MITT romNEY AND DICK cheNEY in deep with Iran Investments? (told ya)

DICK AND LYNN have a daughter. She wants Romney elected. Have a look at this little ditty:

Romney, Cheney in Deep with Iran Investments

In a high profile effort to bolster his credibility on national security, 2008 Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney last week called on New York to divest its pension fund of any holdings in firms doing with business with Iran. But as it turns out, it is Mitt Romney’s former employer with the ties to Tehran. And as you’d expect, Dick Cheney’s Halliburton is in deep as well.

Following the lead of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Romney began his grandstanding on Iranian disinvestment by targeting the Democratic-controlled states of New York and Massachusetts. On February 22, Romney sent letters to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton as well as state comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli urging a policy of “strategic disinvestment from companies linked to the Iranian regime.” Romney’s theatrics continued:

go read it :

Greg KearNEY: “Mormons do not speak with one political voice!”

Protest regarding the 11 page letter sent out by Freedom Defense Advocates about the Mormon Church:

“This is old chestnut stuff that we’ve dealt with for years and years and years,” said Greg KearNEY, a member of the Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research, a nonprofit organization that runs a Web site explaining and defending Mormon doctrine, belief and practice. He read the letter at our request.

“The idea that Mormons speak with one political voice and one political motive is just plain nonsense,” Kearney said.”


He didn’t see where nearly 100% of mormons in the republican party voted for Mitt Romney in Nevada.

See what this *blog* has printed:

Politifact can easily refresh.