Nevada Repub Party changed rules 3 times since 1/9/08 . Caucus Chaos.

 “The inconsistencies, errors and multiple changes in the rules reek of playing politics with the what should be a neutral process,” said Ron Paul 2008 campaign manager Lew Moore.

“The people of Nevada deserve to know exactly what the rules are and to know that those rules are being fairly enforced. This has not happened up to this point, and the caucus appears to be in chaos.”

The problem of multiple rule changes is being compounded by other inconsistencies and errors in the process.

Many Nevada Republicans have received postcards with incorrect information about their caucus location, and the Nevada GOP website had incorrect caucus locations listed as late as Wednesday, January 16.

Additionally, one or more county chairs have expressed concerns over an insufficient number of ballots, and the Ron Paul campaign has heard reports that rural counties are short of ballots, while Clark County precincts were given what is regarded as far too many ballots.

The Ron Paul campaign has learned that the Nevada Republican Party has changed the rules for eligibility requirements for caucusing three times since January 9.

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Romney Steering Committee Member Blocks NH Recount (big surprise)

A reader responds to, “PayPal sabotages New Hampshire vote recount“,
The Depressing Truth said…
It should read “Romney Steering Committee Member Blocks New Hampshire Vote Recount”

PayPal blocked the payment to the New Hampshire Secretary of State..
Claiming that one or more of the contributors for the recount had “Islamic sounding name(s) and could be related to terrorists”

Who owns PayPal? Ebay owns PayPal..

The CEO of Ebay is on Romneys Steering Committee.


When do you suppose you will have seen enough about this man and his friends? When will it finally dawn on you what he is? Eventually, people like me go away and live out our lives with less and less concern for those who use their own free will to lose their souls forever.