I just donated to Kucinich. My choice is registered. That means more than you think it means.

Choice is everything. What do you choose. The world is going to change forever by no later than 2017, but is going to be vastly different by 2012. What you choose right now becomes your DNA. You are aligning right now with what you want. That has a biological consequence, far beyond what you currently understand. There is so much that has been hidden. No matter. You don’t need to know all that, but you do need to choose wisely. For your choice is your future. When things get bad, and your number comes up, you will make a cross over. You choice RIGHT NOW will determine your crossing. Not meaning to scare you. This is not a religious question. This is REALITY statement. There is a force in the Etheric Plane owned by a very dark force. They will be wearing halos and wings when you arrive. They will be smiling and they will wrap their arms around you. You better have some deeper eyes my friends. You better have some good choices right now about who YOU are. If you get aligned with knowledge, you crossing will be truthful.

Be strong. Ask for help in seeing the truth. The tuth will come if you are ready to see it.

It is my own feeling that NO ONE on either side, who is a front runner in this election is Authentic. This election is everything to them. They would never risk a loss. You are not free. These choices are not choices. They are hand selected for you. Any one of them will due for them. They have a candidate ready for a myaid of causes. Have a cause? We have the candidate for ya ! You don’t need anyone else. We know what you want.

Vote for your choice, based on who you TRULY ARE. vote for someone else, because you think they can WIN, and you have chosen to misalign with WHO YOU ARE, out of fear. Fear is food for that which owns you when you have it.