I just donated to Kucinich. My choice is registered. That means more than you think it means.

Choice is everything. What do you choose. The world is going to change forever by no later than 2017, but is going to be vastly different by 2012. What you choose right now becomes your DNA. You are aligning right now with what you want. That has a biological consequence, far beyond what you currently understand. There is so much that has been hidden. No matter. You don’t need to know all that, but you do need to choose wisely. For your choice is your future. When things get bad, and your number comes up, you will make a cross over. You choice RIGHT NOW will determine your crossing. Not meaning to scare you. This is not a religious question. This is REALITY statement. There is a force in the Etheric Plane owned by a very dark force. They will be wearing halos and wings when you arrive. They will be smiling and they will wrap their arms around you. You better have some deeper eyes my friends. You better have some good choices right now about who YOU are. If you get aligned with knowledge, you crossing will be truthful.

Be strong. Ask for help in seeing the truth. The tuth will come if you are ready to see it.

It is my own feeling that NO ONE on either side, who is a front runner in this election is Authentic. This election is everything to them. They would never risk a loss. You are not free. These choices are not choices. They are hand selected for you. Any one of them will due for them. They have a candidate ready for a myaid of causes. Have a cause? We have the candidate for ya ! You don’t need anyone else. We know what you want.

Vote for your choice, based on who you TRULY ARE. vote for someone else, because you think they can WIN, and you have chosen to misalign with WHO YOU ARE, out of fear. Fear is food for that which owns you when you have it.

CNN and BUSH’S really want CLINTON! Cuz she’s on the same page.

Listening to Laura Bush on CNN this morning, you would think she was Hillary’s campaign manager. Same with many of the other Repubs. They want Hillary. And it’s NOT so they think they can beat her, although that is their hope. But, the last thing they want is Obama, Edwards, or GOD FORBID, Master Kucinich. Their entire PLAN FOR THE WORLD would be put on hold- (to a small degree) and they don’t have but 5 years left to get it done, before the magical 2012 hits.

If you vote for Clinton, you are voting for Bush. Period. She  VOTED FOR THE WAR! Lest we forget. She has voted to strip us of our liberties, over and over and over.

You will not have a chance for a Do Over on Election Day. 

I am still undecided as of now over Ron Paul, and Obama or Kucinich. No I am not confused.

The greatest threat in this moment is the threat to our freedoms, through the stripping of our constitutional rights. Ron Paul is the man for the job. But, we need a little more than that. We need compassion for people, and someone who is not from Texas! I have given to his campaign, and to Obama’s, but if people think Clinton is going to get us out of Iraq, and keep us from war with Iran, you’re dreamin.


Im so with Romney on this one- and I’m no fan  of Romney.

I don’t see why people are up in arms. No, I am not anti muslim.

Read my blog for Gawds sakes !



Writer Exposes Romney’s Church of

Latter-Day Hypocrisy


By Sam Stein, HuffingtonPost.com
Posted on November 28, 2007, Printed on November 28, 2007

This post, written by Sam Stein, originally appeared on The Huffington Post

The author of a much-discussed op-ed in the Christian Science Monitor — which charged that former Gov. Mitt Romney said he would likely not appoint a Muslim-American to his presidential cabinet – says Romney’s explanation for the comment is a flat out lie.

Mansoor Ijaz, a prominent Islamic businessman, told the Huffington Post that Romney’s comments were made in reference to possible cabinet appointments and not, as the former governor has since claimed, in the context of combating Islamic extremism.

“This guy is lying now to the American people,” said Ijaz. “He probably never imagined someone would come out and write a piece the way I did. And I think he made a serious mistake in judgment in trying to disown what he said.”

In an oped on Tuesday titled “A Muslim Belongs in the White House,” Ijaz wrote of a private campaign event he attended in which Romney claimed he could not see how appointing a Muslim to his cabinet could be “justified” considering the group’s demographics in America.

Pressed to explain his statement later in the day, Romney said it had been taken out of context.

“His question was did I need to have a Muslim in my Cabinet to be able to confront radical Jihad and would it be important to have a Muslim in my Cabinet,” said Romney. “And I said, ‘No, I don’t think that you have to have a Muslim in the Cabinet to be able to take on radical Jihad anymore than during the Second World War we needed to have a Japanese-American to understand the threat that was coming from Japan or something of that nature.’ I just rejected that argument…”

Reached by phone, Ijaz scoffed at such an interpretation of what transpired.

“I can tell you,” he said, “that Romney’s push back, meaning his statement about the Japanese is all bullshit. He never talked about the Japanese at that point. Everything he said today is simply trying to reconfigure this item, which is he doesn’t feel there is a need to put people of Islamic faith into his cabinet.”

Moreover, he added, this is not the first time the Massachusetts Republican has made off-the-cuff remarks that Muslims have found insensitive. Indeed, as reported by Talking Points Memo, Romney rejected the idea of appointing a Muslim to a high-ranking White House position at an earlier and, again, private campaign stop.

Irma Aguirre, the former finance director for the Nevada Republican Party, told the Huffington Post about her experience at a Romney fundraiser roughly two months ago:

“I was curious to listen to Romney, I was very impressed by him and I’m kind of undecided about whom to support. Well, at one point, they opened questions to the audience and a gentleman who was with me… raised his hand and posed a question. ‘Being that Muslims do not really trust America’s leaders, do you think it would be prudent, or would you consider having a Muslim in your cabinet as an adviser to lend credibility to the administration? His response was ‘probably not’ or ‘most likely not.'”

According to Aguirre, Romney pivoted from the question into a discussion on the dangers jihadism posed to America.

“I was shocked and disgusted,” she recounted. I felt like “he was assuming that all Muslims were jihadists. And later, I just kind of looked at a friend of mine who is a huge Mitt Romney supporter, she asked me, ‘Isn’t he great?’ and I said, ‘absolutely not.'”

Romney’s campaign did not respond by time of publication.

Sam Stein is a Political Reporter at the Huffington Post, based in Washington, D.C.

© 2007 Independent Media Institute. All rights reserved.
View this story online at: http://www.alternet.org/bloggers/http://www.huffingtonpost.com//69088/

WIDOW (W I do W ) and Jesus (numbers exact match)

JESUS CHRIST = 29 H  74 V  103 HV…….WIDOW = 29 H  74 V  103  HV………THE SON OF MARY MAGDALENE = 221 V——– who is the widow of Jesus Christ ?   23 = BUSH  (aka – W)  There is alot more to the name Bush than you are prepared to swallow right now.


I have learned that the numbers and the English Alphabet are rife with intentional manipulation as old as the heiroglyphs.

Did you add that thingy yet?  Using the backwards alphabet ?  Z=1  Y = 2  X = 3    etc.

Use that to add up this phrase:  WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS JESUS CHRIST

The hv = 666   –   that’s probably just a pesky coincidence.

H means adding the name horizontal:

J  E  S  U  S


Add one single digit at a time for 29 h

Add vertical the same way you normally would.   74 v

Now add them together for  103  hv

As well – using the backwards alphabet, MORMON = 29 h   74  v   103  hv.

Hmmm- that’s kinda hard to ignore!  Why put this in the backwards alphabet?

Are you hiding something?

That would be the string of the word  JESUS.  (hmm – two coinicidences)

Using the backwards alphabet….

G   O   D

20 12  23     (looky here- a 23 (Bush h) follows 2012.

You should see how vaccines line up, and Freemasonary, and Order of the

Eastern Star (female masons).

But, neverind….go back to sleep.

What my numbers have shown me as that the USA was set up by

and ancient agenda.


222 is huge- but more importantly, 222 x 8 = 1776.

Yeah, I know what I’m doing.

222 = which number represents hillary clinton – (using the backwards alphabet)


Who is the Lady In the New York Harbor?

Who was Mary Magdalene reeeeaaaallly ?

Happy Thanksgiving



Why Would Wolf Blitzer Want Hillary to Win?


By Manila Ryce, The Largest Minority
Posted on November 19, 2007, Printed on November 20, 2007

This post, written by Manila Ryce, originally appeared on The Largest Minority

In honor of the terrific job Wolf Blitzer and CNN did in moderating the most recent “debate” in Las Vegas, I thought I’d dig out this blast from the past.

In a recent episode of Hardball, Ed Schultz was asked why he thought Wolf would want Hillary to be elected president. One reason could be that she’s the most pro-war candidate who supports Israel’s ongoing occupation, ethnic cleansing, and oppression of the Palestinian people. Of course, “Hardball” is anything but, so you’re not allowed to say those sorts of things. As Clinton stated in the last debate, she favors security over freedom, just as the Zionists and Neocons do. Here’s one disgusting speech in which she declares her unconditional support for the inhumane practices of the Israeli government.

Blitzer himself is a former editor of AIPACs monthly publication, the “Near East Report”. It doesn’t look good when a network which claims to be “the most trusted name in news” hires a propagandist within such a powerful pro-Israeli organization to disseminate “objective journalism” to the American people. Hopefully, the following debate can offer some context to the abomination we saw just a few nights ago. Corporations such as Time Warner are pure tyrannies. It is in their best interest to crush democracy by limiting legitimate debate within our society. They too believe as Hillary does, that the importance of their security trumps the freedoms of the many.

The video to your right is from a forum in 1989 that was titled “The Intifada within the American, Israeli, Islamic Triangle”. Professor Norman Finkelstein (one of those heretical “self-hating Jews” like Chomsky and Zinn) consistently destroys Blitzer in a cool and concise way. Also, pay attention to the way Wolf speaks along with the false arguments he puts forth. You can just as easily picture his tired talking points coming out of the mouth of any mainstream American politician.

Manila Ryce is a regular blooger for The Largest Minority

© 2007 Independent Media Institute. All rights reserved.
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Glenn Beck Deems Ron Paul “Domestic Threat”

Is this *threat* because he’s mormon and voting for Romney who poses to be the White Knight

saving the constitution?  (according to mormon teachings). I think they may have the wrong man.

If Glenn Beck is slamming Ron Paul, I suggest you vote for the real White Knight, in Ron Paul – if you *must* vote republican.

Kurt Nimmo
November 14, 2007


Hired propagandist and corporate media shill, Glenn Beck, had Jonathan Sandys, great-grandson of Winston Churchill, and the neocon and former Marxist David Horowitz on his show to attack Ron Paul, or more accurately the “fringe elements” that support Paul.

Horowitz, typically mired in the 1960s, completely mischaracterized the underlying dynamic of the movement, drawing anachronous comparisons between antiwar radicals of the so-called “New Left” back in the day with Muslims and the diversified antiwar movement of today. Horowitz, with his Marxist conditioning, insisted on lumping these two elements together and for obvious reasons — demonizing Paul supporters becomes an easier, albeit intellectually lazy and disingenuous effort.

Beck fine tuned Horowitz’s mischaracterization. “Let me take it back the other way, David,” he averred, “it’s not just the Left this time, it’s also the Right. Ron Paul’s supporters are also on the Right.” Horowitz agreed and specifically attacked Lew Rockwell, declaring the Libertarians as “indistinguishable from the anti-American Left these days” and insisting they are “totally in bed with the Islamo-fascists,” in other words they are terrorists.

Jonathan Sandys lamented the loss of “traditional values,” that is to say it is no longer quite so easy to bamboozle the public and march them off to war, as our rulers are accustomed.

Beck concluded his segment by declaring the “Ron Paul Revolution” is “meant as a catchy slogan, but I fear some of his fringe supporters are taking the word ‘revolution’ to literally,” sort of like the founders took the word literally and acted upon it. Beck and his corporate handlers are concerned because, indeed, the Ron Paul Revolution is far more than a simple slogan and Paul supporters fully intend to clean out the corporate infested whorehouse in the District of Criminals and return America to a nation based on constitutional principles.

“As the Ron Paul movement grew, it was inevitable that the neocons would turn from demeaning to smearing,” writes Lew Rockwell on the LRC blog. “One clownish and sinister example was Glenn Beck’s CNN show last night.”

Beck actually said that the US military may have to be used against the growing threat of domestic terrorism: Ron Paul donors. Why? Because there is a “rising tide of disenfranchisement” (sic) and Ron’s volunteers raised $4.3 million in one day “to commemorate Guy Fawkes” in a “money bomb.” Of course, no American knows anything about the English Catholic rebel of four centuries ago. The donors were referencing the movie and graphic novel, V for Vendetta.

Then Beck says he [is] a libertarian in his heart and it’s OK to raise money anyway you want, so long as you are not “blowing people up.” This from a guy who advocates blowing people up every day, so long as they’re Arabs.

Then comes a plummy Brit who I think is one of Bertie Wooster’s friends from the Drones Club. Then Beck gets to the real point: we are a right-wing peace movement. And being for peace means you want to kill people, whereas being for war means you want peace, if I may distill the agitprop.

It should be obvious by now that there is indeed a concerted effort to go after the “fringe element,” that is to say patriotic Americans who want to put an end to endless neocon wars advocated by the likes of washed-up Marxists and former Trotskyites—or as the patriotic American, Paul Craig Roberts, calls them, “the Jacobins in the Bush administration”—and return America to a constitutional republic.

In the weeks ahead, we should expect more such scurrilous attacks.