Yesterday, before the polls closed – while expecting Romney to win Calif, they were saying THIS IS IT. Who ever doesn’t win Calif, is out of it. Now, it’s Wednesday morning, Romney gets his ass kicked, NOT JUST IN CALIF, but all over non mormon America. But, this morning, it’s a brand new talking point.


 No shit !!!


No Shit !!!

Romney is dead. Gone. What are you going to do now, prop up his greedy stiff alien body and stick Limbaugh behind him as he travels through Oregon ?  Hoping against all hope that Romney can still pull it out? GROW UP.

You can hear it in them. They have toned things WAY DOWN.  But, if it were McCain who had lost Calif, they would have all been laughing and giggling today with news that McCain should now drop out.

There is no bigger evil than the MEDIA. Period.  It’s not just about this race. It’s about how we got to this race in the last 40 years- and where we go from here.  They are poised to poison, and they have gotten good at it. So many of them lie to our faces, without any shame? Are they human?

Unless you speak up on it, and use your voice, it will get worse. Trust me.


Has Zobgy been bought? All of a sudden Romney surges ahead by 8 ?  I don’t think so. But, when candidates start buying pollsters, we are in real trouble. No other poll (that I have seen) shows Romney ahead by 8. MSNBC didn’t even show the poll. But, in walks Romney’s campaign manager, with a briefcase containing the glowing SACRED POLL OF ZOGBY and they throw it up for America to see.  Fantastically ridiculous. But, don’t laught to soon. You don’t know what this man, and his *friends* are capable of. It ain’t over yet. 

Got Chris? Matthews on radar with Media Matters.

THIS MUCH IS CLEAR. TELEVISION MEDIA IS OWNED BY THE WORST KIND OF EVIL. More and more people are waking up to it. If it weren’t for the media, there is NO way we would be where we are.



Rant Back! The Media’s 2008 Presidential Election « The WATCHWORD

Yep, posting it back for my own readership. 🙂 This is a piece of excellence.


Is there a conspiracy at CNN and MSNBC to LIE about the support John McCain really has?  CNN headlined with this after McCain took Carolina:  “McCain’s support doesn’t run deep”  – that was the headline and it’s – AT BEST –  a bald face lie. Check the following- which took place after Carolina:




RUDY ENDORSES MCCAIN – Brings his peeps with him


Media is lying to us. Period.




Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008

Based on daily polling from Jan. 28-30, 2008

PRINCETON, NJ —  Gallup Poll Daily tracking data from Jan. 28-30 shows McCain with a 15-percentage point lead over Mitt Romney. McCain is the top choice of 37% of Republican voters nationwide, compared with 22% for second-place Mitt Romney.    SEE THE LIES AT CNN RIGHT HERE !


AP Yahoo Poll finds voters don’t think Romney is authentic.

“No one has seen their image improve more than McCain. According to an Associated Press-Yahoo News survey released Friday, McCain is widely seen as experienced, strong, honest and decisive. He has even shown improvements from two groups he has struggled to win over: conservatives and white evangelical Christians.

[ What ???  Does the news media have this info? They keep saying the exact opposite! How could they be so wrong? Why would they lie?]

 Romney’s ratings for likability, strength and attractiveness have improved in the AP-Yahoo poll since November, but he is still well behind McCain in every category. Among those familiar with Romney, most cited was his Mormon faith and a sense he is not authentic, including many who said he changes his mind on issues—a frequent charge leveled by his opponents.

Joe Scarborough losing more and more sleep over McCain

John McCain is ruining Joe’s life. Joe can’t sleep or eat. His man Romney is now showing 15 points behind McCain nationally. Joe is sick over it. How could the good republicans of this nation vote for such a liberal. He aims to do something about it. He doesn’t know what yet, but dammit, Romney is going to be President if he has his way about it. He knows the real Mitt. He knows Mitt simply lied to get elected in MA. He doesn’t know why he lied, and he doesn’t care. Tim Russert looks on and wonders if Joe will make it through Super Tuesday. There is a video on You Tube, shot of Russert consoling a sobbing Scaborough at the watercooler. 

Joe reminds us that Romney won Michigan and Nevada. Oh, and Wyoming. He has erased New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and the big one, Florida. They don’t exist anymore. Georgia is now beachfront. And, it’s going McCain. Joe is happy to learn that Mitt is throwing his last remaining billion into Utah. They like McCain. He knows that if Mitt loses Utah, then this whole thing is just one giant playstation game with no 10th level.

Each morning,Joe wonders, out loud,  “What in the world are people thinking.” He’s ravaging every Neocon rag in America,  looking for McCain hate, so that he can inform his viewers that the McCain momentum is vulnerable. He has found stories in three small towns. Two are in North Dakota. The other town is where Romney’s house is. His neighbor doesn’t like McCain. He doesn’t like Romney either, but that’s not the point. What IS the point? No one really knows. Joe is beginning to ramble on about Alito and vacation time he never took.

Joe Scarborough, the early morning NEOCON FIX MEISTER, promises revenge on McCain for the abomination perpetrated by McCain about Mitt’s “timetable” issue. How utterly unfair to say these things out loud. Where the voters would hear! McCain is a terrible man.  Joe knows it, and he aims to make you know it.

Joe Scaborough may not make it. Mica is reported to be tiring of it all. She use to smile more. The morning Joe has become the midnight hell.  Joe- calling her at all hours of the night, wanting “someone to talk to”. His own wife has taken the kids and gone to Olbermann’s house. Keith has made it clear that Joe is not welcome. There is no room at the Inn for the McCain Haters and CEO’s of anything. Joe feels so lost. And alone. Why won’t anyone listen. McCain will bring the end times. He is Satan. He will reverse the Bush tax cuts for the love of hell !!!!

Join with me today in prayer for Joe Scraborough.

Major Network News Anchors

The American people are asking you to step up and tell us what is happening to this country. We know you know. We know you have information we need. But, because you fear for your jobs (at least), you play along and allow the Puppet Master to take this dying Democracy like candy from a baby.

There are few persons on the planet who Americans, and the world, place their faith in, to show them the truth. 

Is it just about the money?

What happened to you?

It is clear now that you do not care about us anymore. What is not clear, is what you DO care about.

Why do you continue this charade? How do you do it? What drives you? A mortgage?

I have young children. You might also have young children, or grandchildren. Do you suppose they will not feel any of the pain and suffering that is seeping in slowly and methodically to our system of government? You think they will be isolated from it?  How do you know they will be like you.

Maybe they will be like me.

Maybe they will look back at their mother, or their father and wonder… could you?

Maybe their flat screens and custom headboads will be meaningless to them when they see all the blood in the streets, and a country that looks nothing like the one you had the honor to grow up in. Maybe they will look at your work and decide against it.

Why do you do it? What drives you?

It’s a dirty job and someones gotta do it?

It’s too late to fix it- so why bother?

The people are stupid and aren’t worth your courage?

Which one among you will be the one to speak to the American people about the truth. consistently. No deals. No back room arrangements for compromises. Just 24/7 truth —- not when it’s so late that it’s too late. But, when it matters right now. We see a small number of you trying. But, we also see the deals that must have been made later, because truth is a good thing, until it can change things. Then, it becomes dangerous.

Which one of you?

You ?

There are a small handfull who get on the airwaves each day and risk it all to inform the people. They are constantly under fire and threatened. They too have famlies and mortgages. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t even be here now to blog this. Some of them have been fired or *transferred*. Some of them can’t pay thier bills. All of them have a conscience.

Glenn, from Associated Press: LOUD APPLAUSE !!!!! Rips on Romney and Romney blinks !

If you missed Romney’s Satan Moment, watch Olberman tonight, or see it on YOU TUBE, and prepare yourself. Within one nanosecond, all of hell shown in the black eyes of the Annointed One. It blew my hair back. It rocked my soul. It swept through Staples like Katrina on Coke! My Gawd in Heaven, Sweet Jesus of Mary and Lucifer.  This was PRIME TIME SITH. Holy crap. I posted all of this on my blog earlier today, when I saw it live. MSNBC actually edited out the Satan parts. BUT, Keith, my man, not only put it back in, but he showed us THE OTHER PARTS, that had ALSO been removed. You have got to see this tape. I still have chills from it. I wonder if Glenn is alright, or if he is in ICU. Those eyes are the very eyes we will have in the oval office if all goes according to plan. JOHN STEWART: You’re gonna wanna see this buddy. This is what you were born in the world to highlight.  Too bad CNN didn’t see it. Though, they aleady know. Find it. See it. Know it. I trust you will call on the Angels to protect you first.

Michigan:  Look at how much harder we have to work now that you went and ruined the world.



From the time I woke up this morning, to right now, all networks are talking only word: ECONOMY. They will spend all day talking about the economy. They just now said it again. THE ECONOMY, they say is our #1 concern. This is a lie. They lie to you and I. Why? Because they are bought and sold by the very people who have stolen our democracy.

HERE’S MY ADVICE TO YOU . You won’t get better advise my friend. There is only one way to end this nightmare. DISENGAGE FROM THE BS. Stop buying stuff. Effective now. Dedicate 2008 as the year you stopped buying shit. Also, I suggest to you that you sign up for the undecided column, and wait and see where we go as a party from here. Get out of Edwards column. Get out of Hillary’s column. Get out of Obama’s column. I wish we had some REAL leadership right now. But, we don’t. What we have is each other and the power of our collective wallet, voice and vote. I don’t care about the damn economy. The Power Elite have complete control of our economy. Big Oil made record profits and they are Bush’s best friends. The banks made billions of dollars in bad loans, knowing it would crash and here we are.  They control the economy. Period. If YOU want to control the economy – you can. You can stop buying their stuff.

 I care about the war in Iraq, the upcoming war in Iran, our homeless vets, mandatory vaccines, the corrupt beef industry, our health freedoms, THE PATRIOT ACT, and all the things Obama, Hils and Edwards won’t talk about, except as a nice little poem. The media own these poeple, and the Global Elite own the Media, and you really don’t want to know who owns the Global Elite do you.

There is no time left. This is it. WHAT WILL YOU DO.

Please, we must join together, fearlessly and stand united. Stop buying anything that is not food or shelter and basic needs. Get rid of your big fat cars and go small. Conserve gas. Conserve electricity. Buy used clothing. I’ve been doing it for years, and I look fabulous ! Have a yard sale and sell your junk. Give that money away if you can. If not, please use it wisely. Don’t buy their stuff. If you cannot dedicate for this, then nothing else you are doing has any power.

Keep blogging about the things you care about. DON’T LET THEM TELL US WHAT MATTERS TO US.

The people in positions in power who may understand this debate, will no longer fight for people who will not fight for themselves. WHY WOULD THEY ? They will cave to the enormous pressure on them from above.

Now get going.