L.A. TIMES : Is Mitt Romney feeling the end ?

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Is Mitt Romney pondering The End?

As his chartered 737 jet flew high over the snowy prairies this weekend, Mitt Romney did something he hardly ever does.

He walked from the first-class section of the plane where candidates and senior staff typically sit on these seemingly endless campaign flights back into the messy economy section where the press corps covering the candidate resides. In fact, he did it several times.

Romney was, of course, immediately surrounded by reporters like The Times’ Seema Mehta with notebooks and tape recorders, ready to….

absorb his every word. And the candidate just chatted for a while. Kind of shared his thoughts. Answered some questions.

Now, that may seem insignificant. But on a presidential campaign, especially one where the buttoned-down candidate very rarely chooses to mingle like that, nothing happens by chance.

Romney’s campaign is in trouble. Deep trouble. He knows it. His staff knows it. And so does his chief rival Sen. John McCain, who’s gonna try to put Romney away with a bunch of big wins this Super Tuesday, when about half of the GOP delegates necessary for the nomination are chosen.



Pew Poll Shows McCain, Obama Making Gains

All Things Considered, February 3, 2008 · The latest poll from the Pew Research Center shows John McCain making double-digit gains with various voting groups. And on the Democratic side, the poll shows that Barack Obama is chipping away at Hillary Clinton’s base, with only a slim margin now separating the two senators. Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press goes over the numbers.


Dizzy Mitt decides to downsize staff post SuperTues. Then, flip flops on a dime.

Romney to Downsize Post-Super Tuesday?

February 03, 2008 12:26 AM

Ed OKeefe

ABC News’ Matt Stuart Reports: Mitt Romney suggested Saturday that he might reduce his staff after Super Tuesday, saying he has “a much larger staff” than may be required “as you go on to these subsequent primaries.” The former Massachusetts governor soon backtracked, insisting, “We don’t have any plans to change our staff size.”


Is the Rasmussen Poll a fix for Romney, to help them steal Calif?

I don’t know how you could argue otherwise. I have seen the Rasmussen poll quoted on at least 20 blogs today.

Even though it is the only poll showing such ridiculous numbers.

Pay attention. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

News: Romney used more of his own money, than what came in from outside sources.

Romney’s Q4 Numbers

DEFINE  WINNER:  Mitt Romney loaned his campaign $18 million in the final quarter last year while raising an additional $9 million from individual contributions, marking the first time he’s loaned more money to his campaign than he has raised from outside sources. For the year, Romney raised $53.5 million from individuals and loaned his campaign roughly $35 million.


Mitt Romney- a blip on the screen in Tennessee. McCain surging.

A New Tennessee Republican Primary Poll: Undecided Wins

Another poll has been released for the February 5th Tennessee Primary:

The big story for the GOP in Tennessee is McCain’s gain from the last poll that was conducted. McCain received only 12 percent in last week’s poll, but that has increased to 23 percent — a statistical tie with Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee visited Nashville this week, while McCain comes to town on Saturday.

In last week’s poll, the leading Republican in Channel 4’s poll was “Undecided,” and that still is the case. Current poll numbers have “Undecided” at 26 percent in the Republican race. Mitt Romney and Ron Paul were far behind in the poll.

Hillary Clinton led Barack Obama on the Democratic side. See the full results. Two other polls has been released in this race each showing a different result on the Republican side.