2008 and the Egyptian Goddess HATHOR

You would need to do some research about Hathor, Cow Goddess, of Egyptian times, to get this, but let’s just do 12sentences for now.  IT’S ABOUT THE HAT.   HATHOR   –   HAT HOR   – HAT WHORE –  Otherwise known as THE CROWN and the ancient wars for it. But what of this word Whore? What does THAT mean in relation to the crown? Does it mean you will DO ANYTHING TO WIN THE CROWN ?  Does it also mean that one galavants about taking a turn at the crown? All in the bloodline? 

I wish I had a extra long pointer, so I could show you pictues that stretch out beyond the four sqaures of your mind, but this toothpick will do for now.

THINK:  Crown of Thorns. 

Someone, or something, gave a big fat, IN YOUR FACE, to Jesus, having to do with the HAT. The sundisk/cowhorns thing.  There’s a war going on. And, it’s between legends.  Between Supernaturals.


HAT U  means THE CROWN RETURNS.  Feels like a second coming of sorts. Of the 11th kind.

 UTAH. It’s also showing me HAT U as in U GET THE CROWN.

The numbers show me. My gut shows me.


Here’s some google results for Mormon + Hathor