When I tried to log on to this site just now, it came back and said your security certificate had expired and had not been renewed which would place my puter and all that I type in it, while here, at risk. Then, it gave me the option to continue to the site, or not. It suggested I not load your site. Since I know what our government is up to, I chose to come on ahead. But, I thought you should know. It’s official. We are watched. Unless you have another explanation.


Posted: Saturday, March 8th, 2008 at 3:05 pm

DEAR VACCINE PANEL : Leave us the hell alone !

All Kids Must Get Flu Vaccine, Panel Says

By Maggie Fox,
Posted: 2008-02-27 19:58:55
Filed Under: Health News
WASHINGTON (Feb. 28) – All U.S. children aged from six months up to 18 should be immunized every year against influenza, a panel of federal vaccine advisers said on Wednesday.
Please click the link and go register your vote against this insanity. I wouldn’t let this government touch me or my kids with a ten foot pole anymore. You gotta be kidding me. I pulled my own children out of school for homeschooling over mandated vaccines. Oh, and the fake history and science they teach.


Please please stop what you are doing and read this short piece on the absolute evil of our Military Courts. I am appealing to John McCain to get PERSONALLY involved in this situation. If he can’t stand up for THIS, then nevermind all of it.  I like John. But, while he stands for war against our enemies without, he must also stand to recognize them and eliminate them within. Don’t tell me you can’t do this. We need you to.

Support Mentally Ill Troops « Fitness for the Occasion

 I posted a while back about the coming times, and I explained to you how you have chosen to come here, into this experience. But, many chose from ignorance. You simply have no idea, the truth of your Creator here. You have been lied to. In any case, you chose to come and YOU CAN choose to leave. Suicide is not evil. THEY don’t want you to commit suicide because when you do that, you severe the plan *they* programmed for you. I know that sounds outrageous. I understand, but it’s true. When you severe the plan, it messes up a whole bunch of things- as we are all connected. Please believe me. True God loves you UNCONDITIONALLY. There is no such thing as sin. Only your desires that immediately place you in a point of space – and maybe time. My advise to you- get out of the church- go home and begin a personal – truthful relationship with you true High Self, and open your mind. The sooner the better. These Gods of Earth, also run our military. They are not of love.