The Salt Lake City Olympic sham and Mitt Romney.

I have no proof. Only a hunch. Knowing what I know. The SLC Olympic story is about the Olympic Committee who accepted bribes. Who bribed them? REALLY? I mean who was behind the bribe? I’d like to know more about that. Then comes Mighty Mitt on his white horse to save the day. And who appoints him to do just that but the very entities who are part of the Utah – Mormon – Political – Grid system.

Then, he has tons of money to make impressive fixes and here we are. The Mighty Mitt who saved the Olympics rides into MA. on a liberal platfom and a win in Salt Lake City- and wins the election. 

Massachusettes: you gotta be kidding me.

 Anyway- and so now, he says “I won the silver”, I can fix this, just like I fixed the Olympics ! It has been all about the Salt Lake City Olympics. He keeps comparing his campaign to the Olympics (programming)….I don’t buy this rotten egg. It stinks to high heaven.  It is my hunch that the Olympics were given to SLC on pupose. For a reason. You’re looking at him. What if the bribes came from the back channels of Romney’s Hell? Just think on it. Will you stop and consider this could be true, or ignore it because the thought of it being true is too horrific to consider. I think these are interesting questions. Maybe someone out there has some answers.

Go here and see what the GIFTS were and who they were from, starting with DISNEY, and Las Vegas (mormon country)  Harry Reid fom Vegas. Look at all of them.