THE STUDENTS PRESS – Huckabee kids know Romney is a security threat?


by Leon (Producer)

Today’s Marietta Journal News poll showed 47% Huckabee,  31%  McCain, and  19% Romney.  Last Saturday literally thousands greeted Gov. Huckabee with Alabama Gov. Bob Riley at a rally in Birmingham.  However, the TV networks and nationally syndicated radio pundits don’t report these facts.  Today, Tim Russert’s spin was that Mike Huckabee caused Romney to loose New Hampshire, where a more realistic analysis is that the Huckabee votes would have gone to candidates like Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson.  The big unreported New Hampshire story was that Romney became the first of six neighboring Massachusetts Presidential candidates to loose that state, including Lodge who won in 1964 as a write-in!  Don’t expect coverage any more accurate from the Rush Limbaughs, Laura Ingrams, Ann Coulters and other Neo-Con shills either.
China is an emerging global superpower and military peer, and thus a very real potential threat to United States vital National interests.  Bain Capital is Romney’s old flag ship company that he touts as evidence of his managerial and executive ability.  Bain is the major facilitator of the China – 3 M deal.  As Congressman Hunter, Ranking House Armed Services Committee Member has repeatedly emphasized, the majority of venture capital firms like Bain will not even talk with a company until they answer the question “when are you moving your production to China”.