Glenn, from Associated Press: LOUD APPLAUSE !!!!! Rips on Romney and Romney blinks !

If you missed Romney’s Satan Moment, watch Olberman tonight, or see it on YOU TUBE, and prepare yourself. Within one nanosecond, all of hell shown in the black eyes of the Annointed One. It blew my hair back. It rocked my soul. It swept through Staples like Katrina on Coke! My Gawd in Heaven, Sweet Jesus of Mary and Lucifer.  This was PRIME TIME SITH. Holy crap. I posted all of this on my blog earlier today, when I saw it live. MSNBC actually edited out the Satan parts. BUT, Keith, my man, not only put it back in, but he showed us THE OTHER PARTS, that had ALSO been removed. You have got to see this tape. I still have chills from it. I wonder if Glenn is alright, or if he is in ICU. Those eyes are the very eyes we will have in the oval office if all goes according to plan. JOHN STEWART: You’re gonna wanna see this buddy. This is what you were born in the world to highlight.  Too bad CNN didn’t see it. Though, they aleady know. Find it. See it. Know it. I trust you will call on the Angels to protect you first.

Michigan:  Look at how much harder we have to work now that you went and ruined the world.