Who really owns and operates TECHNORATI ?

 A very important question. I have seen too many *issues* with this so called BLOG CENTRAL. Aside from it’s obvious play of word – ILLUMINATI, it feels a little rigged to me.

First, the main page of the largest BLOG CENTRAL site on the net has five stories on it, when I checked – just now.

Two are anti – Clinton.  One is about Posh Spice. One is about Brittany Spears, and the other is on the tanking economy.  Which is the construct set in place to help Mitt Romney have a platform to win. It may still work.

I’m talking about the main page of a site that host MILLIONS OF BLOGS.

But, I am watching Technorati much more closely now. Nothing on Iraq, nothing on McCain, nothing postive on Clinton-. Just another tool it seems to me.