Myanmar cyclone: random act of nature ?

If anyone thinks the cyclone of Myanmar wa a random act of nature, then you aren’t really following along.
In my view, based on many things, this is a deliberate maniulation of the weather. As was
Hurricane Katrina. This technology is ancient, though it is fairly new to humans. This is likely
the same technology that brought the Great Flood in 2340 BC. And nearly every single storm
and astrological occurence before that, and since then. Not to mention of the Parting of the
Red Sea.

Is it really so hard to imagine what is possible? Have you ever seen a crop cirlce
that popped up overnight, that would have taken man, many years to make the same way?
Have you ever seen a spacecraft the size of 4 football fields? Thousands of people have,
including reputable scholars, airline pilots and government executives. Wonder about what
really happended with the Tsunami in Indonesia ? Do you know we are mining deep under
the oceans, all over the world? What would a massive underground explosion do to the
waters above?

The time has come. You were told in the scripts, written not by loving hands
The texts fortell the future because it not only knows the future, it wrote the future. We are not
alone here, and we have never been alone. Keep your chin up. Just know what there is to
know, and find peace and forgiveness anyway. Anything else if fuel for the fire.

There’s that.

Now, please join with me today in helping the people and animals of Mayanmar cross
truthfully into the hands of Love. Please assist them over with loving prayer. It is very important that we
do this for them. Please stop what you are doing and be truly helpful now.