terroism. Not to take over countries and their resources, and to settle ancient scores, but because it will keep our country safe. No, I don’t agree with the method, but I know John McCain would never INTENTIONALLY hurt the American People. I can’t say that about Clinton, and I can’t say that about Obama. Sadly.  And, if there is one thing I know for sure, it is this:  If this country remains in the Satonic strangle hold of the far right (who despises Jesus), we are in for a nightmare of a proportion you cannot even imagine.

The real CAIN, is BAIN, and it’s founder. The real Able is the one WHO IS.

The people have spoken, over and over, and they will speak again on Tuesday.

THE ANTICHRIST WILL NOT RULE THIS EARTH.  We got your number. It’s 666, just like you promised. But, hidden in the backwards English alphabet, where you thought no would ever find it. I found it. That’s not all I found. As you well know by now. Your mask fell off, and your Jesus Hating, Child Murdering, Blackwatering Selves have been revealed.

Please pray for John. His mission is blessed by truth. You don’t have to believe in a God to understand what I am asking. To each their own. My definition of God is wide open these days.

Be well, and please, if you are reading this, and it makes you mad, then I would begin now to wake up. You have four years.  After that, you will be lost a very long time.


News Shocker: Ron Paul biggest GOP fundraiser last quarter

Well, it’s official, ladies and gentlemen. Believe it or not, Rep. Ron Paul, the 72-year-old Texan who hardly ever gets mentioned in Republican political news and the one-time libertarian who always gets the least time on TV debates if he isn’t barred completely, was, in fact, the most successful Republican fundraiser in the last three months of 2007.

By a Texas mile.

Military Bloggers begging for Ron Paul ? Is anyone listening?

The New Republican Litmus Test
Jan 29, 2008

“It doesn’t matter if you’ll seize our freedom and money like a foaming-at-the-mouth fascist…as long as you’ll stay the course in Iraq.  That is the message the Republican party of 2008 has sent to its possible presidential nominees this primary election season, and we’ve all heard it loud and clear.”

Want to know what a Romney Presidency might look like? Here’s a picture.


JOE KLEIN: I’ve never seen a candidate who has shown such arrant disrespect for the public.

Re: Mitt Romney – I’ve never seen a candidate who showed such arrant disrespect for the public–and for himself.


And I’ve got to say, having covered a lot of campaigns, I’ve seen dirtier (Bush in South Carolina in 2000), angrier and far more extreme, but… I’ve never seen a candidate who showed such arrant disrespect for the public–and for himself. Indeed, Romney has performed a political self-lobotomy. Not just on his brain, which seemed an impressive instrument a year ago, but also on whatever nagging moral sense he might have had. He did this in order to conform–in the primaries, at least–to every last polling preference, no matter how skeevy, of his party’s base. Worse, he has chosen to demagogue on issues–like illegal immigration–where his own record shows a history of moderation…and an embarrassing tendency toward private hypocrisy (Those gardeners!) I’ve also never seen a candidate so loathed, privately, by his competitors.

Romney buying up People. He wants them to like him.

Mitt Romney Buys More Support

In the end money may be the glue that holds elite Republicans together, despite poll after poll showing that Republicans are unhappy with their choices for president.

Mitt Romney today garnered the support of the right-wing magazine National Review. Romney has donated thousands of dollars in order to support various right-wing causes. In March the NY Times reported that Romney and allied organizations had paid thousands of to The National Review and various Republican causes.

“Mr. Romney gave $5,000 to help sponsor the anniversary dinner celebrating National Review’s Web site last October at a Washington steakhouse. Another group called Evangelicals for Mitt also gave $5,000…The magazine and its Web site have written favorably of Mr. Romney.”

Philadelphia Inquirer, The Sun, Philadelphia Daily News, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Daily Local News, The Daily Times

The amount of skullduggery in this case will boggle your mind. The Law firms of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel (MNAT) and Traub Bonacquist & Fox (TBF) worked for Bain related entities prior to 2001. Then MNAT became the Debtor’s counsel for eToys and TBF became the Creditors Counsel in eToys in March 2001. Where they sold the assets of eToys to Bain/KB toys for tens of millions in discounts.
We proved to the courts and US Trustee that fraud and perjury occurred. $300 million in fraud issues, including hidden, undeclard, million dollar cash deposits overseas and $100 million in cash paid to Bain and Michael Glazer prior to bankruptcy being filed.
The US Trustee, Frank Perch even testified that he warned the parties against violating Code 327(a). Despite that warning TBF and MNAT drafted a clandestine Hiring Letter that reward Barry Gold if he choose not to apply to the Court, whereupon he was given the CEO job of eToys.
They refused to entertain offers for other entities to acquire the public entity of eToys. Then it was discovered that Barry Gold was a paid, long time associate of TBF.
Frank Perch motioned to disgorge TBF $1.6 million and stated that he had warned the parties not to do what they did anyway. That Fraud upon the Court had occurred. The law requires disqualification. Yet even Frank Perch sought to be lenient, not seeking disqualification and speciously failing to even mention MNAT.
Less than 10 days later the Dept of Justice attorney for the US Trustee office, Mark Kenney, voided Frank Perch’s motion and went even further in leniency. Reducing the disgorgement to $750,000 (the WSJ story can be seen here ) and then Mark Kenney did worse he gave the TBF implied blanket immunity with the following illegal clause,

“WHEREAS the United States Trustee shall not seek to compel TBF to make any additional disclosures” [report other crimes].

Of the many other crimes that the “not seek to compel” desires to cover up is the fact that TBF and MNAT also work in the KB Toys bankruptcy, TBF works for the Creditors and MNAT actually, flagrantly (as the cat is out of the bag) rerpresents Bain. TBF petitioned the Court in the KB case to be the one to prosecute the $100 million cash that Bain and Michael Glazer paid themselves before the bankruptcy was filed. When we informed the Court, Mark Kenney ws the one who defended the perpetrators and Obstructed justice by having the Courts throw us out.
I am Laser Steven Haas, the sole 100% owner of Collateral Logistics Inc (CLI) the Court approved liquidation consultant in the eToys bankruptcy. Stating that we do not have standing or the courts permission to inform the court of fraud is absurd.
We informed eveyrone, including the FBI, the Public Integrity Section, the OIG, OGE, OPR, SEC Bankruptcy Fraud Div (yes there is one) and the Corp Fraud Task Force. All of whom referred us to the General Counsel of the US Trustee’s in Washington DC and the Del US Attorney’s office.
Dec 22, 2004 the US Trustee’s issued a press release (after we proved the issue and informed the EOUST) Dec 22 2004 was also the date of our Emergency Hearing on the fraud and perjury issues.
Lawrence Friedman, the Director of the EOUST replaced the Region 3 Trustee, Roberta DeAngelis. After we had direct communication with Lawrence Friedman about the Mark Kenney issues, Frank Perch and Lawrence Friedman resigned. (you can see the press release on Mr. Friedman at the US Trustee website also).
As the US Trustee is an arm of the Dept of Justice the DOJ has protocols to handle such issues as US Trustee parties betraying their oath of office. This is why everyone referred us back to the EOUST office General Counsl. The problem is the GC of the EOUST is now Roberta DeAngelis, in charge of investigating the case she was removed from. As such she is presently acting as an appellee, in the 3rd Circuit Court case 07-2360 seeking that the court dismiss the case. DeAngelis is an appellee with MNAT and TBF.
The TBF law firms has disbanded and closed. But the Court issued an Opinion and Order on Oct 4 2005 that let Barry Gold stay in place as the Court approved the Stipulation to Settle by Mark Kenney. The Opinion contradicts the Order it approved, where the Opinion says everyone must disclose, that no perjury had been proven (even though the parties confessed to 14 intentionally false affidavits) and that the Court would not refer the matter officially to the US Attorney. (violating 18 USC 3057(a)).
To make matters even worse, the US Attorney for Delaware, who has refused to prosecute the $300 million in fraud and confessed acts of Perjury is Colm F Connolly. Who is now offered to be a Del Dist Ct Judge. Turns out that Colm Connolly was a partner with MNAT before becoming a US Attorney in 2001. Where he was associated, as a partner with the firm MNAT when the perjury and fraud began.

Posted by LaserHaas on December 12, 2007 at 12:22 PM

Why is it ok for Romney’s sons to stay home and make money, while John McCain’s son serves in the military?

Is it just me, or has America lost IT’S FREAKING MIND !!!!

How dare these REPUBLICANS, who got us into this illegal war to begin with, VOTE for the man whose sons are sitting fat and happy on mounds of cash, while Dad invests in IRAN, and while McCain’s son serves in the militay !


 May (your) Gods save your souls anyway.

Mitt Romney left MA. GOP weaker than when he arrived.

“Romney is leaving (the Governor’s) office with the state GOP weaker than when he arrived.”  Romney has run Massachusetts’s government with a handful of close aides, many of them drawn from Bain & Co., the consulting firm whose venture capital arm he ran. It is top-down management, designed to keep control firmly in Romney’s hands.

Repubs raging about Confederate Flag – Not death toll in Iraq

Democrats raging on racism – not death toll in Iraq.

Huck raging on Abortion  – not military suicide rates.

Romney raging about Lobbyists – not record breaking homeless vets.

McCain raging about unfair emails  – not checking on Walter Reed.

Thompson raging on the other cadidates – not rape in the military

Obama talks about his admiration for Reagan –  not the Iran provocation scandal

Clinton talking about Nevada lawsuits –  not women killed by Blackwater

Not one of them. Not one of them. Not one of them, stood up for FREE SPEECH on behalf of

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. 

Not one of them stood up for the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT



This spread of Democracy is an illusion.

The candidates are not choices. They are selected for us.

Why do you think Paul and Kucinich have been REJECTED?

Because they TALK ABOUT IRAQ !

And where are all the DEMOCRATIC VOICES ON IRAQ?

Effectively Silenced. Most of them do not care. And those that did care, got an ass whoop, to the tune of Michigan voting for Romney. WHY EFFING BOTHER ????   If the American people don’t give a rats about themselves, then why in thee fresh hell of  the black hole, should they risk their own lives for them?  Good question.

Good night and good luck.

I want to have a sleepover with THE RON PAUL SUPPORTERS


I have decided to vote for the ONLY people who seem to care about what is happening in this country- enough to work for it. They are the Ron Paul supporters. The rest of the democracy are just whiners and talkers. They aren’t *really* doing anything to help which makes them PART OF THE PROBLEM. I know this makes little sense. I am even laughing at myself. But, I am voting for the RON PAUL SUPPORTERS who have been the ONLY real voice for change, whether Paul himself is a fake or not. I don’t like much of his politics, and I don’t know that he is genuine. But, I am not voting for him. I am voting for his supporters. If I have to align with one people, and one cause, it’s the CONSTITUTION and the Ron Paul Supporters. Without the rule of law, all this talk about everything else is meaningless. So, I am officially voting for the Ron Paul supporters. If they run, I am voting for THEM. I want to buy a house in their town and have daily java with them. I want to have them for sleepovers and I want to feel their fire. I love these people.

Can we get THEM  on the ballot?

If the whole county had the passion and energy of THE RON PAUL SUPPORTERS, we would be seeing a change like no other.

It’s official. I am voting for TRPS.  

That almost stands for TROOPS – as in bring them the hell home !