POLL PICKING: Only two polls out of 35 don’t show McCain way ahead. That would be Zogby and Rasmussen.

So, pay attention- because you will see these two polls quoted over and over. A few days ago,  the LA Times had John McCain way ahead of Romney. All other 35 polls show McCain ahead of Romney. Some by 9 and 10 point margins.

www.clearpolitics.com   Check the national newspapers too. You will see that the Zogby and Rasmussen polls are bogus. But, Romney needs them to make the case for why he won more delgates in Calif. Don’t be at all surprised if he steals it.


Has Zobgy been bought? All of a sudden Romney surges ahead by 8 ?  I don’t think so. But, when candidates start buying pollsters, we are in real trouble. No other poll (that I have seen) shows Romney ahead by 8. MSNBC didn’t even show the poll. But, in walks Romney’s campaign manager, with a briefcase containing the glowing SACRED POLL OF ZOGBY and they throw it up for America to see.  Fantastically ridiculous. But, don’t laught to soon. You don’t know what this man, and his *friends* are capable of. It ain’t over yet.