Romney in 1890



U.S. Supreme Court


136 U.S. 1


ROMNEY et al.

May 19, 1890




See for yourself: Which number represents Jesus Christ = 666



Using the english alphabet  A = 1   B= 2    etc.

Write out the phrase and assign the numbers under them.

Now, add it vertically as you normally would. Then, add it horizontally, ONE DIGIT at a time.

NOW ADD THEM TOGETHER.  This is the cross #.

WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS JESUS CHRIST = 666   is found in the backwards alphabet.

z=1   y = 2   etc.

Who is using the backwards alphabet? The same bloodline of the Poor Knights For Christ, who rolled the stone away and took the skull and bones of Jesus.

Jesus Christ Numerology

(easily verified by you)


Oh and this:

REGULAR ALPHABET:   JESUS =  29   74   103

BACKWARD ALPHABET:  MORMON =  29   74    103

No, this is not a coincidence. But, deeply troubling given the 666 of Jesus Christ in the backward alphabet.

….and the TRIBE OF EHRAIM in the regular alphabet at 666.  Who is the Aryan Brotherhood?  Hmmm. See any black people at the FLDS compound?



Who benefits from Obama flap? Obama. Looks like a set up by Bush to me.

Ya know, not all Muslims are bad. the Saudi elite and Bushies are close. I said it first. I will say it again. Obama can’t possibly be who he says he is, and when you take EVERYTHING into consideration (read my blog), it’s a no brainer. Bush wants Obama. Romney wants Obama. They DO NOT want Clinton. Am I the only sober one still standing?

 Obama’s wife sits on CFR. And you think they are bringing the troops home?  LOL

They are going to rearrange the loungers.

So, tonight’s breaking news is another attempt to shift attention away from Rev. Wright and onto the sympathy factor for Obama. Oh My – The Outrage !!  Are they hiding all that secret info about Obama’s secret trip to Iran? So, if there is nothing found in the passport probe, what’s the harm in using it as a tool to turn a tide?

Gawd, we’re so stupid.

Nothing that happens from here on out is what it appears to be. Look to see who benefits. Then have some cake and stop worrying. But, go and vote and you have a brand spankin new covenant with their Gods. You can have them.


Mitt Romney drops out and Mormons have their say. Worth reading.

I just happened across these 130 comments as I was looking for something else. I thought,”Hey, I wonder what Mormons are thinking about Mitt’s dropping out?” I decided to stay and read through the comments. If you have an extra 15 minutes, I suggest this read.  A bit startling I must say. It appears that mormons (in general) are blaming anti-mormonism for the entire problem, rather than looking at Mitt, the Man, see this flaws, and go from there. Plus, there is not the willingness to really look at their own secrecy, their ownership of an entire state, and their quite takeover of America. Why don’t they want to see what we see?,5150,695252755,00.html

Romney didn’t lose it alone. Matthews, Scarborough, Rush, Ingram, and Dobson helped him.

They all have to be smarting this evening.  Thank goodness Romney will pull out now and stop taking away Huckabee’s support. Maybe he can become President of the Church – then he won’t have to send back the wall plaque.

Unless he knows something I don’t know, I don’t expect to spend any more time writing about Mitt.

Huck and John: The far right will come calling now and they wanna deal.

Enjoy your big wins. HUGE VICTORY. But, as you lay your head on your pillow, Dr. Dobson, and all the other myraid of different self interested factions are plotting their deals they want from you, in exchange for their blessings. DON’T SELL OUT THE MIDDLE for the people who left you to rot and die a lonely, painful death.

They’ll come with the their BS and their demands, and their tails between their legs. Relish that part. But don’t you dare give an inch. YOU DON’T HAVE TO. The two of you have it sewn up without them. They knew that way before now, but they didn’t want to think about it. They saw it coming. They knew Romney wasn’t going to fly in the south. They didn’t know that he wasn’t going to fly anywhere, except in the wilderness, where no one lives, or in places where he has lived. He’s done. But, look for him to begin immediately to position himself for 2012.

Don’t you find the SOUTHERN Tornados interesting today ?  Don’t forget to watch THE PHEONIX LIGHTS on Discovery Channel on 2/22 . Anyhoo. All is well, the weather in Utah was quite right.

So, McCain and Huckabee, just wanted to get to you first: DON’T LET THEM STEAL YOUR SOULS. They will try, as they have lost their own. An entire nation said NO to Mitt Romney, except Utah, a home state of sorts, Nevada, another home state of sorts,  the top 2%, unemployed car makers who bought his song, and his home state of MA. Even the future Garden of Eden said Nope. How sad is that?

Stay on track. I think you two make a great team. Huckabee, you rocked the house tonight !!!!

You won’t get my vote because I don’t believe war is the answer. I believe in evolution. I don’t believe in the Holy Bible as the word of unconditional love – except the sweet Jesus parts, and I don’t believe in guns- or hatred of gays. I don’t believe Hispanics should be slaves either. I believe in the strong evolution of women. So, that sounds like a Hillary peep. I’m not that either. Nor can I vote for the Trojan Horse Obama. I am not sure what to do. Dennis Kucinich is out, Dodd is out. I’m out.  But, I am rooting for you guys. Why? Because you could not have risen from the deadest of the dead without a shore light. Use it to guide your way. Be careful not to walk backwards.

If you dedicate to govern from the CENTER, (the true meaning of God), then you will be thee most successful Pres and Vice Pres in history. I know Joe Leiberman had a lot to do with this win. I want to thank him. He knows why.

Canadians say McCain 45% – Romney 9% – Huckabee 8%

Canadians Weigh in on US Presidential Race – (since we are all one country and all)

Question: As you know, the leading presidential candidates for the Republican nomination are John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. If you could vote in the primaries, and had to choose between the two of them, which one would you support?

John McCain 45%
Mitt Romney 9%
Mike Huckabee 8%

Source: Nanos-Policy Options Poll

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