A new poll finds them [ McCain/Clinton ]  with double-digit margins over their nearest rivals. But many prospective voters say they could still change their minds.
By Cathleen Decker, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
January 29, 2008
One week before California throws itself into the presidential contest, John McCain and Hillary Rodham Clinton hold imposing leads in the races for their parties’ nominations, but the battles remain extremely volatile, a new statewide poll has found.The L.A. Times/CNN/Politico poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corp., (in the last week) showed that McCain has vaulted ahead of three other candidates with whom he shared a statistical tie for the Republican nomination just two weeks ago. He carried 39% of likely Republican primary participants, to 26% for Mitt Romney, who also bolstered his standing among California voters.
There is no way McCain went from a Vault, AN IMPOSING LEAD…. to Romney leading by 8 , within only a few days, even if you give Romney some extra points from undecided. THEY SAID MCCAIN HAD A DOUBLE DIGIT LEAD. So, they would have us believe, that against ALL MOMENTUM, Romney not only wiped out McCain’s double digit lead, but now he is ahead by 8 accoding to Zogby/ Rasmussen.  What was the initial DOUBLE DIGIT POLLS BASED ON ???  WHAT WERE THE QUESTIONS THE FIRST TIME AND WHAT IN THE HELL WERE THE QUESTIONS THE SECOND TIME?  I doubt very seriously that they were the same poll questions.
It is a lie. But who could be surprised. If Romney loses this one, it’s over. I don’t think Romney likes losing. In fact, I am pretty sure he will do anything to keep from licking egg off his face.