Do you get the feeling it’s time to pack up and move to some Island?

Too late. They got that covered. Chips in the passports now. Without a passport, you can’t do squat. Try to ditch it in an airport locker and you won’t have any luck renting an apartment in the ghetto of any island. They know who you are, where you are, why you’re they’re and more than that, they know your preferences, and your fears. They know what makes YOU tick. You cannot escape. It’s too late. We slept far too long. And, now the frosting on the cake comes with a choice between these presidential candidates, their corrupt and evil picks for VP and their end times agenda.

Settle in. Put your feet up. Don’t take it all so seriously. 🙂  At least we are in for some entertainment.

The right is pushing Romney for VP

It’s official. They want to lose. But why? Why would they want to lose…..unless they could win? But, in order to win, it would take a Clinton or an Obama to win for them. Which one is on their side? Or, are both actors in this Grand Illusion?  Clearly, they don’t want McCain. And, to match him up with Romney is the kiss of death. NOTHING would energize democrats (non mormon) more than a McCain Romney tkt.

 I told you not to count out Romney. There was a reason for that.

911 Exec. Dir. had close ties with White House and tried to influence final report

Ties Between White House, Sept 11 Chief
The Associated Press
Sunday, February 3, 2008; 6:25 PM

WASHINGTON — The Sept. 11 commission’s executive director had closer ties with the White House than publicly disclosed and tried to influence the final report in ways that the staff often perceived as limiting the Bush administration’s responsibility, a new book says.

IRAQ, THE MOST PRIVATIZED WAR IN HISTORY: More private security in Iraq than military from other countries.

The Military Industrial Complex: Iraq for Sale

Iraq is the most privatized war in history.

Forty cents out of every dollar that congress spends on war, goes to private contractors [$275,000,000 Daily].

There are more American private security troops in Iraq than military personnel from any other country.

These private troops come from Military Contracting Corporations. Whose Sole Concern is Profit. Not lives lost, not efficient use of resources, not anything other than Money.

The success of these companies depends entirely on the financing they receive from the United States Government.

In Falluja, 4 Blackwater agents were killed. Blackwater used this “event” to meet with high profile congressman who held important positions in congressional committees. Blackwater was soon able to acquire contracts and prevent investigations.

These war profiteering corporations have directors who worked at the highest levels of the Pentagon and CIA. It is the equivalent of insider trading… it is insider trading.



Rant Back! The Media’s 2008 Presidential Election « The WATCHWORD

Yep, posting it back for my own readership. 🙂 This is a piece of excellence.

Remember when I told you that Yahoo was the last remaining hope for a *real* internet?

Just breaking on “the wires” right now is SHOCK news for the online world. Microsoft might just be about to get much bigger – it has just proposed a deal to buy long-time internet nearly-company Yahoo! for a vast total fee of $44.6bn – that’s $31 a share.To give you an idea of how much money $44.6bn actually is, that’s enough money to buy approximately 55.75 billion Mars bars.

The deal between the two mega-corporations was first rumoured a year ago but is now official. Well, sort of official – Microsoft has put the buyout deal to Yahoo!, and is now anxiously hitting Send/Receive to see what Yahoo!’s response will be to its terms of surrender.

All this is pending, of course, the usual whinges about anti-trust, competition, money and who gets to sit in the nicest office with the window once the deal is done.

(Via CNN)

This was a lead story on Technorati. I forgot to get the link. I’ll go back for it shortly.

MITT romNEY AND DICK cheNEY in deep with Iran Investments? (told ya)

DICK AND LYNN have a daughter. She wants Romney elected. Have a look at this little ditty:

Romney, Cheney in Deep with Iran Investments

In a high profile effort to bolster his credibility on national security, 2008 Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney last week called on New York to divest its pension fund of any holdings in firms doing with business with Iran. But as it turns out, it is Mitt Romney’s former employer with the ties to Tehran. And as you’d expect, Dick Cheney’s Halliburton is in deep as well.

Following the lead of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Romney began his grandstanding on Iranian disinvestment by targeting the Democratic-controlled states of New York and Massachusetts. On February 22, Romney sent letters to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton as well as state comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli urging a policy of “strategic disinvestment from companies linked to the Iranian regime.” Romney’s theatrics continued:

go read it :



Why Would Wolf Blitzer Want Hillary to Win?


By Manila Ryce, The Largest Minority
Posted on November 19, 2007, Printed on November 20, 2007

This post, written by Manila Ryce, originally appeared on The Largest Minority

In honor of the terrific job Wolf Blitzer and CNN did in moderating the most recent “debate” in Las Vegas, I thought I’d dig out this blast from the past.

In a recent episode of Hardball, Ed Schultz was asked why he thought Wolf would want Hillary to be elected president. One reason could be that she’s the most pro-war candidate who supports Israel’s ongoing occupation, ethnic cleansing, and oppression of the Palestinian people. Of course, “Hardball” is anything but, so you’re not allowed to say those sorts of things. As Clinton stated in the last debate, she favors security over freedom, just as the Zionists and Neocons do. Here’s one disgusting speech in which she declares her unconditional support for the inhumane practices of the Israeli government.

Blitzer himself is a former editor of AIPACs monthly publication, the “Near East Report”. It doesn’t look good when a network which claims to be “the most trusted name in news” hires a propagandist within such a powerful pro-Israeli organization to disseminate “objective journalism” to the American people. Hopefully, the following debate can offer some context to the abomination we saw just a few nights ago. Corporations such as Time Warner are pure tyrannies. It is in their best interest to crush democracy by limiting legitimate debate within our society. They too believe as Hillary does, that the importance of their security trumps the freedoms of the many.

The video to your right is from a forum in 1989 that was titled “The Intifada within the American, Israeli, Islamic Triangle”. Professor Norman Finkelstein (one of those heretical “self-hating Jews” like Chomsky and Zinn) consistently destroys Blitzer in a cool and concise way. Also, pay attention to the way Wolf speaks along with the false arguments he puts forth. You can just as easily picture his tired talking points coming out of the mouth of any mainstream American politician.

Manila Ryce is a regular blooger for The Largest Minority

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