I AM 324 HV
JESUS CHRIST = 221  HV         this is his primary ID
JESUS      29 H    74 V   103 HV
CHRIST   41 H     77 V   118 HV
               70        151         221  HV
THE NUMBERS 221  ARE PART OF 2012  (minues the zero) do yourself a big favor and google 2012.
9/11/2001  = 2021     221
9 + 11 + 2001  = 2021
221 is thee main number for JESUS CHRIST.
2021  is 2012  scrambled.  They do that a lot.
I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.  😉
Now you know a little more.
This is Jesus Christ Numerology.
Using the English alphabet  A= 1   B= 2  C= 3   etc.
Adding Horizontally – add ONE digit at a time across. NOT TWO.
Add vertical as you normally would.
Check it yourself or just be dumb some more.
Oh dear, is that your alarm clock going off?

Earth Gods and the 2008 election

You may still be in the Religion Box. Which is really nothing more than the Political Box with a robe thrown over.  This post is not for everyone. It’s for those who are climbing out and onto some new info. It’s mostly Reiki based, but there is enough here to inform you of your True Creator, thatI wanted to post it. Perhaps, for others, a seed will be planted. Let’s hope you throw some water on it, cuz it’s getting late pal.  
There is no one running who is not blessed.  If you vote for any of them, you are voting
for…..well, I won’t say it. I don’t want to hurt their feelings.
There’s that.  Open your mind. Read this all please. You may not understand right now – but give it time.

Knowledge In Writing

This document may be shared freely, unedited.

This document is an addition to the REIKI SYMBOLS document I wrote in late 2007. In time, I will work to combine them.

The Usui Reiki symbols did not originate with Usui or Reiki. They did not truly originate with Tibetan Buddhism. The Source of these four symbols is far more ancient. The electric – geometric ID of the Usui Reiki symbols is a *response* ID. They are a living numeric answer to the origin of the Universe. That is a very big idea and an old one at that. For every action there is a reaction. This is a good thing. If there were only action, and no reaction, you could not have free will and balance would be impossible. Creation itself would be impossible. As it is, you get to respond. Everything gets to respond. Why? Because of what you are. You are Truth and Truth IS.
I will call the four Reiki symbols, *Usui Symbols* because it was Dr. Mikao Usui who brought their meaning into mass awareness for these modern times, with regard to Reiki.
What matters in this push and pull of the physical U is reaction. Reaction is what keeps everything alive. Reaction is any thought above or below zero point. The Reiki symbols are reaction manifestations that are meant to bring you to zero point, which is the awareness of your perfection, which is the Truth of your being. The Reiki symbols, as we know them today, address the current signatures of our modern times. Like everything else, they have evolved. What the humans who scripted these specific Reiki symbols opened to was the response needed for the next phase of our evolution. This next phase is THE GREAT AWAKENING.
The Source of true Knowledge (Love) is non-physical and non local. Love is an unidentifiable wave function. The pure boundary-less center signature that weaves through Creation and cannot be severed or destroyed. The *idea* of Love, and all other ideas, pops into existence when something gains perception; when we exert the force of consciousness upon it. Love is irrelevant without the means with which to perceive it. From that single point of consciousness, everything that has ever existed defines love for itself, thereby becoming an integral and living part of the Multi-U Dictionary.

It is wise to keep in mind that perception is often held within the framework of those in power to control perception. There is a ceiling on all levels. Anything in physical form (and some aspects of the non-physical) is not truly free. The Astral plane may also be a false construct designed to keep every living thing imprisoned. Anyone can make angel wings if they have the instructions. More on that some other time.
You and I belong to an Intentional Order. We chose to sign up because we allowed our perceptions to be falsely shaped. We are not bad because of it. We are, while out on this branch, innately loving, trusting and hopeful beings. We do not assume people are trying to hurt us or control us. But, fact is, for ions we have been told what is true and what is false. We have been given scripts that have falsely taught us what we are, how we got here, who is in charge, and what will happen if we don’t tow a line. We believed it. A belief is a covenant. A covenant with anything is binding enough to restrict your access to more information, and thus, wiser choices. We, as humans, in some cases, have been no less abusive to lower entities on the food chain, and even to our children and our planet.
With the inception of Order, or governments, wars, television media, and especially the intentional creation and influence of enormous electro-magnetic fields, our once virgin perceptions became manipulated by a brand of consciousness that seeks to create outside zero point. How or why that happened is unanswerable at this stage.
As human consciousness is slowly brought into balance, again and again, through experience, then awareness and knowledge, the sound and light signatures of true Love, built from a kind of intelligence far beyond this dimension of time and space, will transcend all creation, of any kind, and bring the awareness of Love’s presence. It does require enough collective Soul to build the bridge. It takes no more than a small percentage of dedicated minds to help awaken the whole. Once there is critical mass, that civilization, which holds a collective ID, is no longer of use. It will either ascend on its own, or it is destroyed. Both situations have occurred. We are at this stage presently.


The purpose of the creation of Love inspired symbols was to bring balance, truth and knowledge to civilizations that are not yet free. There was no so called God who gave Usui the symbols, though the evolved essence we are helped by will answer us in our own language. These beings did not create alphabets. There isn’t a single word that was created by true Love. The word God was created by the Makers of the Scripts. Language was created to be a controlling mechanism. Fortunately, Love is present and Love is kind.
Source Love does not create to tip the balance. Love creates to bring things to zero point (equal balance). From there, it is up to you to define truth for yourself. This is what Free Will is: Zero Point.
These symbols were first intuited in the form of spiritual insights. Then, once the insights were processed in a way that the limited human mind could put into some kind of meaningful mental order, these signatures became simple geometric lines, representing ideas, later evolving into recognizable forms. First, as a creative and soulful urge to create and understand themselves and their world. As I said up top, this began long ago with civilizations that were destroyed or collectively ascended with their awakened Mind. When enough people (or any living species) become awakened to Truth, critical mass may be such that the reincarnation of that species or civilizations ceases. They are no longer available to the program. Having said that, keep in mind that these evolved beings are with us now, on all levels of our mind, helping us. They are the ones who inspire us to create symbols. They do not need to dumb down, or reduce their frequency current in order to be here with us. They have transcended all law. They are likely of the belief that all parts of the Mind must come home to center, before all can fade peacefully back to true Origin.
There were variations of these symbols used in Atlantis and Lemuria and more. They may have evolved accordingly. It is my deep feeling that these four Usui symbols are the most important part of Usui’s Natural System for Healing. After all of the research I have done on these matters, and especially with the symbols, it is clear to me that the symbols are KNOWLEDGE in writing.
When enough beings awaken to the truth, it endangers an Agenda put in place at the very beginning of time and space. The source of the human body is not what you have been taught. The Source of the human body is the Earth Gods. They are not human. They are Supernatural and older than our own Galaxy (at least). These are the same Gods who were worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, and way further back than that. The people of the lost continents awakened to the truth of this realm.
Once you awaken to the truth, you are free. Until you are free, you stand a very good chance of reincarnating here over and over again. This doesn’t mean your soul is owned by the Earth Gods. It means you have not laid claim to it. When you do not lay claim to your own soul, it is up for grabs by those with more magic than you. Magic runs planet earth. But, miracles are available and they are far more powerful.
The Veil is not what you think. As I said, the Bible is a script delivered by the Earth Gods to the people of earth as a control mechanism. Religion and the media are the primary tools used by the Earth Gods to keep the mind of love away from itself, distracted, lost and anxious. But, the wonderful news is this: you will never be off radar. Your spark can never be extinguished. You are being helped with every breath you take. You might not know that.
I blog a lot. On day, I searching for a blog post I had written a year earlier. I googled the name of the piece – as far as I could recall it. That blog was locked down, and I could no longer get those posts. Once all the results pulled up, I noticed a site called Technorati. It was an interesting word, especially given the research I have done. So, I went to Technorati and looked at my post that was listed there. I pulled up the first page and under my post were the words: Claim this blog. I was a more than curious that my posts were all over Technorati without my permission or knowledge. I even sent them a note to remove all of my writings. I received NO response. I didn’t claim *my* blog. I moved on. At least I found my post. Then, later, it dawned on me. As I began to blog more and more, I realized that I could make Technorati work for me, instead of just surrending me to them. So now, instead of Technorati deciding which of my postings to host, I decide. I ping everything myself. I write it, then I ping it right then and there.
Yes, they are still posting my stuff all over the internet, but at least now, I have better control over what they are posting. I claimed my blog. I am working within a construct, but I am aware of that now. I am doing the best I can, within this construct to live a life I want to live.
Claim your blog. Claim your Soul.

Now, about the Reiki symbols:

The four Reiki symbols used by Sensei Usui are the most important aspect of Reiki. Use them please. They are gifts of the heart. They will help you. Usui knew this.

After Usui’s death, interesting things took place. I call them into question based on what I have seen in JCN and some of the teachings that clearly came from Hayashi and Takata. I could be wrong, and I would like to make that well understood before you attach to this. I have run many ID strings for Hayashi using JCN. There is not grey area. These are numbers that line straight up with dark vibes. But, my own numbers also line up this way. So, as I have said many times, it is going to be very difficult to know who is wearing a mask and who isn’t. The reason that is important, relating to Reiki, is obvious.
The symbols are built on the concept of the number 7. Please read my first doc on the Reiki symbols as I don’t want to rehash it here. But, I am more and more sure of these things.
I am going to make a few suggestions here based on my work, and my intuition.
When using the Reiki symbols, order is important, for some people; though not all. It will depend on your own signature and residence. The order of the symbols is suppose to be the following:


If you are using the HSZSN symbol third, before the DKM, you are not effectively sending/receiving the energy intention of that fourth and Master symbol. Much of this will depend on your own intention as well. We don’t always need words to define our intent, but they can help some people. So, this is a general statement, but it is not for everyone, obviously. It is taught that the HSZSN symbol is the third symbol. I believe this is incorrect, and is so intentionally. The final Reiki symbol, DKM, is the one needed most.
Please consider the order of your attunement process as well. The DKM should come third, not fourth, after the HSZSN. What you want is to send all three energy icons, not just two. Not everyone does attunements the same way, so this is applicable to those of you who know what I mean.
Now, does this mean that you have been doing it wrong and lots of people do not truly have the DKM gift? No. Again, it will depend on the process as a whole, to include your own intention and vibration. We all have help. But, you only hear and access what you have opened to.
The first initials of anything are the most important in any name. I have done performed lots of research on this idea. You can access it in my group files online.
CSDH are the initials of the four symbols.
Those initials = 34 v ( + 43 reverse = 77)
Earth = 52 v and 25 h = 77 hv (primary sig)
There are many more than this of course.
GOD = 43 hv (+ 34 reverse = 77 )
It’s all about the 7’s. If you read my first doc, you know why I say this. If you know JCN you also know why.
The Reiki symbols are an answer to 77. And 17-17

The numbers 17 17 came into serious physical manifestation with the Knights Templar of the same year, AD. I have written about this before. Read the book THE SECOND MESSIAH. Or google 1717.
I am advocating new Reiki students consider using Usui’s Reiki system as a foundational healing system. I am suggesting you use the four symbols in the correct order. That doesn’t mean that other systems are not useful. It’s just that they are extensions – some helpful, some not so much. I love Dolphin Reiki and resonate with it. I also love Karuna Ki, and sometimes use it. I have also enjoyed Violet Flame Reiki and have had some good success with certain kinds of things. I am speaking about an overall foundation for a healing system you can always rely on, that was intuited for a very specific reason. It’s not just about self healing. It’s about the answer to the illusion. That is a picture of a size and scope unimaginable.
I am suggesting that you keep the symbols, drawn on paper, in your home. I am suggesting you draw them in your palm daily, or dowse them in, or pray them in with intention. I am suggesting that you pay attention to process and procedure with attunements, and if you feel led, make adjustments. I am suggesting you take them seriously.
That’s all for now.

Learn how to do the numbers (free) on MP3

If you want to know how to do the numbers: I have 3 free MP3’s here. Listen and learn :  http://www.esnips.com/web/jcn

 It’s easy.   Double check your work. I do, but sometimes, things can still go wrong.

Begin with your own name.

English alphaBET


B = 2

Begin with your own name.

J    E   S   U  S

10  5  19   21  19

 29  h

74  v 

103  hv

same as Mormon – using the backwards alphabet.

BUT, using the backwards alphabet:


BWA      z= 1      y =2        x = 3    etc.

The backwards alphabet string WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS   is

133    304    437      keep this

2012: The ramifications of aligning with evil

I’m not voting. Here’s why. I know and believe in the power of belief and alignment. THIS election is all about aligning with belief systems. Do so at your own peril. Why is it important for THIS election? Because of 2012. You really need to read my blog. Get some coffee, close the blinds and go deep. Right now, the way I see it is this:

You are going to decide right now what you believe in. THAT choice, for the most powerful leader of this world, is counted. How? Not, by some giant robed score keeper. That is a script. Wake up. It counts for the next leg of your journey. If you align with murder, death and suffering, expect to stay with it long after you cross over. No, you don’t really get to pick ‘KICK THEIR ASS SEA BASS”  here, then turn up in Holographic Heaven, created by the same evil force who ruled you in 4D, and get a pass. Nope. And all your war mongerings family members/family will be there to greet you, because  #1  – they are also stuck in Satan’s web and #2 there is no better way to convince you that you have arrived in the right place than to meet up with Uncle Bill and Aunt Minnie.  

They don’t keep you long *there*. They rewire their creations, and farm them back out, based on what you CHOSE before you arrived. Yes, you do have free will. Lucifer/Isis cannot touch you if you detach from every last piece of them. Bless it and move on. But, your choices IS your free will. 90% of all life chooses from a tiny construct of knowledge. In other words, you are choosing based on what you know, and we don’t know jack.

There is a whole lot you don’t know. But, until you know it, you’re going nowhere. Just a fantastic loop of repeat madness, handily scripted for the ages, over and over and over. 

So, here’s the bottom line:  What do you believe in ?  Know Thyself. Then decide what you are going to CHOOSE.

As for me; I am choosing NO THANKS, CHECK PLEASE.

I see what this is. I see there is no loving option. Those people were wiped out of the campaign early on.

What we have now is not who I AM.  Therefore, I am not CHOOSING it. I am absolutely certain that there is a realm of grace waiting for me. I can’t get there, when I have my boat docked and knotted in this place.  Boats dock when choices are made. Choose the vibrational signature of this place and you will get this place.

Your being has a signature. A number  🙂 Well, more accurately, your Human Being is a sound and light ID, that manifests into every single fiber of you.  Your belief system is your Biology. Your DNA. But, there is a parent force, who has better software than you, and as long as you sleep, you cannot escape it.

All I need do now, is continue my work, and my efforts to inform people of what is going on here.



Don’t roll your eyes, it’s way later than you think. If you want the free ebook

email me.


URGENT VACCINATION INFO (time is running out)

The numbers I do show me that vaccinations have been used for FAR MORE than just to immunize people. Most people won’t believe that- but that is costing you and me our liberty.

If you have yet to phone your state reps on this issue of MANDATORY VACCNINATIONS then you are part of the problem, and we need SOLUTIONS. Your voice is needed TODAY.

There may be more going on here than you know. What are they putting our bodies? Do you trust what they tell you? I don’t. I have very strong PHILOSOPHICAL OBJECTIONS to vaccination. As do more and more people.  God gave us everything we need in nature to protect and heal us.

And nature isn’t expensive. Nature loves you and is honest with you.

We, as a collective nation are being challenged today in the state of Maryland ! There are parents facing Jail TODAY because they feel as I do.

Please, this is so serious. If these parents in Maryland don’t have some support from other parents around the country, we are sunk.

Call you state rep today and DEMAND these parents be allowed to take the expemptions they are legally entitled to.

Lastly, you better find out where your presidential candidate stands on VACCINATIONS befor you vote for them. This is a MUCH BIGGER issue than most people are willing to concede.

If you are forced to take a vaccination for your child, then here is my humble advice. Before you take that child to the doctor, for days and days, fill them with as much water as they can possibly drink. Before they drink it, pray over it wit your hands. In the name of Jesus. Ask that the water act as a nuetrilizer of the vaccine, so that all effects are voided and negated. If you are a Reiki Master, then please consider delivering a full Reiki treatment to your child before hand. And AFTER the shots. Continue to give water and more water for at least one full month.

But, hopefully, it won’t come to that.

Get informed.



 JESUS  29 H  74 V   103  HV

BWA –   MORMON   29 H  74 V   103  HV


Is that just an accident? And, if it’s intentional, then think about that please. I have only one other string that matches and that is the word POINT using the regular alphabet.

If it’s some Divine Alignment, then Jesus has a lot of explaining to do, especially about Meadows Mountain Massacre. If it’s intentional, then why do they get to use the English Alphabet in secret ?



Z= 1




Horizontal = h

Vertical = v

HV = both added together.

On the H read, add one number at a time.


2012 23





This Way Out Of Hell

I am closing my blog. I realize that the angst is only serving to create more hell. It is not the way.

I have come full circle in my anger and rage, and seeing more clearly. There is a way out. It isn’t found in fighting the darkness.  It is found in understanding, forgiveness, faith and hope. I have said many mean things here out of fear. I take them all back. I don’t want it in the ethers. I am sorry for forgetting who I am.  It was not the best of me. I can’t control the world, nor do I wish to. I can control me. Maybe this sharing I wrote today, which was inspired by smarter peeps than I, will help you too. This place is temporary passage. Its not for keeps. Until we stop fighting and direct our faith and hope in the power of GRACE, we will not see an end to hell. Bless you all.

peace out. 


Written by Sheree Denise Rainbolt-Kren

…..and inspiration from Authentic Light.

(c)  2007  All rights reserved

The earth, water, and air of this earth has been dutifully imprinted with our living collective agreement and memory. Not just the memory of humans, but the memories of livestock, plants, trees, fish, and the memory of planets and stars as they reflect upon this dimension. The memory of touch, smiles and bliss. The memories of rage and thrown stones. Every living thing, seen and unseen, that is merged energetically with the earth, in any way, has a say in the way life has been and the way life will be. Imagine the breath and scope of this idea. Once you absorb this concept, your life experience will change.

All ideas, thoughts, words and actions are welcome in our Global Archive, which I will call The Global Aura. No thought, word or action is ever turned away. We Creators are loved unconditionally. It is this gift of unconditional that allows for this journey. Within this Grand Universal Library are smaller sections we built to keep us safe from experience and identity we did not want, for a host of reasons. But, Creation is patient. For every slot we have chosen to place ourselves, there is a slot waiting with our name on it. That is because it is against our true nature to section ourselves off from other sections. When we have reached maturity, we will have opened to every offering without disgust or fear. Our eyes will be wise. As we grow more and more into the truth of ourselves, seeing more broadly will not concern us, for the Observer does not disturb, but merely accepts what Is. This acceptance is true Knowledge. Know Ledge. Some would say Know the L edge. There is much to know about that right angle, but I will save that for another time.

Our human records can be located by our DNA, but its not just physical DNA that identifies us. We are also defined, while out on this rope, by the planets, the stars, the moon, and the Galaxy itself.  We are defined by our etheric memory in the unseen, in the unproven, in the mystical.  We are defined by the footprints we leave behind and the footprints we didn’t leave behind. We are also defined by our Global footprint, the earth, the seas, the wind. You will come to understand that when you purchase (adopt) things with money, time, or energy, you automatically align with it’s manifest blueprint. This has consequences, and most of them you are unaware of. When we buy an item made in a sweatshop in China, or we eat the meat of a cow who has been tortured, we become part of the memory of that living being. Until you choose otherwise, you will always inherit the effects of that memory. There is far more to our definition than our bone and blood. The physical archive of life tells us one thing, but the truth of our multifaceted being tells us far more. Its the *far more* that is of importance now.

If you will consider anything more deeply on this day, let it be this: The oceans, rivers, lakes and streams are sponges, dutifully soaking up all thoughts and feelings, and emitting those back to us through the earth, where all things are minimized to dust, where we grow our food, and in the air we breathe and the water we drink.  The earth does not discriminate. Water is not prejudiced. The wind blows through starving countries on its way to wealthy nations. Fear, guilt, shame and hatred live in a Global Aura that is shared by all, even is you have chosen not to pay attention to it. Remedy is not resistance, denial and separation. Remedy is Love and true Knowledge, otherwise known as Authentic Light. This Light is not coming from elsewhere. It is within, and can be tapped when we choose to live authentically right here right now, at your current address. The elements await our very next thought. We share the elements, and the elements remember.


No organ in our human body has a separate existence from another organ in the body. The organs are interdependent. When any organ is defective, the vital chain of harmony is broken and disease results. For example, In maxillary sinusitis, the pus in the sinus causes pressure on the gums there by spreading the bacteria and causing gum and tooth infection, which in turn can impact the heart and other organs in the body. It is a chain reaction. Earth is a chain reaction. Humans are chain reactions. The physical Universe is a chain reaction. Everything is dependent on everything else. You cannot escape this truth. Now is the time to understand it, so you can be a Creator with Knowledge.

Our thoughts and feelings have created the experience of this earth. Water obeys our wish. We wish for war and hate, and we will experience it. It is done. When enough energy wishes for love and peace – it is done. But, what is important to recognize is that we are all merged with one another through the elements of which we are part of.  We do not live in a house divided. That might indicate you have a separate choice you can make for yourself only, which impacts you only. In the most immature of understanding, this appears to be the case, but in the broader picture, this is not true. You would not be here now, in this picture, were it not for your identification with and your signature in the Earth, Water and Air. The memory of you chooses to take form in the very realm where your memory wishes to expand. Your memory is its own reference point. Your future will look like your past unless you awaken to what memory is and exercise your power to Create from Authentic Light.  

The memories of life on earth are not divisible in truth. It is only when you take a physical apparatus and take a specific portion of that infinite memory and make it your own, that it appears separate from the rest. When you empty your cup back into the ocean it becomes one with it. The same thing happens when you have a thought. That thought you just had, which is uniquely recycled, is contained for now, to a degree, but write it down and share it, and it will pool with the collective consciousness and become one with the Global  Aura. Back into the ocean of Creation that is the All.

All living things on planet earth are merged with this time and space archive, even as newborn babies. We are merged with the earth’s water, even as Light Workers, seekers, mystics, rapists, and murderers, and those unconcerned with their origin. The Global Aura is a memory, for better or worse.  The earth, the water and the air has recorded where we have been, and what we thought about where we have been. These same elements are poised to record where we are going and how we are feeling as we are going there. But, knowing this has enormous power to teach us better ways. The hard part is over. Now, we know. We know The Global Aura is fluid and humans have a monumental responsibility to recognize the oneness of this Creation, and act accordingly.

All of time and space and beyond is within you. All dimensions are within. Not out there. That which you are truly done looking at, with eyes of authentic love, will fade away from your memory and take its rightful place in a time and space that no longer has any power to hurt you. But, you need never leave this plane (per se) to get to another. You need only willingness to access the highest memory of what you are. Memory is a living and breathing entity that is readily available to you anytime you wish to address it in order to heal it, or exacerbate it. This memory is MIND. That is what the mind is. Memory.

The good news is that memories are never set in stone. The very second you decide something different, then share it and act to imprint that new idea, your memories are transformed. When memories are transformed for one, they are transformed for all. The power of one person to desire true alignment with true knowledge can undo the power of a hundred sacred texts and revelations scripted from fear. This is not just some lofty, new age concept. This is the truth of the matter.

Our DNA; our bone, is a reliable recording on one level, and one that Science looks at with increasing accuracy to reveal the past, the present and the future. It would serve the earth, the Multi Verse and all of life itself, if we looked at DNA more broadly, and from a deeper spiritual perspective, especially as it relates to the unfolding events to come.

Nothing that has ever been thought, written, or acted upon, in time, or beyond, is outside the power of Love.

While humans have been taught to follow along with the wiser ones, the time has come for individual humans to step back from the movie, draw a deep breath, see outside the picture frame, call back their identity and own their inheritance. It is not too late to dismiss that which you don’t agree with. We think it takes physical people, places and things to create. It is not so. First there is thought and desire. We are Divine Beings Of Light, with true, organic Power to impact The Global Aura, starting here and now. Did we come all this way to violently perish, based on some religious theme, without experiencing the Power of our Mind? Or, did we come all this way to learn the power of personal responsibility and the impact of our choices on all living things? Did we come all this way to see the tiny wantings and scripts of fear, so that we may mature and grow into magnificence? Was it our original plan to pass through, without clinging to the token ornaments, on our way to Truth?

The end times is really nothing more than an idea we observed and agreed to, by virtue of a written word, handed down through the ages of time from some source with a name. Millions of people agreed that this source with a name… was thee source and thee true source. What if that source was not of Authentic Light? What if that source was of a lost realm. Is it possible? Look at your life.

For all the humans that look upon the prophesies of the End Times as nothing more than an idea, there are tens of thousands more who look upon it as truth. To look upon any idea as true, especially ideas in written form, is to experience it as truth. That is the point of Creation. Think it, create it, experience it. Mass agreement has strength, but strength built on the idea of illusion has no real power. We don’t see evidence of that because we are impatient and use our human eyes to measure our progress, when the unseen realms of Light, and the earth, the water, the air, are holding and growing our promise even as our desire wanes with the tides of life. We have become complacent and hopeless. We turn our heads to the ugly and the shameful and hope our inattentiveness will make it go away. New books teach us to turn away and focus on joy. But, we turn away without really seeing that it cannot hurt us. Until we move on from knowing, we have not moved on. That is why things do yet look different.

We have had many new teachings flow down from the mad realms of lost souls who meet up with our minds in moments of fear, and work hard to convince us, guide us to join them. If you knew how many humans on planet earth, and beyond, are under the spells of these guides, you would be amazed. But, this need not be. We only become vulnerable when we forget our own true identity and adopt the memory of those who have gone before and use their powers to build more and more greed, hatred and fear. We have the power within us, right now, to settle into quiet, call this up and give it into the hands of Authentic Light for transformation. All we need do is own our Divinity and our Power, then act accordingly.

Many assume that these scripts are “Things That Must Come To Pass.” As science is now showing us, nothing is carved in stone. The Multi Verse is fluid and it is non local. Disagree with the written word, from the courageous mind, and you will be one more authentic light impacting The Global Aura, the Etheric DNA, and allowing for the rise of the collective Authentic Phoenix from the ashes of ignorance and suppression. We are at the fork in the road right now. But, your choice will need to be fueled with a willingness to believe in yourself and your true Power. You will only learn this through thought, word and action of your own. You will not learn it loitering about this plane looking for the answers outside yourself. Retire all Gurus to the shade of nearby Dogwoods. You are now in charge of your belief system, entirely. You already know the truth. All that is needed is your choice to live and breathe it, at all cost. You have a guide within you. You can call that God. You can call it Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Burt Reynolds. Or, you can call it your Highest Self. Or, you can call it nothing at all, for that which is timeless needs no name. It really doesn’t matter as long as you understand that this guide is Love and it is within.

How does one transform a memory called the End Times or any other such idea? Choose, with your heart and mind, in recognition that this is not deserving of the perfect being that you are. You did not come to create a violent ending. You came to create and experience timeless Light and all that it holds. You came to Create. What are you creating? You decide this within, then live your life as if you believe it. That is how it is undone. The wind, water and earth take on new memory through loving thought, word and action. Violence and hatred are not undone by exposing it, monitoring it, and voting against it. Authentic Love is a Tsunami of Light that dispels the darkness organically. You have no worries. Your only task is to sing, dance, paint, play and share your joy with others. You will be asked to awaken to your own role in this Global Play. You will have some change to make given what you now know. But, pay no mind to the man behind the curtain. He will only show himself to you when you give him your power and belief. Create a new Oz.

You will now choose to align with this sharing or not. To the degree you align in thought/belief, and then action, is to the degree your life experience will be transformed, and The Global Aura will be impacted. If you are confused, read this again. Ask for help in understanding. Be observant and patient. The truth loves to unfold in the eyes of the willing. For those of you already in awareness; the change is upon us. Your Light is working. We know what is possible. And so it is.

Sheree Denise Rainbolt-Kren

(c) 2007

Sheree is a writer, teacher and professional dowser. She has written three  full length ebooks that are given freely to those interested in Spiritual Dowsing, Reiki healing of The Inner Child, and a new system of numerology inspired in 2007. She hosts the largest dowsing forum on the internet, and a radio show at Live 365 on the topics listed above. Sheree also hosts the largest Reiki Manuals Library on the net. You can see more of her writings at the following locations:



Medical journal sides with HPV scientist


CHICAGO — An editorial May 2 in what is considered the Bible of the medical profession vindicates a researcher who told this newspaper months ago that mandating the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine for young girls is “a great big public health experiment.”

The vaccine, Gardasil, offers protection against four of the more than 100 known HPVs, two of which scientists believe cause about 70 percent of cervical cancers.

Last week, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) took a public stand against legislation to mandate this vaccine. The article, “Mandatory HPV Vaccination: Public Health vs. Private Wealth,” was co-authored by Chicago-based JAMA editor Dr. Catherine D. DeAngelis and Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown University professor Lawrence O. Gostin. Gostin specializes in public health law.

Declaring it unethical to rush into mandates, the authors accuse Gardasil’s manufacturer, Merck & Co., of putting profits ahead of the safety of the 2 million girls and women in the U.S. who, if it were mandated, would receive the vaccine before the long-term effectiveness and safety of it had been determined.

(This blog author believes there is a deeper evil than just money at work)

Pointing out that the Federal Drug Administration’s approval of the vaccine was conditional upon Merck agreeing to further test the safety and effectiveness of it, the JAMA article says, “Making the HPV vaccine mandatory contributes to long-standing parental concerns about the safety of school-based vaccinations.”

In fact, legislating the vaccine now “could have the unintended consequence of heightening parental and public apprehensions about (all) childhood vaccinations,” the article adds.

The article also questions how vaccine recipients would be compensated in the event of their suffering adverse effects from it, since some courts may determine that the manufacturer would not be liable if the states mandated it.

The article also admonishes Merck, which could rake in billions of dollars from a mandated vaccine, for financing efforts to persuade states and public officials to mandate it. “Private wealth should never trump public health,” the article says.


Until the JAMA article came out, Diane Harper, a physician, scientist and professor at Dartmouth University Medical School in New Hampshire, who spent 20 years studying the virus and helping to develop a vaccine for it, had stood virtually alone among her peers in denouncing efforts to mandate the vaccine.

When she first interviewed with this newspaper, she said she’d tried to convince major print and broadcast media to “tell the whole story” about the vaccine and why she, as a lead researcher on it, believes it is premature to mandate it.

“But no one would listen,” she said. She said she was speaking out with this newspaper because “it was the only one willing to listen to the whole story.”

Answering questions by e-mail, Gostin said he was aware of Harper’s concerns. (DeAngelis sent word through an aide that she was unavailable for an interview.) He and DeAngelis were motivated to write the editorial, Gostin said, because of the states’ rush to mandate the vaccine before all of the safety and effectiveness data were collected and analyzed.

In place of mandates, Gostin’s and DeAngelis’ JAMA article encourages public education about HPV and routine, voluntary vaccination as part of a comprehensive package aimed at preventing the infection. It also suggests that a young girl’s assent to being vaccinated is as essential as her parents’ consent.

“As for work with the states, it is important to stress that the vaccine is an important public health innovation, but it is necessary to move carefully and deliberately, taking a science-based approach,” Gostin said in his e-mail. “I think that mandatory vaccination has its place, but should be a last resort only if it is clear that it would be safe, effective and in the public’s interest. That standard has not yet been met with HPV vaccination.”


Tuesday, Harper was at a national conference of gynecologists in San Diego when she learned of the JAMA article. Acknowledging that she’d experienced some backlash because of her views — but declining to go into specifics — Harper said she felt relieved and excited that a publication as prestigious as JAMA was basically vindicating her and validating her views.

“I’m glad we are starting to get clarification in our communications, and in understanding the details of points that need to be considered for this vaccination,” Harper said. “The Associated Press has consistently miswritten, and consistently reported information that was not accurate about HPV. I have gone to them in New Hampshire several times for corrections, and they did correct a couple of things, but the last time they were unresponsive.”

So many people had questioned her because of her non-politically-correct stance on the issue that there were times when it looked like even her research was being doubted, she said, which made her position even more troubling. However, she stood behind her convictions.

“There is a lot of colleagial pressure to conform to the message, and be united in the message,” she said. “But I think we are too early in our knowledge of information to have just one message.”

She reiterated that this is “a wonderful vaccine,” and that this is an exciting time for medicine in this area. Today, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is publishing some HPV articles that she co-authored, and that should help explain what this vaccine can and cannot do, she said.

“But there are things we still don’t know about this vaccine,” she said. “For one thing, it takes 129 women to be vaccinated to prevent one case of CIN 2/3 (a type of cervical cell dysplasia), and that is important for people to know. It will be interesting now that the JAMA article is out, and the NEJM articles about Gardasil are published, what the public understanding will be.”

For more on this story and to read past stories in the HPV vaccine series, go to http://kpcnews.com/online_features/hpv_vaccine/ on the KPC Media Group Web site.

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Must-See Indy Film Exposes Cruel Teen Correction Programs


By Maia Szalavitz, www.HuffingtonPost.com
Posted on July 7, 2007, Printed on July 8, 2007

The New York Times calls Nick Gaglia’s indy production, Over the GW a “lean yet harrowing … look at reprogramming that masquerades as rehabilitation.” It is playing for just a short time here in New York City (details)— and I urge everyone to see it, especially those whose lives have been touched by these monstrous “therapies.”

The movie was based on Gaglia’s own story. From 1997-1999, he attended the KIDS program in New Jersey, which was run by Miller Newton. Those who follow these issues will probably recall that Newton previously served as national clinical director for Sembler’s Straight Inc. Despite having had to pay out over $10 million in settlements related to abuse he participated in and directed and admitting abusive practices to regulators, Newton still sits on an advisory board for Sembler’s Drug Free America Foundation.

Gaglia discussed his experience with me recently. Just 25, the writer/director is beginning to hear from Hollywood — the NY Post, NY Sun and Variety also took note of his debut film. Before being sent to KIDS, Gaglia had auditioned for and was accepted to New York’s prestigious Professional Performing Arts School, whose notable alumnae include Clare Danes, Alicia Keys and Britney Spears.

But Gaglia had problems at home. Although he’s still not quite sure why, he didn’t want to go to school and simply couldn’t communicate with his parents, who had divorced when he was nine. “I wanted to do what I wanted to do,” he says. “I wanted my independence and they were getting in my way.” Soon he was drinking and smoking pot daily– and coming home late, smashing furniture and punching doors. Until after KIDS, he’d never even tried any other drugs.

When taken to the program, located near a major shopping mall just over the George Washington Bridge from his home, he was told by his parents that he’d be going shopping. “I tried to run away, but a group of five people grabbed me. I was a really skinny kid and I wasn’t going to fight, I wasn’t violent.”

He was strip-searched by teenagers who were already inmates– made to “chicken squat” naked in front of them. In the film, the violence and potential for abuse in having unsupervised adolescents do such searches is represented with the terrifying snap of a rubber glove and images of a naked boy, surrounded by bigger, tougher kids who are clothed.

What he doesn’t show is the urine stains visible on the “clean” underwear he was given to replace the “druggy” clothes he was made to leave behind when admitted. When restrained on the floor, teens were not given access to the bathroom. “At my first group, there was a kid being restrained on the floor and his hands were soiled,” he says.

“I was restrained over 100 times,” he continues, detailing how fellow participants would throw him to the floor for “offenses” such as responding to being poked because he wasn’t paying attention by trying to fend off the attack. These restraints could last hours– with one person sitting atop the victim while others held down each limb. The most frightening part was fear of suffocation: sometimes the victim’s mouth would be covered and his nose pinched close.

Writhing was interpreted as defiance. “One time I felt like I was five seconds away from dying,” he says, “I have scars in my mouth which was bleeding. I was panicked and trying to communicate but they think you are resisting. What are you supposed to do?”

Grim as this material is, Gaglia represents only the barest outlines of it in the film: limited both by budget and by recognizing that if he did show the whole truth, he might make a movie that was unbearable to watch. He also avoided the trap of didacticism, which often mars attempts to tell these stories.

“I wanted the viewer to feel like he was sitting in that room,” he says. “You don’t know why your sister was there, you don’t know what day it is, you don’t know why they were doing certain things. And that’s the way I directed the actors.”

In fact, the actor who played the character based on Newton didn’t even know that there was a real-life model for the story until later. “I told him to act as though he believed he was doing everything ‘to help these kids,'” says Gaglia. The self-righteous rage and “ends justify the means” thinking that characterize the operators of tough-love programs comes through vividly.

Gaglia eventually managed to escape from KIDS by jumping out of a car stuck in traffic at the toll plaza of the GW Bridge. The program parents who were driving the car had childproof locks to prevent escape via the back doors– but the front seat was empty, and Gaglia went for it. Fortunately, after getting the attention of the police, he was able to convince his own parents not to return him.

But, like many who left, he was at first terrified that the program’s predictions of a future of “jails, institution or death” would come true rapidly because he’d left without completing it. And, again like many others, when that wore off, he began drinking more heavily and using harder drugs. “When the drunkest guys you know are saying ‘Hey dude, you’re drinking too much,’ you start to think it’s a problem,” he says. Ultimately, he studied film at Hunter College and got back on course.

“I don’t see how anyone who was in that kind of a situation for as long as I was could come out without post-traumatic stress disorder,” he says. “I had nightmares all the time that I was back in.”

I attended a screening recently for those who had been through KIDS and similar programs. I was struck by the age range: there were people from their mid-20’s to their 40’s who had suffered through years at KIDS. Though many were nervous that the film would trigger distressing memories, those I spoke with found that the film validated their experience. “More than anything, I made the movie as an homage to these people,” says Gaglia, “We’re all speaking with this film.”

Let’s hope that people who can prevent the abuse from continuing are finally listening.

Maia Szalavitz is a journalist who covers health, science and public policy. Her most recent book, co-written with leading child trauma expert Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD, is The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog and Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist’s Notebook: What Traumatized Children Can Teach Us About Loss, Love and Healing (Basic, 2007).

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