Hemmorrhaging $2 Billion a week in Iraq as our economy tanks.

The President’s plan—tax breaks for corporations and rebate checks for the well-off—isn’t just morally wrong. It’s based on discredited “trickle down” theories and it won’t work.1

But there’s tremendous pressure on Democrats to accept the President’s priorities just to get something passed. Negotiations are happening right now, and Congress needs to hear from you right away!

We need to demand a progressive stimulus package—one that puts money into the hands of people who are feeling the squeeze (who, incidentally, will spend it fastest). One that funds public infrastructure projects that will create new jobs, make our economy more competitive, and reduce our dependence on oil. One that will actually solve the problem.

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The petition reads: “Congress must quickly pass a stimulus package that helps those who need it the most and will spend it the fastest. And it should include public investments that will create jobs and move us toward a 21st century, clean energy economy.”

A leading economist at NYU says “We’re facing the risk of a systemic financial crisis.”2 The mortgage, credit card, and auto loan industries are all in trouble. The stock market is tanking as we speak. On top of all that, we’re hemorrhaging $2 billion a week in Iraq.3

The “Iraq Recession” is here.

Yet Bush’s proposal is just another kind of trickle-down economics. His plan gives little or no help to people who make less than $40,000 a year, and families of four making less than $24,950 would get nothing—even though those are the very folks who would spend a little extra cash in their pockets.

According to a top economic think tank, the Republican plan would do nothing to help about 65 million Americans. “This approach fails on two counts. It omits or partly omits those who need the help. And it omits the tens of millions of people who are living paycheck to paycheck and who would be most likely to quickly spend every dollar they can get.”4

Bush’s own Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testified before Congress that “putting money into the hands of households and firms that would spend it in the near term” would be more effective than other short-term fixes or tax rebates for the wealthy.5

We need to get help into the hands of those who need it. That means making sure tax rebates go to working people, not millionaires, extending unemployment benefits, sending money to the states so they don’t have to cut back programs for average people, and fully funding energy assistance programs for the low-income families struggling to heat their homes as oil prices rise.6

And, with skyrocketing oil prices driving the recession, we need public infrastructure investments that create jobs in the short-term, and move us toward a 21st century, clean energy economy in the long-term. We should invest in energy efficiency, mass transit, and a Clean Energy Corps, putting hundreds of thousands of people to work rebuilding our economy.

And of course, we need to end the war that has already cost us $1 trillion.

This economic stimulus package will cost about $150 billion. Just think what we could do if all that money was invested in big, smart, sustainable ways. Or we could just try the same old, failed, trickle-down economics.

Congress is moving fast, and will make a decision as early as this week about what the plan will include. Clicking here will add your name to our emergency petition:


Thank you for all you do.

–Noah, Eli, Wes, Justin, and the MoveOn.org Political Action Team
  Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008


1. “Administration Stimulus Plan Fails Tests for Achieving Most Effective Stimulus, Gives Less Favorable Treatment to Families Under $40,000,” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, January 18, 2008. http://www.cbpp.org/1-17-08tax-stmt.htm

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“MA. was a under-performer under Romney”

Northeastern University economist Andrew Sum, who has researched Romney’s (job creation) record, said MA. lagged the U.S. average during that period in job creation, economic growth and wage increases. “As a strict labor market economist looking at the record, Massachusetts did very poorly during the Romney years, he said. “On every measure you’ve got, the state was a substantial under-performer.”



Yes, I could use some extra cash. We all could. But what in the hell have we come too?  We have evolved into the most lowly of species, as we let the US Axis of Evil destroy our military and their families.  If you insist on fighting this GREED war, then for GOD’S SAKES, give our military the equipment and support they need. DON’T SEND US THE MONEY !!!!!!  Oh, but they won’t be able to spend it in a way that helps your wealthy friends, will they. They need peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for their kids.

 I tried to post this three times from my WHY ORGANIC BLOG. No luck. That’s three times in 24 hours. So, I am sending from here. But, please see my other blog. The one someone doesn’t want you to see.


What if we take our tax rebate and keep it?

STOP BUYING STUFF. Do you want your power back? Stop buying their stuff. Just stop. Take the money and keep it. Hold on to it. Do NOT even think about a trip to Walmart. Be smart. Here is OUR BEST SHOT !!! 
Right here. Take that money and keep it. Save it. Not in the bank. Sew it onto your hide if you have to, but do not spend it. Stop buying stuff now. It is the only way to make real change. We have enough.  Yes, that will make things worse – — grow up. We are not doing this for OURSELVES !  We are doing it for those who already gave their lives, and the children who are coming to do the same in the name of WHAT ???? The Empire of Greed will not fall until we stop buying stuff, and it’s going to get very ugly before it gets better. At least winter is coming to a close. 🙂 We only have so much time to be heard. Our money has the loudest voice of all.  Honestly, if you don’t get it, please remove my blog from your bookmarks. I don’t want my Aura muddied.

Bush Tax Rebates buys exactly 10 months of time.

Ooooops, the plan ignores the poorest of Americans. The ones who don’t make enough to pay taxes.

Oh well. They’ll figure something out. You can buy Ramen on sale at the Kroger – 10 for a dollar.

See, there’s a silver lining for everyone.


So many smart men. So many smart ideas.

Glenn Beck, Romney Megaphone, says economy tanking.

Yes, that would be correct. Economy is tanking. That’s because it was designed to tank so Romney wouldn’t have to talk about his WAY EVIL stance on Iraq and the touble with Blackwater. And looky here, it worked. If you have yet to read my post from yesterday about how all of this *could have * happened (from a humorous perspective) then check out the post called Heeeeehhheeeeeehhheeeheheheeeee from 1/17.  I actually don’t think it posted at all, because I ALWAYS get comments on these things, and there are none. Additionally, it is no where to be seen on the net. Very unusual and very telling.