Yes, I could use some extra cash. We all could. But what in the hell have we come too?  We have evolved into the most lowly of species, as we let the US Axis of Evil destroy our military and their families.  If you insist on fighting this GREED war, then for GOD’S SAKES, give our military the equipment and support they need. DON’T SEND US THE MONEY !!!!!!  Oh, but they won’t be able to spend it in a way that helps your wealthy friends, will they. They need peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for their kids.

 I tried to post this three times from my WHY ORGANIC BLOG. No luck. That’s three times in 24 hours. So, I am sending from here. But, please see my other blog. The one someone doesn’t want you to see.

Glenn Beck, Romney Megaphone, says economy tanking.

Yes, that would be correct. Economy is tanking. That’s because it was designed to tank so Romney wouldn’t have to talk about his WAY EVIL stance on Iraq and the touble with Blackwater. And looky here, it worked. If you have yet to read my post from yesterday about how all of this *could have * happened (from a humorous perspective) then check out the post called Heeeeehhheeeeeehhheeeheheheeeee from 1/17.  I actually don’t think it posted at all, because I ALWAYS get comments on these things, and there are none. Additionally, it is no where to be seen on the net. Very unusual and very telling.