Let me save you some money. Get rid of those campaign managers who don’t understand the Amercian people. Here’s some free advice . Your attempt to buy the WHITE HORSE, WHITE HOUSE, makes the American people, the ones who are suppose to elect you, SICK TO THEIR STOMACHS. It’s corrupt (though not illegal), it’s seedy, it’s bizarre, it’s scary, it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

The White House is not for sale. You have spent 35 mill of your own money. You are still WAY behind nationally.

What part of NO THANKS do you not understand ? Michigan, your home state and Nevada, your Mormon state, and Wyoming, Cheney’s gift, does not a CANDIDATE MAKE.

Even if they steal it for you, and they might, since THEY are the ones in the White House now, everyone on planet earth will know you, FIRST, tried to buy it, and couldn’t, and SECOND, stole it. We know you won’t care about that of course.

But, I say it anyway.

The White Horse Whisperer should be the example from here on out.

The White Horse Whisperer, with his pocket full of millions, would be no where near a close race with McCain, were it not for his millions in negative ads. Huck would still be a huge factor, and Ron Paul would have a fighting chance. Mitt Romney has bought his race. He’s hoping to buy the Presidency. This should be the first order of business. No more bought elections !

Damn scary times.

Obama teams with Orin Hatch of Utah to protect church’s tithings.

Congress Passes Obama-Hatch Tithing Bill

Date: December 6, 2006

(this is  12/6/2006    aka    1  26 26)  very interesting.

Congress Passes Obama-Hatch Tithing Bill
Clarifies Treatment of Charitable Contributions in Bankruptcy Law

WASHINGTON – The House of Representatives today gave final approval to a bill sponsored by Senators Barack Obama (D-IL) Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) to protect an individual’s right to continue reasonable charitable contributions, including religious tithing, during the course of consumer bankruptcy. The measure passed the United States Senate in late September and will now be presented to the President for his signature.